My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1385

Vol 5 Chapter 1385: Miss Qingwu Does Not Marry.

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Chapter 1385, Miss Qingwu will not marry.

Heavenly Sanctuary, the central domain of the 36 domains of the Holy Realm.

This area is infinitely large. It is said that it once occupied a quarter of the total area of the Holy Realm. The birth of the amazing talents, and the creation of history are not rare!

Heavenly Sanctuary, one of the 100,000 Dragon City.

In an elegant and noble palace.

The long blue dress is like the blue ocean, elegant and ethereal, the elegant and noble beauty lady is like a holy goddess, coming from above nine days, but under her elegant elegance, her look is indifferent, like Everything in this world is not interested.

She walked slowly through the palace, and finally, leaned on the throne in the palace.

Her beautiful eyes, like the blue sea, are exquisitely beautiful, with a chill of indifference.

"If you don't want to go down, none of the invited guests can be neglected."

The beautiful lips lifted lightly, and when the beautiful woman told her, the screens on both sides opened, and six beautiful maid Yingying fell to her knees.

"Mrs. Xuan, all the eighth-ranking and first-class seventh-ranking forces have all been invited, as well as the individual figures you have confessed, all of them were invited."

"Just, Miss Qingwu..."

A beautiful maid kept talking and finally bit her silver teeth, saying, "It's just that Miss Qingwu she didn't want to marry. We went to Zixia Wanggu several times, and she didn't want to leave, Miss Qingwu indicated that she wanted to see Ma'am, this..."

"Her destiny has never been her turn."

The beautiful woman was as cold as snow, and slowly stood up.

"Well, I will go there in person. If Zixia Wanggu is stubborn, there is no need to miss old feelings!"


Cangyu, Muhai Azure Azure Realm.

In the deepest position in the extreme east, in the eyes of a hurricane cave, many figures turned into a holy light.

In the gray canyon, everyone stared blankly at each other, muttering to themselves.

"It's back... we are back!"

"Are we really back to Holy World..."

All the strong men have a dream-like sensation, as if ecstatically stunned.

In that dim and boundless, as if falling into the eternal darkness and the silent holy prison, they no longer know how many eras have passed!

They have long become a dust in the vast and long history of the Holy World!

But they still came back!

Long Shenhai still has the heart, and now he meets the Lord to regenerate the dragon!

"Thank the hero for his life-saving grace!"

"Thank you for your life-saving grace!"

brush! brush! brush! boom! boom! boom!

The ground is cracked, 17 people on the 19th floor of the holy prison, 41 people on the 18th floor, 4 people on the 17th floor, kneeling on one knee, this group of powerful people who have lived for countless years, all gratefully kneel, Tears filled with tears!

As long as they can return to the Holy World alive, their honor, their glory, one day, they will all get it back!

Lin Chen waved his hand, lifted the magic energy, and restored his true appearance, he lifted everyone and smiled heartily.

"I'll be my own in the future. Don't do these twists and turns. Listen, we have succeeded in the first step. Find a place and discuss it."

Everyone nodded and quickly evacuated from Hurricane Eyes.

One day later, in the Tianhuang Mountain Gorge, the bodies of the two holy beasts were roasted alive and enjoyed by everyone, all of them fell into the stomach.

Lin Chen sat beside everyone and said seriously: "The next problem is that where we all are, and now all of us can't see the light."

When it comes to this matter, everyone has no rack, sit on the ground, listen to each other.

Apart from the 41 people on the 18th floor and the 17 people on the 19th floor, the four strong men who survived on the 17th floor also recognized Lin Chen!

They are the four people who survived in the 17th floor, and all the others died in the final battle!

Lin Chen looked at You Xiangsheng: "First of all, you are the most senior among us. You must recover the fastest."

You Xiangsheng was so flattered that she quickly clenched her fists: "Sir, will this be wrong?"

Lin Chen waved: "There is nothing wrong with it. You are an eight-grade saint-level apothecary. Only after you recover will it be possible to treat everyone's injuries."

That's right, You Xiangsheng is the only top Saint-level pharmacist in the team that led him out. His peak refining skills, even today's Lin Chen, can't beat the horse.

Turning the hand, Lin Chen's palm has dozens of more air sacs, according to the distribution of one air sac for each person, only one person who lives to get five.

Part of these luck transplantation capsules were dropped by the prisoner after death and recovered by a small shadow. The resources inside are naturally worthless compared to when they were at their peak, but now they are vital resources!

Among them, there are a large number of "pseudo-Chinese products" luck and spiritual planting, which Lin Chen handed over to everyone. Their current identities do not tolerate any risky contact, and access to resources is extremely limited.

No one refused to accept Lin Chen's decision. Only when the past life recovers, can everyone's injuries have signs of healing. If not, everything is empty talk!

"You can communicate with each other with the seal of life and death, perceiving each other's position, remember, one person is in trouble, all directions support, we are now online, and no one can save yourself from death."

Lin Chen's explanation, everyone looked at each other, keeping in mind.

"As for everyone's identity, until I find a way to help you absolutely disguise your identity, no one can see the light, no unnecessary battles can be fought, and no one can use the previous contacts without absolute security, otherwise an accident will happen. , Exposed across the board."

Everyone shares this opinion!

Although they have escaped from the holy prison, they have not completely escaped danger!

It is not too difficult to recover the wounded body with their network, but if the whereabouts are exposed now, then the whole body will be affected!

"You are based on Qiyu Bingxin Palace. If there is anything you can go there and wait for me, before that, you should act separately to hide your identity and choose the best life-saving choice.

Lin Chen looked at You Yusheng and asked seriously: "How is it, can you be sure to recover in a short time?"

You Xiangsheng pondered for a moment, with a solemn expression: "If you can send me to Danyu and find an old man, maybe you can recover more than half in a short period of time. It may be difficult to recover to refining Bapin Shengdan, but refining Qipin, maybe no problem."

Lin Chendao: "Is it safe and reliable?"

You Xiangsheng nodded: "The safety is absolutely guaranteed. The old man had a life-and-death relationship with me. When I was imprisoned in the holy prison, he also went to defend me personally. One of the pillars of the old has long been imprisoned with the old man in the holy prison."

"Well, since this is the case, among you, three of you recommended to **** the students to Danyu. The rest, all move freely, come to Qiyu Bingxin Palace to gather together, and act carefully."

Lin Chen hit it off.

He took such a large group of people, his identity was not visible, and he was not easy to act. Let them find a way out, and move freely is the best choice!