My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1387

Vol 5 Chapter 1387: Pain Is Not Disaster Its Name Is Ping An.

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Chapter 1387, Pain Is Not Disaster, Its Name Is Peace.

When Lin Chen and others sat down, the old man Xuanyuan finally couldn't help but ask: "How is your Excellency..."

"Xuanyuan!" Jin Wuqi scolded: "Don't ask if you shouldn't ask. The protagonist will tell you what he wants to say."

The old man Xuanyuan shook his head and exclaimed, Jin Wuxia immediately asked: "I heard you are no longer casting, what's going on?"

Talking about this matter, the old man Xuanyuan sighed deeply.

"At that time, after you went to jail, my elder brother, I was desperate for life, and shortly afterwards, Yun Yun's physique finally collapsed due to long-term cultivation of her family mentality, and her life was not long. When she left, she once told me her will I just want to witness the real artifact and the glory of the Recasting Masters Guild. Before she died, she entrusted this will to me. We came together because of the caster. She was born because of the caster and died because of it. ..."

There was a frustration and helplessness in the eyes of the old man Xuanyuan.

"Artifact, what is that existence and concept, elder brother, you should know better than me, although I have been closed and drinking in recent years, but the practice of casting art has not fallen for a moment, but I have been in the art of casting art a long time ago. Not going in..."

After listening to Xuanyuans self-report, Lin Chen realized that his lovers wish was to let him cast an artifact, and restore the glory of the once casters guild!

This road is too difficult! And, casting artifacts means destruction!

The Founder's Guild ushered in a complete destruction due to the casting of artifacts. This is an impossible thing for the elderly Xuanyuan!

Losing the best friends and loved ones on the casting, the lonely old Xuanyuan old man finally collapsed and chose to retreat.

"Oh, indeed, casting artifacts is extremely difficult. Casting artifacts means challenging the gods. God does not allow artifacts to come."

Jin Wuxia suddenly smiled: "However, challenging God is our only way! I also firmly believe that my hero is a person who can challenge the true God. Every caster has the dream of witnessing the artifact, As long as Im not dead, this dream will never stop! The possibility will never be zero!"

People, after experiencing the most desperate moments, once they stand behind them, they soar!

This is the case with Jin Wuxia. At that time, his foundry talent was amazing, and he met the old man Xuanyuan as a confidant, and his talents were rejuvenated. It is one of the most likely candidates for the highest state of the founder today!

After the death of the Holy Prison and later life, his mentality was tempered better than countless raises!

"Xuanyuan." Jin Wuxia looked at the old man Xuanyuan-"Let's start the furnace casting, old rules, I guide, you will operate."


Xuanyuan old man moved! Brother seems to be a little more sharp and aggressive than Dang!

"Thank you for saving Brother Jin's life. For this kindness, the old man opened the furnace and will go all out!"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "For the material, all I have is here."

Lin Chen put a nah ring on the table, and the old man Xuanyuan looked at the treasure inside the nah ring a little, and exclaimed: "The best seven grade holy mines, even the eighth holy relics are not rare!"

"I don't know, what is your request?"

Xuanyuan old man solemnly clenched his fists, Lin Chen thought after a while.

"One shot, one sword, one sword, one bow, three flying knives. The attributes are arbitrary, I can control it, how high the grade can be made!"

The two looked at each other and shook their heads and smiled.

"It seems we are busy, ha ha ha."

Although Jin Wuxia was seriously injured, he could not fully participate in the casting, but his vision and experience were still there. With his guidance and joining, it must be a strong team!

"By the way, I wonder if Master Xuanyuan can know the demon queen of Zixia Wanggu?"

Lin Chen suddenly asked, before he talked about the old man Xuanyuan, the reaction of the little demon seems to be different.

"Zixia King Valley..."

The old man Xuanyuan was sighing and said: "My lover is from Zixia Wanggu."

Lin Chen was shocked. In this way, the old man Xuanyuan was still a person of Zixia Wanggu?

"I haven't been back for a long time, but I heard that something strange happened to Zixia Wanggu."

The old man Xuanyuan frowned: "Although I haven't returned to the valley, I heard that Zixia Wanggu was attacked, and the attacker was the wife of the valley owner. Although the area affected was not large, Wang Gu's high-level power seemed to be It was a big change of blood, dancing this nizi, and was received by her mother-in-law to the Heavenly Sanctuary, and arranged a family marriage..."

"Mrs. Gu attacked Zixia Wanggu? The goblin was also taken away?"

Lin Chen's face sank.

Zixia Wanggu helped Lin Chen many times, and his relationship with the little demon queen was not shallow.

"It seems that after the caster is in trouble, it is necessary to go to Zixia Wanggu immediately to find out the situation. If the goblin took the initiative to join the marriage, it would be fine, if it was forced...

Han Chen's eyes flashed in Lin Chen's eyes.


At this moment, the dark-haired little girl pulled La Linchen and pouted.

"I haven't finished talking. I'm hungry. I don't eat anymore. The energy in my body is going to run away again."

Lin Chen withdrew his thoughts and said with a smile: "Just go, please eat now."

"Master Xuanyuan, then it will be yours."

Six-finger Xuanyuan invited everyone to the basement, he also opened a new space in the underground, like a paradise.

On a mountain with aura of light, Lin Chen sat down cross-legged, a wooden barrel was placed on the top of the mountain, and the fragrance of medicine overflowed.

"Take off your clothes and go in."

Lin Chen bowed his head to deal with the herbs in his hand and smiled casually.

The dark-haired little girl unbuttoned her robe and jumped into the medicine barrel, muttering with a small mouth.

"Smelly Linchen, he said that he would invite me to eat delicious food, but the result was that I would take medicine and soak..."

Ni Zi's little head sinked, and the surface of the medicine barrel made a gurgle, and a series of bubbles appeared.

Lin Chen seemed to smile, "Why, complain. This is necessary to control the energy in your body. After the control is completed, you are a living person. You will eat as much as you want."

After all, Lin Chen waved his palms, and ten pseudo-industry luck plants emerged, with branches and leaves connected to extend into the medicine barrel.


The violently violent gas turned into a vortex, which was incorporated into the branches and leaves of Qiyunlingzhi!

What a magical thing happened!

The black-haired girl's long hair began to gradually shorten, and a pair of smart eyes also began to come alive, extending to the delicate body in the medicine barrel.

The little girl shook her body, and the flying black air was like ink dragons. The branches and leaves of Qi Yunling Zhi began to merge into Qi Yunling Zhi!

Ten Tree Lingzhi instantly changed from the splendor of Baoguang to the dark and dark Demon Realm, with no vitality at all, bleak and dull, brewing a breath of extinction!

But the dark-haired little girl is transforming at an amazing speed. Her skin is crystal clear, blown and elastic, and her face is healthy and rosy.

"The method left by Tuo Sheng really worked!"

Lin Chen was very surprised and smiled: "Successful, if you continue to grow in the future, you need to continue to add more fortune-telling plants that can withstand your disaster, give yourself a name, now you, It's a living person."

The dark-haired little girl looked at Bai Li's **** dreamily and suddenly smiled.

"I am not a symbol of suffering... Then I will call it Ping An, and you will be named Lin Ping, like you Lin."