My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1386

Vol 5 Chapter 1386: Meet With Six Fingers Xuanyuan

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Chapter 1386: Meeting With Six Fingers Xuanyuan

All the servants of Lin Chen, the secrets under their control and some hidden secrets such as space plane coordinates of the archaic secrets, are not in the minority, do not rely on contacts to find resources, explore the Holy Realm and the Holy Realm, and have the opportunity to make a comeback, the best way Just let them move freely!

In the end, Ji Wuchen, Zi Qianchou, and Xiao Ling'er, who were all on the 19th floor, escorted you to Shengyu and returned to Danyu.

Sword Promise, despite his injuries, can return to the sword territory autonomously, with little problem.

Xiao Nizi, who was suffering from the pain, followed Lin Chen. He also had to help Xiao Nizi solve her problems.

"Although there is no ceremony, I still look forward to the next time we see you."

Lin Chen got up and smiled at everyone.

The next time we meet, it will no longer be the appearance of this broken body!

"Protagonist, there will be a date!"

Everyone got up and said goodbye, Jian Wuji walked to Lin Chen and advised.

"Little guy, before you have enough strength, dont go to find the whereabouts of that volume of practice. At that time, it was one of the strongest denominations in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Today, compared to before, it is only strong and weak, its better to wait for you All of them have recovered their strength."

Lin Chen nodded with a smile: "Senior Sword Promise, I know a lot."

What Jian Wuji said was the whereabouts of the fourth volume of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue". At that time, the family members who copied his family were now one of the representatives of the strongest sect in the Heavenly Sanctuary, "Shenjian Mountain Villa"!

call out! call out! call out!

When the streamer escaped and everyone flew away, Lin Wuchen and the black-haired little girl remained beside Lin Chen.

"I can unlock the shackles in less than two days. Can you really make me like a little girl in the human race?"

The dark-haired little girl posed on the chain on her body and asked curiously.

Lin Chen said: "Ha ha ha, of course, talk and count!"

Jin Wuxia respectfully clenched his fists and asked, "I heard that the protagonist is looking for a six-finger Xuanyuan casting holy artifact?"

Lin Chen nodded, "Well, yes, I want to cast more than six grade holy objects."

Jin Wuxie sighed: "My old friend, I don't know how it is now. I was promoted with him and I in the eighth grade realm. I didn't think that after the old man was wrongfully imprisoned, his lover will soon The fairy is gone."

Jin Wuxia, the master of reverse casting, once detained the super-caster of the 18th floor. He has a high level of casting skills and is famous for the Holy World!

He and Lin Chen are looking for the six-finger Xuanyuan next to each other.

"It's not too late to go!"

Lin Chen carried a dark-haired little girl and turned into a streamer!

Although the Muhai Tianqing Secret Realm is the secret realm controlled by the Qipin sect, but everyone wants to leave, there is no need to pass through the conventional space entrance channel, they have the ability to leave the sky.

Three days later.

Bizarre, Biyun City.

Inside a dim tavern.

"Senior, you think about it again! My Shangguan family is willing to invite you out of the mountain to cast iron with ten times as much honorable person!"

"Senior, I would like to invite you to go out of the mountain with the Seventh Grade Holy Mine Qiankun Star Stone, and cast another glory!"

"Senior Xuanyuan, I would like to invite you to come out of the mountain with the seventh-grade Saint Pill "Bodhi Huaming Pill".

"Why don't you look at the road carefully, today there are seven ranks and eight ranks of sect geniuses who invite you to take action, and simply come out of the mountain, a great sword, isn't it beautiful?"

"The stand-alone king is the most handsome!"

"There's a big trouble here, hit him!"


In the tavern, many young Tianjiao were throwed out of the tavern, and impatient voice came from the wine coffin house.

"Roll and roll, let Lao Tzu roll. Caster, cast your head! The old man has vowed in his life, no longer cast! If you come to buy wine, Lao Tzu welcomes, if you come to find something, I will all be hammered! "

This group of arrogant evildoers tidyed up their clothes, and their faces were not pretty.

They traveled hundreds of millions of miles to this point, and could not think of a hot face but a cold butt.

You know, they are placed in various domains who are not head and face characters!

The enchanted list, the son of the seventh grade sect, the true biography of the eighth grade sect, kidding! A command can make countless powerful people sell their lives for them, even if they come here to ask for help in a whisper, but also eat in camera?

"Just because of his bad temper, it's no wonder that the masters at that time had to renounce him!"

"Alas, it's harder to find a powerful caster than one. Laozi spent a lot of money to find out where he is. Should he return without success?"

"If it hadn't been for the founder's guild was destroyed, would I have to find him? Gan!"

When dozens of Tianjiao were sad and frowning, the three men in black robes wearing cloaks walked into the alley with a breath of concealment, and Tianjiao were stunned.

"Huh... these three?"

Everyone felt a little mysterious about these three people, and they couldn't tell what was wrong.

Then the three pushed away from the tavern and laughed for the tall black robe.

"Six-finger Xuanyuan's predecessor, the junior would like to invite you out of the cast.

Opening a sentence will make you look like a good show.

"You said, how will he be thrown out later?"

"I guess it should be the first to touch the ground."

When everyone guessed, the pub suddenly fell silent!

"Really...really you?"

In the pub, incredible sounds came!

"Hahahaha, come on, come on!"

With a big laugh, the three were invited into the museum, and then the door was closed directly, leaving behind a group of dumb-eyed monsters!

"The sun came out west?"

"I'm right, I'm not wrong! I invited him for three days and three nights, and the soft and hard ones were on. He didn't give me Xuan Tianzong a face, so his mother came in and invited three people to enter. Alright?"

"There is no fluctuation in my heart, and I even want to light this broken museum."


In the tavern, the old man Xuanyuan's face was excited, his eyes were unbelievable and ecstatic, and he stared at Jin Wuxia, who uncovered his cloak, and gave Jin Wuxia a bear hug, tears bursting out of his eyes.

"Brother, are you really not dead?"

"Yes! I was resurrected, really thanks to my hero."

Jin Wuxia sighed all over his face, and the old man Xuanyuan was horrified!

Hero? His big brother, who was famous for his arrogance, how could he recognize a hero?

"Come, Xuanyuan, let me introduce to you, this is my lord, Lin Chen. He is the great benefactor who made me come back to life!"

Jin Wuxia patted the old man Xuanyuan. When Lin Chen uncovered his cloak, he looked at the six-finger Xuanyuan. He had long hair and white hair, with a breath of heroic twilight, dressed casually, dressed in a gray robe Is a type that cannot be found when entering the crowd.

But Lin Chen could feel that the Geng Jin Rui Qi in his body, once released, could break through the sky!

It's a genuine "Taishan Beidou" caster master!

The old man Xuanyuan is also looking at Lin Chen, moving his face!

This big brother of his own, but was detained in the holy prison! It is still very likely that he was imprisoned to the bottom three floors!

What is the origin of this young man, but he can rescue this big brother?

How can this be done! To save a criminal who is imprisoned under a dozen levels in the holy prison, from ancient times to now, only the holocaust of the demon clan has appeared in this case! Ordinary people can't do it!

Is it...

Reminiscent of certain possibilities, Xuanyuan old man's spine is cold!