My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1389

Vol 5 Chapter 1389: Little Brother Came Out To Play.

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Chapter 1389, Little Brother Comes Out To Play.

Top essence, 36 billion points!

What is this concept?

Before comparison, half a year ago, when Lin Chen entered the holy prison, his high-level essence was less than 40 trillion, which was converted into top-level attributes, and at most it was 400,000 points.

What is it now? 36 billion top essence!

In other words, Lin Chen's attribute value has been turned over 90,000 times!

This attribute value is too abnormal!

You know, the attribute value stolen by Lin Chen is all criminals in the entire holy prison! Even if they have no strength at all, they have also been a generation of owls and lords!

The whole Holy Prison adds up, plus kills all kinds of prison guards, prison masters, and even Devil Emperor avatars and kills one!

"Fuck, if I unlock the state of the sealed hole, let alone the hole expansion, will I be killed directly..."

Lin Chen cold sweat DC!

Once Lin Chen unlocks the state of "closing a cave", he will definitely break through the realm! Moreover, it is an unprecedented breakthrough!

His hole expansion must be the level of the world's fear and trembling, shattering the plane!

Lin Chen is unimaginable. How many times can he expand his hole?

The standard of enlarging the hole in the enchanting list is 15 times that of a holy hole.

He Linchen, maybe a holy cave 50 times? Still 100 times?

I dare not think, I dare not imagine!

Not to mention, his element attribute value has already changed dramatically. Compared with entering the Holy Prison, it has been more than 200 times!

Once the hole is expanded, Lin Chen's cultivation capacity will soar into the sky, and the world is unparalleled!

"My holy dragon, finally, all the qi and blood attributes have been refined!"

When Lin Chen looked at the body of the Holy Dragon again, the dragon body was as great as several continent plates, and the densely criss-crossed dragon veins contained a breath of extinction!

Holy Dragon, the dragon veins broke through 700 billion, and the pure power exceeded 7 trillion dragon power! Break through to the eighth-level advanced holy beast cultivation practice!

Real leaps and bounds!

During the time when he dived into the Holy Prison, Lin Chen transferred most of the qi and blood attributes that he fell or collected to the body of the Saint Dragon, even the qi and blood attributes obtained by the final slash of the Devil Emperor's avatar!

The Holy Dragon's personality is too strong, and the basic shot will make people remember, so Lin Chen has not let the Holy Dragon take the shot, ready to go, accumulating strength!

Now, ordinary saints in life and death are tyrannical in front of Lin Chen's holy dragon!

"I don't know if my hole-expanding will let me have the ability to fight against life and death..."

Lin Chen's heart was full of expectation. If he did not use some killer skills and spiritual realm, he could compete with the saints who entered the realm of life and death by virtue of pure power and cultivation.

"Just expand the hole now!"

Lin Chen is preparing to unlock the state of Fengxue

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The plane vibrated, and the vision of the entire Biyun City emerged, and the wind surged!

"Well, this is..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and then his face was happy!

"The sacristy I want is born!"

Biyun City, Fengyun Building.

Here gathered all the sectarian strongmen and demon gods who were rejected from the door, and they were staying nearby, waiting for the appearance of the three black robes, planning to learn from them, how did they touch the old Xuanyuan monster .

"Damn, these three people haven't moved in so long."

"His grandmother, do you want to break open forcibly? I've already called someone. Will I break into the store later?"

"Not here for hundreds of millions of miles, we can't go home empty-handed, if it still doesn't work, we will come hard!"

"Yes, play hard with them!"

"How hard?"

"How hard it is!"

Many wicked celestial princes are on the spot, and the vision is rising!

call out! call out! call out!

Ceilings are falling, Shenxia is surging, and nine different holy lights are spreading across the Biyun City!

The retreating Biyun City Lord was suddenly awakened, looking at the terrifying vision on the sky, his pupils trembling!

"This... this is the vision of the birth of the Seventh Grade Sacristy!"

Seven ranks, holy artifacts ranked seven ranks, then qualified to be ranked in the Legend of the Sacristy list in the Holy World!

Lin Chen flashed to the sky of Biyun City, the heaven and earth raised nine colors of holy light, and each of the sacred rays absorbed the spirit and luck of heaven and earth like a rainbow.

"This is the vision of the Seventh Grade Sacristy..."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Sacred objects are divided into nine grades, especially the fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and each grade is a watershed!

However, the seventh grade holy artifact above the sixth grade, this grade is called the absolute gap!

The Sixth Grade Sacrificial Vessel contains spirituality and is familiar with all things, while the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Vessel has spiritual knowledge!

The seventh-grade sacristy only recognizes one Lord, and the Lord can only change the Lord unless his Lord chooses to pass it on to others.

Otherwise, it is impossible to obtain the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment by forcing the robbers. The master will die, and the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment will also abandon the spiritual consciousness, and then die out, becoming a pile of scrap iron!

Lin Chen galloped through the holy prison. He also obtained six grade holy objects from some powerful and rich prisoners.

Only when the situation was urgent at that time, he chose to decompose in exchange for a large amount of the essence of the suit, which was not left.

However, Lin Chen has never obtained a seventh-grade sacristy!

Because the casting of the Seventh Grade Sacristy is too difficult and expensive! Even one failure is enough to make a Qipin sect seriously hurt!

The sect holding the seventh-grade sacrificial ware is often the eighth-grade aristocratic family, or a handful of the top seven-grade giant ancestors.

The Seventh Grade Sacrificial Vessel can be regarded as a primitive creature!

In Lin Chen's cognition, only the "five-colored gold sword" in Lin Xingchen's hand had signs of "life fluctuation" in the holy objects he had seen with his own eyes!

the other side;

"Vision of the Seventh Grade Sacristy!"

"My God, does it mean that the six-finger Xuanyuan is out of the mountain!"

"Not right, not right! This vision is more than a seventh-grade sacristy!"

Many evil spirits Tianjiao stood up in horror and immediately rushed to the direction of the vision.

"Huh?" Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and multiple breaths struck in his direction.

"The birth of the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Vessel will definitely provoke the vision of heaven and earth, and it will need to absorb the luck of heaven and earth, and condense the spiritual consciousness, and it will surely provoke the covetment of the strong..."

Lin Chen frowned, judging from the experience of the two elders, they could not have unknowing this kind of thing, and now let the vision come out, there is only one possibility!

During the casting process, some unpredictable accidents may have occurred. After all, this is a holy vessel made of the ancestral dragon!

"There are a lot of people coming, just in case, take care of this neighborhood first, and then say, the prison is in prison!"

Lin Chen released the holy dragon, which turned into a human form, and the azure blue light surged from the palm of his hand, spilling all over the sky. The endless **** was like a rage rolling over the sky, sweeping the sky and protecting the area near the tavern!

call out! call out! call out!

Space moved, thousands of miles away, there were nearly a hundred people, all strong, without a weak hand!

"Friend, it's you who moved Senior Xuanyuan. Xu Daoqing, who is in the 6766 ranks of the demon list, you let your people remove the protection. We also want to find Senior Xuanyuan Caster."

"Yeah, if Xiongtai comes out to share how he invited senior Xuanyuan, I will wait for an equivalent exchange."

"Didi, Xiongtai, I'm downwind, don't close it, open the door!"

"Little brother, come out and play."