My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1392

Vol 5 Chapter 1392: Sword Pottery Promotion Seven Famous Products

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"Yeah, I like this!"

Lin Ping's slender and lovely moon skirt was slender and lovely, and he jumped happily in the storehouse of the city's main palace.

"I like this too! Wow, this is a beautiful ring, I want it too!"

Lin Ping evacuated the entire warehouse, inside and out, someone smiled.

"Right, Lord of the City, I am a man of faith, full of integrity. The biggest advantage is that he looks handsome and can fight. The biggest disadvantage is that he is too honest. You see, I will see, I will not move. ."

All the saints in the city's main palace twitched...

What's so special about you?

You came to see if you didnt do anything, but the little girl next to you likes everything, and moved everything!

How much must this young man experience to have such a thick skin!

"Well, I have to say that the view of Biyun City's main palace is still pretty. Let's go safe, let's go back."

When Lin Chen pulled Lin Ping'an away, the sages dare to speak out!

How dare! One more sentence may be the head of the person!

This is a ruthless person who kills even the demon list! In the entire Holy World, the only monster who dares to challenge the authority of the demon list at the present time!

No one thinks that they can escape from this hand because of the hand-killing life and death situation just now, and the fall of the group of evil spirits.

"Don't look at this kid and the kind-hearted, he is more ruthless than anyone..."

"Acknowledge yourself bad luck, if we can't get out of the way, don't go close, coveting his holy weapon, will not suffer from this sin, and made it ourselves!"


Lin Chen took Lin Pingan and flew into the air.

Lin Ping mumbled: "Why didn't you call me just now?"

Lin Chen pretended to be serious: "What do you do, and it is not your turn to shoot, you will be honest with these little fish and shrimp."

The holy dragon guards near the holy artifact vision, and just puts all the attribute light **** into the dragon body. His Lin Chen's attribute value has increased a bit more, although it is not as good as the holy prison, it is also a group of evil spirits and life and death.

Lin Chen glanced at his 6.51 million points of [Top Rune Energy] and sighed in his heart!

Emboldened! What is emboldened!

With 6.51 million points of top rune energy in hand, he can play hundreds of times when he is in Holy Prison, the earth-shaking slow rune!

Below the Sacred State of Mind, unless it is the level of Na Xingjing at the level of the enchanted list, otherwise the saint's sevenfold, there is no threat to his Lin Chen's existence!

With this rune energy, Lin Chen can go straight to any seventh-grade sect, and it's true!

If the law enforcement team of the evil spirits list is dispatched again, even if Lin Chen can't beat him, if he wants to leave, it's a breeze!

Unless the other party sends out the character of the pinnacle of the state of mind, he will not be able to leave him Lin Chen!

Damn it! The eight-pin sect could not be sent out, he Lin Chen walked sideways!

"Go, look at my holy weapon!"

When Lin Chen entered the prison cell, the vision suddenly disappeared!

Several streamers, unexpectedly rushed towards Lin Chen!

"Quick! What is it?"

Lin Chen was planning to reach out and stop, and the St. Mangguangxia that had been shot up stopped around Lin Chen, spinning around, releasing a terrible vision!

It was actually the holy tool that Lin Chen demanded to cast!

One shot, one knife, one sword, one bow, three flying knives!

Lin Chen first observed the war gun in his hand. The gun was crimson, nine feet long and nine feet tall, awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring.

The sharp dragon spirit with the spear rotating, like the double dragon flurry!

The war gun is like a newborn baby, leaning on Lin Chen's shoulder, and the spirit is opening!

Lin Chen was amazed, this gun is perfect!

Looking at the knife and sword again, Lin Chen was even more surprised!

Sword, four feet seven, white body like jade, nine days of ice crystal snow soul embellish the body of the sword, the frost of the sword tip flows, the blade of the blade is like jade, the blade of the sword is like a cicada wing, the icy breath of the sword handle condenses into two wings. , At a glance, Ru Na Zang a world of ice!

As soon as the sword came out, the world was frozen and the sky was cut! Its breath is breathtaking, and it dances in the wind, and its spirituality is excellent!

The knife, dark red all over the body, appeared like a blood bath. The spine of the knife divided nine blood lines, followed by the blood-colored Long Qing at the center of the handle. Long Qing blinked a little, bursting into flames, destroying all directions, and looking at the world, Heaven and earth bowed!

The bow is as blue as a meniscus, inlaid with three clouds of thunder and star stones, twinkling with starlight, forming a string, the bow string is like a thunder, Lin Chen pulls the bow string slightly, the bow string springs out a voiceless voice, and the mountain is shattered!

Three flying knives are even more mysterious!

A handle, pink like a crescent moon, with a blade like a cicada wing, peach gleaming, scorching its blossoms, where the brilliance shines, flowers bloom.

One handle, with sharp white light, high spirituality, and Lin Chenxin has a spirit rhinoceros, will automatically protect the Lord, Lin Chen has a thought, it will bloom sharply!

One handle, the blade is straight, Wan Lei Qi Ming, Thunder is desperate, the sky is full of anger, extremely domineering!

Each holy artifact, the vision released is extremely terrifying, and has the same characteristics, then there is a trace of space stagnation and time and space stopped between the visions!

Qipin, Qipin, or Qipin!

These holy objects are all seventh grade!

Moreover, Lin Chen felt that these holy objects, seemingly still a prototype, had automatically recognized him as the master!

"Is it because of the bottle of essence blood? The holy dragon is originally a part of my body, the blood is the same, they automatically recognize me as the master?"

When Lin Chenzheng was pleasantly surprised, the impeccable Jin Wuxia and the six-finger Xuanyuan flew out of the tavern!


"Xiaoyou, there are some accidents in the casting, but it doesn't seem to be a bad thing!"

The duo looked excited and excited. It was even more amazing to see that the holy weapon had automatically recognized the Lord!

"Protagonist, come in and talk!"

Jin Wuxia's tone was full of excitement.

The four returned to the tavern, and the two Taishan Beidous of the caster world informed Lin Chen of the accidental restoration of the caster.

"What? Speeding up ahead of time?"

"After adding the scales of the Zulong when casting, the time has accelerated, causing the holy artifact to form at a super fast rate?"

"Nani? Seven holy items, only the prototype of semi-finished products? In the future, it will be even higher than the eighth grade?"

When one piece of "accident" came, Lin Chen was stunned!

"Yeah, although these seven holy vessels are not the highest-grade ones we have ever cast, but their spirituality is the highest! And, because of the scale of the ancestral dragon, they have the ability to temporarily affect time and space, so that they can be developed. It depends on the use of the host to any degree."

"In addition, the seven holy objects have their own ways of growing up. They are more like a baby who has been born early, and they have hidden huge potential!"

"The holy artifacts that can be upgraded are extremely rare in the history of casting tools, and the cases are all below the sixth grade. The holy artifacts that can be upgraded above the sixth grade, you are the first in ancient and modern times!"

Jin Wuxia's face was pale, but his face was excited!

For the two of them, to be able to create such a holy weapon, the sense of gain and accomplishment is far from ordinary!

"By the way, if you want to go to Zixia Wanggu, Xiaoyou, you must hurry up. Recently, there was a grand event in the Heavenly Sanctuary, and the dance of Nizis departure was probably related to that event."

When the old man Xuanyuan said, Lin Chen immediately stood up and raised his lips.

"Of course, I can't wait to get the holy weapon!"