My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1393

Vol 5 Chapter 1393: 1. Arrive At Zixia King Valley.

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Six-finger Xuanyuan again asked, "Yes, can you think of the name of the Holy Vessel?"

Name the sacristy, this is a part identified by the caster. This is the moment to witness your hard work.

Lin Chen nodded and smiled.

"Naturally, the sword can freeze Jiuxiao, and its name is frozen sky. The sword has the ultimate flame, and the sword can fear the ten directions, called the absolute Yan. The power of the stars hidden in the bow, the anger of the cloud and thunder, named Jiuxiao starry anger. Chi There is no evil spirit in the gun, and it is awe-inspiring, and it can kill all demons, and it is called the devil. The three-handed flying knives each have supernatural powers, and each has a spirit rhinoceros, its name is the spirit rhinoceros, and its spirit can be cracked. Named Ben Lei."

The six-finger Xuanyuan shuddered, and the two casters looked at each other and sighed.

"Frozen Sky, Yan Jiu, Jiuxiao Star Fury. Tumo Demon Rhinoceros, Burning God Benlei. Unexpectedly, Brother Jin and I actually cast such holy artifacts. These holy artifacts must be ranked eighth in the future! Even higher!"

Jin Wuxia said with a smile: "In the hands of the protagonist, the eighth grade may not be the pinnacle. The seven holy objects have their own ways of growth. Maybe they can surpass the eighth grade in the future!"

"I'll talk about these things later, hahaha, I'm leaving."

Lin Chen is taking Lin Ping to get up.

"The protagonist is acting with caution. If you can, try not to go to the Heavenly Sanctuary. The Heavenly Sanctuary is second only to the Holy King and has the most powerful areas.

Jin Wuxia persuaded him to understand his protagonist's temperament, dare to fight and dare to fight, and to ensure that nothing would happen to the Heavenly Sanctuary.

Lin Chen said with a smile: "Relax, can't you beat it yet?"

"I will come up with a solution to the flawless brother's injury. You can start with peace of mind. I have a space channel dedicated to the Zixia King Valley. You can get there as quickly as possible."

Six-finger Xuanyuan handed Lin Chen a volume of jade bamboo slips.

"There will be Senior Labor!"

Lin Chen left the tavern and tore away the jade jade space.

Jin Wuxia shook his head and sighed as Lin Chen left.

"My protagonist, with a strong temperament, I do not know what will happen to this trip."

"Hahaha, Brother Jin, let's go, too. 23 dead evil spirits are dead, this Biyun City can't stay anymore, I have a good place to heal you."

"Okay, let's go."


Three days later, Zixia Wanggu.

Inside Wanggu Hall.

"His mother-in-law is all from her family. Does sister-in-law need to be so ruthless!"

"As far as she is still from her family, if it was not Wang Gu's Taishang elder who forcibly asked his second brother to marry her, this woman, I was annoyed when I saw her!"

"Okay, noisy all day long, no end! Everyone has been taken away, what's the use of pulling these again? Why, some kind of go to heaven?"

"Just hit it! It's both shoulders carrying a head, who is afraid of who!"

"Enough, don't be noisy!"

When Zi Tianhu scolded everyone, a stream of light descended into the Valley of the Kings, which surprised everyone!

"He who comes..."

"Senior Purple Sky Tiger, don't come unharmed."

As soon as the teenager attacked the silver robe, Jun Yi came out of the dust, Feng Shen was handsome, and he walked into the lobby with a smile.

"Boy Lin Chen?"

"Hey, it's you!"

Everyone was startled and immediately smiled. Zi Tianhu strode up to meteor and gave Lin Chen a bear hug and laughed.

"I haven't seen your news for half a year, is your kid going to retreat?"

Lin Chen did not deny, "It's true, I came here to help Zixia Wanggu."

As soon as the words fell, I saw Lin Chen's arrival. The handsome man in green robe and the charming woman seemed to think of something and said in amazement.

"Friend Lin Chen, a few days ago, 23 enemies Tianjiao fell at the same time, and the location is also a strange land. Could it be said..."

Everyone shuddered at the corner of their mouth, looking at Lin Chen.

He simply smiled like a child and casually said: "Well, I commissioned a few pieces of holy tools, and these evil spirits got rich and were killed by me."

The lobby is silent...


Killing a wicked monster is ridiculous. Why did you kill 23, and you can talk and laugh with ease?

Zi Tianhu gave Lin Chen a deep look.

He found that Lin Chen was very unusual in facing their aura.

If the former Lin Chen faced them, he was neither humble nor overbearing, and he was not surprised. Lin Chen, now, is relaxed and free, showing his absolute self-confidence very naturally!

The former is more like a junior facing a senior. But the latter is more like talking with the elders!

In other words, the gas field exhibited by Lin Chen has regarded everyone present at the same level, and there is no difference between the two sides!

"How is it possible that this little guy can still surpass us? This is only the past six months, what exactly has he experienced, it is definitely not a closed-door practice, and there can be no such dramatic changes in closed-door! Especially the little girl around him , Why did I feel an inexplicable palpitations when I saw her, but I didn't feel the slightest palpitations..."

When Zi Tianhu's heart was shocked, a handsome middle-aged man approached with a sword-browed star behind him.

He was dressed in a purple gold robe, with a handsome appearance, a face like his thirties, a temperament like a dragon and a phoenix, and a fist to Lin Chen.

"You are Xiaochen Lin, right, I am Qingwu's father, Zimingyue."

Zi Mingyue is very sincere, Lin Chen's expression turned, especially serious.

"Uncle Mingyue, what's the situation with the goblin?"

Zi Mingyue sighed, invited Lin Chen to take a seat.

The two were seated, and everyone stood in the lobby, Zi Mingyue revealed memories, serious and sentimental.

"At that time, a traitor appeared in Zixia Wanggu, ruining Wanggu's vitality, and my elder Wanggu reunited Wanggu in order to unite with other forces and marry me and Qingwu her mother. It is also the beginning of cause and effect."

"Qingwu her mother is very strong. Although she used her family's power to make Zixia Wanggu gain a foothold in the Heavenly Sanctuary, we finally worried about what happened. Their family wanted to gradually erode Zixia Wanggu, Let our elders turn to their side and resources are slanted. They will even merge Zixia Wanggu to become a subsidiary of their family."

"Wang Gus predecessors noticed the anomaly and the two sides broke up, but when the two sides had not yet started a complete conflict, the light dance came. Her amazing potential and talent gave her family hope, but because she was born in Wang Gu, her lifeline And the potential is very suitable for the valley of Zixia Huiyue in the valley, so the other party did not completely tear the face, but left the light dance in the valley of Zixia Wang."

"Even the name of Qingwu is also the name of Sui Niang. It is because of the previous pressure that Qingwu has made unprecedented efforts to practice in recent times, but just a few days ago, they asked us to surrender Qingwu. In the valley, there are a large number of strong people in the life and death realm and the Na Xing realm, and even the Sacred Heart State is not a minority."

Zi Mingyue sighed deeply, seeming to be much older.