My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1383

Vol 5 Chapter 1383: Rush Out Of The Holy Prison

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The sixteenth floor of the Holy Prison presents an unprecedented scene in history.

The broken space is empty, and some are just raging space storms. Except for a space gate and a space passage, the sixteenth floor of the holy prison has completely become a'blank'!

"What happened?"

Jiang Taixu and others cast their eyes and stared at the direction of the battle.

I saw that in the void, a figure gradually appeared!

It's Burial of the Devil Emperor!

He had bleeding in the corners of his mouth, a broken magic python on his shoulder, and his whole body turned his magical eyes, and he looked crazy.

"Very good, very good! A tiny garbage man who dares to hurt the dignified body of the emperor, this seat wants you to die!"

It seems like a great shame to be injured in Lin Chen's hands!

On the other side, Lin Chen's figure stood upright and vainly, and he did not fall down. The amount of bleeding in his body reached a shocking point. The whole person seemed to crawl out of the blood pool.

[The Ares Three-Piece Charger: Ultimate Right Armor: 0%, Right Leg Armor: 0%. Left leg armor: 0%

All the components of Lin Chen's God of War suits have their charge reduced to 0!

That punch just now, he bet all!

"Call... call..."

Lin Chen gasped and grinned as blood crossed his cheeks.

"It's worthy of the Devil Emperor, you are the first one who has hit me with the talent of the natural rebel, and you can stand and finish talking."

Lin Chen's words just fell-

Bury the Devil Emperor's pupils trembling!

He looked at himself incredulously.


Click! Click! Click!

The crisp crackling sound is like a cracked brocade, and the shocking cracks are like a cobweb, which continues to split and the magic energy collapses and cracks.

"Bendi lost?"

Lin Chen gasped and grinned: "It seems that your doppelganger hasn't changed more than one repair, Devil Emperor, next time I see you again, if you have a better attitude, maybe you can have a midnight snack together."

Lin Chen is right! What he bet is that the avatar of the celestial demon emperor failed to exceed the beheading line of the heavenly rebel. If not, if his avatar could be stronger than the realm above the heaven, perhaps he could have led a team to the holy prison to rob people. Now, why not touch fish in muddy water at this time!

Bury the Devil Emperor suddenly laugh!

"Hahahaha! Interesting, very interesting! The emperor actually lost, your means, throughout the human race, the emperor has never seen anything like you, you may become a threat to my clan, the emperor looks forward to real with you The day of meeting..."

Click~ Click~ Click~!

The avatar of the celestial demon emperor, the gray smoke disappeared, burst into pieces, and turned into powder!

[The effect of triggering the Sky Reverse is successful, which has caused the instant kill effect.

[The host kills the target person, and the fatal life and death are completely lifted.

[The talent effect of the sky-turner ends.

When the system's light screen flicked, Lin Chen almost fainted in pain!

Damn, it's really painful to take the elixir to improve the strength on the spot, like the flesh and blood have been minced!

However, Lin Chen, in the midst of pain, ushered in a surprise!

While the Burial Devil Emperor fell, ten senior Saint Demon Kings were also injured by his full punch, and all fell.

First, the avatar of the celestial demon emperor, after the demise, the sky-like attribute light spheres were dropped. The rough estimate is that the number is at least 10,000 attribute light spheres!

And, each attribute light sphere is of high quality!

However, what made Lin Chen even more excited to forget the pain was that a golden treasure chest in the center, like a beam of light, rose to the sky!

This golden radiance can't be wrong, absolutely can't be wrong!

"Little guy!" Lin Chen hurriedly heard the voice.

The small shadow heart has a spirit rhinoceros, and immediately flew along with the holy dragon in the direction indicated by Lin Chen. Although it cannot see the attribute light sphere, it will not hesitate to execute the action command Lin Chen gave it.

[The host gains 12 trillion advanced essence, 55 trillion advanced essence, 19500 advanced mental strength, 59 trillion advanced blood, 100 billion enhanced energy, 120 billion advanced dark energy...]

Lin Chen attribute value, all the way! The attribute value it obtained was extremely terrible. The attribute value of mental power alone used Lin Chens four avatars to concentrate on absorbing spiritual attributes.

And this time, Lin Chen put all the advanced qi and blood attributes into his body! Because this time, there is no need to disguise!

Lin Chen's pure power began to increase madly by a multiple of 300%, and broke through the 200 billion and 400 billion dragon powers, and it is still surging!

[The host obtains the property chest of the God of War suit, open the chest, and get: Gold Wars Suit Parts-Ultimate Left Armor, Recharge: 0%.

as predicted!

"Ha ha ha ha! Four pieces, four pieces! Now there are gold armor and armor left, and if two pieces are complete, I can use the true power of the God of War suit!"

Lin Chen laughed happily in his heart, breathing air in the corner of his mouth, pained and happy.

In addition, Lin Chen's harvest is amazing!

Although Pan Yunlong was killed by the Demon Emperor, but one Demon Emperor's avatar and ten top-level Saint Demon Kings can only be described as an unprecedented attribute value to make up for it!

[The host opens the orange-level talent attribute chest and obtains the orange-level active talent fragment: Macross Fragment (1/3).

[The host obtains Macross Fragment (2/3), Macross Fragment (3/3), permanent orange level intermediate active talent, and Macross talent has been automatically integrated.

New talent! Lin Chen's spirit is revitalized, and he is still orange-level intermediate!

When Lin Chen quickly cut into the talent column to read this new talent, completely stayed!

[Talent bar-Orange Rank Intermediate Talent Macross, within the scope of the host's spiritual perception, can consume a large number of talent points, select one or more hostile targets to ingest the Macross plane, and the space-time plane has a unique host Exclusive, after taking over the space plane, the enemy can not be broken. The only way to release the plane is only to take the initiative to release the host or the talent point is exhausted. The transmission point remains at the position in front of the hosts original intake target. The use limit will be based on Host strength is improved.

[Taking the current host's cultivation base as the sacred realm below sevenfold, you can choose the target intake intake space plane at will. The talent points consumed are determined based on the number of people and the target cultivation. The longer the host stays on the space plane, the more talent points it will consume.

"I depend, this talent is another killer skill!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

This talent is simply lame!

Force the opponent into his own space-time plane?

Isn't that, as long as Lin Chen has enough talent points, whoever he wants to single against?

If you encounter an enemy, even if you are surrounded by a group of powerful holy places, you can accurately select the target you want to kill first!

Imagine that even if Lin Chen is surrounded by a group of six holy realms, he only needs to pick a hostile target, pull the opponent into the "macro" plane, enter the macro plane, and then release all his avatars. , From instant disadvantage to advantage!

It can be said that "a thousand troops and horses can safely take the first level of the enemy general"!

"Cruel, too cruel! Hahahaha, this talent is simply bullying people, as long as you pull the other person into my space, every minute is the meat on my cutting board! Whenever I want to eat, I will eat when I want! "

Lin Chen twitched and laughed at the corners of his mouth, seeing everyone puzzled.

How is the hero, have you eaten bee shit? Smile so happy?

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled.

"Go! Break out of the holy prison! There is a great world waiting for us!"