My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1390

Vol 5 Chapter 1390: You Have Robbed The People Who Should Not Be Robbed.

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With the current strength of the Holy Dragon, using an extraordinary level of bloodline supernatural power, the power is far beyond the past, and even the life and death environment can all be blocked out!

When the jail prison was raised and the demon princes were blocked, the voice was sent to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen raised his lips, sneering.

This group of people really regard him as a three-year-old child?

It is now the stage where the seventh-grade sacrificial vessel absorbs Qiyun aura and condenses spiritual consciousness. If you grab the seventh-grade sacrificial vessel at this time, you can immediately recognize the Lord when the sacrificial vessel is in its prototype form.

Said that it damages a little spirituality, but you can grab it and earn money!

This group of guys is definitely a bad comer!

Its so delicious, you go to Mao!


At this time, Lin Chen passed on.

He smiled slightly, with a killing intention.

"If you want to rob, just say so, what are you doing with so many twists and turns? The coach has always been adhering to the principle that life and death are bearish, and if you don't accept it, you can do it. If you don't accept it, all come up!"

Bang ~! Lin Chen released a shot of the Holy Phoenix Wing, and rushed out of the range of the extreme prison dungeon personally.

"Are you heads-up or group-headed, heads-up is that I single-handed you a group, group-headed is that you are together, I clean up together!"

The polite smirk on the faces of all the evil spirits Tian Piao gradually put away, and the previously uttered Xu Daoqing said nothing.

"Oh, this attitude of Xiongtai, it seems that we haven't talked about it yet. Let's break through and find Senior Xuanyuan to talk about it!"

"Talking about fart, I'll **** it, hahaha!"

"Don't the elder brother eat hard or soft? That slave family can only get the fire out of the younger brother."

All the demon Tianjiao glanced at each other, and the life and death entourage they brought all gathered to the other side, intending to attack the Jigong Tian prison!

This group of followers, a total of 76 people, 5 people are still at the pinnacle of life and death!

Twenty-three evil spirits surrounded Lin Chen!

The Seventh Grade Sacred Artifact, even the Seventh Grade Sect, is rarely held. They are not at all illusory. Like this kind of artifact that has no background and was born in front of you, it is a fool not to **** it!

What kind of benevolence and morality, this huge benefit is fart in front of all!

What's more, these arrogant and arrogant abacuses are more than that, because it is very likely that they are theirs!

Most of them belong to the younger generation of the sect, the strongest in the sect, this seven-grade sacrificial ware is also passed to them after they are snatched!

What's more, they still have the identity of the enchanted list, and they will not threaten their lives if they take ten thousand steps back!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

Biyun City's high altitude, all the saints in the life and death realm shot out, the Holy Power shone tens of thousands of miles, and bombarded on the jail prison!

If 76 saints from the life and death realm join forces, the ordinary Naxing Realm cannot completely stop them!

"What is this cage?"

"When I join forces, Na Xingjing may not be able to fully withstand it. This seems to be a trick of the Dragon Race!"

"How is it possible? Biyun City has infiltrated such a powerful dragon clan, we would not even perceive it!"

"Don't keep your hands, go all out! No one can break through without this thing!"

Shenglong was alone in the prison prison, and the infinite waves of waves turned into a high wall of waves. The blue energy rippled like blue waves, and was shaken violently by the saints in life and death!

On the other side; the main forces of Biyun City also want to share a piece of soup and gather near the prison prison.

"23 evildoers besieged a young man. The old man saw this battle on the first floor!"

"I always feel like I've seen this kid before, I can't remember..."

"Hey, that dragon family looks strong, but it is estimated that it will not last long, we will try to fish in the muddy water!"

Biyun City Lord and others lurked in secret.

At this time; Lin Chen was surrounded.

Bang ~!

Xu Daoqing and a charming woman took the lead and beheaded the sword-like awns of the sun and moon. One sword came from the west, immortal, and the rotation speed of the swords became faster and faster. Finally, the space in front of Lin Chen was cut into hundreds of miles. Four and a half!

Many evil spirits have shifted their gaze to the prison prison, and Lin Chen hasn't put it in his eyes!

Lin Chens life fluctuations are even younger than them, and all the evil spirits agree that this son does not pose a threat to them at all.

The Tianjiao, which can withstand their siege, does not exist in the strange domain!

Lin Chen punched one leg at a time, rushed out, and trillions of dragons broke through the mountains and rivers!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

In front of the two offensives, Lin Chen flicked the Holy Phoenix Wing and flew away quickly!

"Huh? Refining the Holy Realm?"

"Be careful, this kid is a bit of a ghost!"

The monsters of the evil spirits instantly regained their spirits, and no one wanted to be wounded, and fell into decline in the ensuing battle for the holy weapon.

There are 23 enchanting princes, the lowest cultivation level is also the mid-phase of condensing environment, all of which are full of 44-48 super enchantresses!

Among them, there is no shortage of a holy cave that expands the hole 40 times, the condensed hole 15 times, and even can challenge the super demon in the life and death realm!

Lin Chen raised his lips, his shoulders shook!

brush! brush! brush!

Six Divine Lights come like phantoms, Lin Chen's six avatars come out!

The arrogant princes who had been light and windy before, suddenly appeared dignified.

But, it's not over yet!

Lin Chen had no intention of entangled with them. The moment the phantom avatar appeared, all avatars pushed in the palm of his hand!

One after another, it suppressed the ages. The peerless mortal mortals that came down to the world descended like a torn sky, blasted like lightning, and exploded all the evil spirits above their heads!

[The host consumes 5000 rune energy and launches slow runes.

The face of all the evil spirits has changed dramatically!

"What's the trick?"

"Most of my holy power won't work anymore?"

"Ben Shao has never seen this kind of exercise!"

From their holy body to the holy cave, and even the space, everything becomes stagnation and slow!

The phantom avatar flashed in front of a silver armor demon, punching out with a punch!

The slow rune in the silver armor demon has no much effort to retreat, and he was spitting blood through the body armor of the front of the avatar without responding.

The boxing situation is like a violent storm, a knee hit, a whip leg, an uppercut, Lin Chens avatar hits with no pause at all, and the fist erupted with more than 1.3 trillion dragon power!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen and the six avatars, immediately opened the ring!

"Hahaha! You probably think that you are acting as a demon list, and you will not be punished by death, right? You have robbed the people who should not be robbed! Dare to provoke your brother Chen, everyone today, don't want to leave! "

The laughter was overbearing, Lin Chen smashed the two demon gods cover with one palm, flew one of them with one leg, and beat all the way!


More than a dozen saints from the main forces of Biyun City suddenly sucked their air!

Fight, unilateral crush!

In other words, it is not a battle, it is a unilateral torture of that boy!

What's more terrifying is that this kid's killing evildoer list is just like his mother's killing chicken, without blinking your eyes!

Where is this madman?