My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1384

Vol 5 Chapter 1384: Return To The Holy World

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"Go! Break out of the holy prison! There is a great world outside waiting for us, next time the big sword, I invite!"

Lin Chen grinned, this time the fourth piece of the Golden God of War suit + new orange-level intermediate permanent talent!

This harvest is God!

Someone in Lin Lin's heart fluttered a little, and this feeling was like marrying a gorgeous Tianxian as his wife, and he was accompanied by a gorgeous concubine halfway, so cool that Lin Chen could hardly find North.

"The protagonist is really a profound figure, I can't see him at all."

"What you can see clearly is not worthy of waiting for me, ha ha ha, go, kill!"

Everyone laughed and lifted Lin Chen to the sky and flew up to the fifteenth floor of the Holy Prison.

When leaving, no one noticed that the pair of eyes were staring at Lin Chen's back in the magical vortex that went to the space channel below.

"He is not a demon?"

The man uttered a suspicious puzzlement.


"How's the hero?"

"The spiritual imprint in my mind was just about to reach the limit, and it was almost gone. Did the protagonist have an accident?"

"Damn, who dares to move our hero, kill it, and **** it! Isn't it a death, who is afraid of who!"

"Did you drink chicken blood? What do you want to do so impulsively? Think about it with your muscle-filled brain. We finally rushed up, don't let the hero's efforts go back!"

"What are you talking about! Do it together, die together!"

The fifteenth floor of the holy prison, everyone finally rushed to the fifteenth floor, seeing Zhou Tian's life and death in the spirit of the sea became more and more bleak, and wanted to fight back.

At this time, Lin Chen's loud laughter sounded.

"What is not dead, then we have to be happy and rush out all!"

Lin Chen dragged his wound and came out of the space channel with sixteen people, everyone was ecstatic!

"Protagonist, you are not dead!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly: "...Don't, what kind of tone do you want, I wish I could die!"

"Oh, look at me cheap!"

Everyone laughed and laughed along the way, like a broken bamboo, after the fifteenth floor, the fourteenth floor was broken!

Its not that the 14th floor of the Holy Prison is empty, but the main forces have all assembled the 16th floor, and they have been wiped out by Lin Chen. The remaining prisoners are not enough to worry about. You have to detour.

Lin Chen didn't plan to be a good person. He released more criminals along the way. Although he didn't plan to take these people out, at least they could cause them a lot of trouble for the holy prison.

13th, 11th, 9th and 5th floors!

The prison master before the fifth floor is still there, but in the face of the chaos caused by Lin Chen's release of the criminals, he can't hold back.

Finally, Lin Chen and others broke through to the second floor, and no one threatened again!

Xiao Yingying was carrying Lin Chen, and when he looked far into the distance, he couldn't help but sigh!

Finally, finally I will escape this ghost place!

After spending more than half a year in the Holy Prison, he was always cautious and tense, and someone in Lin was almost going to hold back his trouble!

When Lin Chen's team approached the center of the second floor of the holy prison, the huge space door directly above released the hot and terrifying coercion, and even Lin Chen felt a burning sensation.

"This familiar taste should be that kid."

At this time, the unconscious Qi Feiyan opened his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth, disdainful.

"He estimates that he is waiting for us on the first floor. It is his responsibility to guard the first floor. It is also the first and last line of defense of the holy prison. The copper walls and iron walls, even if all of us return to the heyday, the hard break may be completely destroyed."

Fang Ling laughed: "Unfortunately, let him wait, we don't have to go to the first floor!"

Lin Chen smiled and said nothing. On the first floor of the holy prison, it is said that there were the means and details left by the gods to suppress everything in the holy prison. Unfortunately, someone in Lin wanted to'overtake halfway'.

The small shadow once again uses bloodline supernatural power to hide everyone's breath in a wide range and eliminate it. Its role is only for those criminals who are ready to rush up to avoid these criminals knowing where to escape.

Lin Chen couldn't believe anyone except the 17th floor.

These prisoners held in holy prisons have different reasons. Among them, there are some big devil heads. If they are released indiscriminately, they will be charcoal.

The people of the seventeenth floor down, at any time, did not succumb to the devil's clan, and the integrity and arrogance are worthy of trust. The eighteenth and nineteenth floor people needless to say that their lives have been entrusted to Lin Chen, the same camp.

Along the way, Lin Chen came to the abandoned cell and urged the magic mark with his palm, the hidden space channel gap was opened again!

"This space channel used to pass through the area of the Demon Race!"

"What a brilliant method of space concealment, I am afraid that the top of the Holy Prison will not think there will be a space gap here!"

Jiang Taixu couldn't help but move, Lin Chen smiled and said: "Don't look at the sigh, there is an energy hurricane inside, we can't really go out until we pass it!"

Everyone smiled at each other, and for them, pediatrics. The holy prison is calling, this is a bird!

Everyone stepped into the space channel. After the shadow and Lin Chen's hidden breath were cut off, the second floor of the holy prison finally returned to silence.

Holy Prison, first floor.

The prisoners at this level are waiting for the enemy, and they are all waiting in line, their looks are dignified!

They don't think criminals will break through the holy prison, but they also don't think they can save their lives if they fight together!

That's the criminal team that killed all the five-layered prisoners! A group of guys who are not afraid of death fight back, and the ghost knows what they will do!

The golden armor man occupies the center of the heaven and earth, and a pair of holy eyes, like the sun shining through the world, gaze at the space channel on the first floor.

"Not yet? What's the matter, they are stage fright? Knowing that this seat will wipe them out on the first floor, do you want to create chaos through other methods?"

When the Jinjia man was about to move to the second floor, a figure emerged from the space channel, and everyone immediately waited for it!

"Don't fight, I am my own!"

The comer is the third-level prison master!

When he hurriedly ran in front of the man in the gold armor, he shivered and yelled.

"Yuan...Your lord, all criminals seem to have disappeared! I don't know where to hide..."


Everyone's scalp exploded!


In the space passage, in the hurricane storm, everyone urged the Holy Power defense, but his face could not conceal the surprise, tension, expectation, dreamy, excited, excited, like the first floor of the bridegroom into the cave, breathing urgently In the repression of her, there was a hint of anticipation, like a client who entered the kiln for the first time, looking forward to being excited, like a young girl who first met her first love, but she was thinking about it and fawning.

Finally going out!

They dare not dream about it!

"Are you finally going out? The next spring is warm, and I would like to go over 36 domains with my protagonist."

"Who do you despise? Just look at our protagonist, this handsome, this face, this third leg, you still need prostitutes? Who are you humiliating you are there!"