My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1394

Vol 5 Chapter 1394: Sword Refers To Heavenly Sanctuary

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Zi Mingyue was distressed, and his expression was helpless and painful.

"In order to save Wang Gu's breakup, Qingwu followed her mother to go back. This time, I am afraid that it is related to the ladder competition of the demon list. The woman may be determined to allocate Qingwu to one of the candidates for the ladder competition... "

Lin Chen only asked a few words because of the consequences and expressionless expression.

"How would the little goblin stand, would she want to marry."

Zi Mingyue was shocked.

Zi Tianhu walked up, filled with righteous indignation.

"Then Nizi likes to be free and naturally loves to play. How could she agree to such a thing? Everything is for Zixia Wanggu!"

Bang ~!

A killing piercing through nine days and ten places broke out, alarming all the top powerhouses in Zixia Wanggu!

Lin Chen got up and squeezed his fist.

"Then go to Heavenly Sanctuary and grab the people back!"


Heavenly Sanctuary gathers many top forces and occupies nearly a quarter of the Holy World!

The well-known ladder game of the monster list is also held in the Heavenly Sanctuary!

The ladder game is a once-in-a-year quota competition for the monster list, and the peripheral ladder game is mainly to compete with the ranking as a bet after the ranking is 5000.

The Neiwei ladder is a super demon showdown between the top 2,000 and 5,000 of the demon list, and it is a grand event that all forces pay attention to!

To put it bluntly, the staircase in the enchanted list is the most indispensable event in all domains of the Holy Realm. This is one of the few events that will change the list of enchanted lists. The pride of the new era will be empty here. Born!

Everyone who stands out in the inner-circle ladder competition is a demon among the demon. The former famous historical historian was born here!

One hundred thousand dragon city, flying dragon city, a dense room.

The three elder wind-skinned old men hold the dust, and their eyes are as if passing by, and the palm of the heart conveys a ray of divine power into the vast rotating astrolabe in the void!

The astrolabe is like a dream, like a silent star, shining with a ray of light, and finally flickering.

San Lao's face gradually became pale, and when he finally closed his hands, he was relieved.

"How about the three seniors."

There was an exquisite shadow in the void, smiling lazily and charmingly.

Three old men clenched their fists.

"Your wife, no vision, this ladder competition can be held safely."

These three old men are the most famous saints in the world!

Every Ladder competition must have absolute strength and **** to ensure the safety of the Ladder competition.

This time, it was the same. Three big fortune tellers worked out the game to calculate the fortune-telling, so as to ensure that no accidents can be held during the ladder competition!

After all, this kind of event is not allowed to have a slight error!

With the three big mathematicians joining forces, even if you have an open world and want to interfere with the competition, you will reveal clues!

"Well, there are three masters of labor. By the way, when the night family asks for advice, there will be a little deduction from the masters of labor."

Qianying chuckled.

A beautiful beauty shadow and two black robe figures walked into the closet and sat down, opening the cold beautiful woman.

"Yejia Yelixue, please ask the three masters to calculate for us another ten days, if there is an accident on my Yejia's happy day."


"Oh, it was Mrs. Ye Lixue."

San Lao was very surprised by this rare guest.

The two black robe figures respectfully took out three payment rings and placed them on the countertop.

The cold and proud beautiful woman pushed Na Nai to the three and said indifferently: "This is the reward."

The old man took a look and his face changed slightly.

They intended to justify their refusal.

But the other party gave too much.

"In this case, let's do it again!"

San Lao coughed and performed arithmetic again, focusing on the night house, deducing his fortune and calculating his luck.

A moment later, a bright purple light shone brightly in the secret room, and the three elders exclaimed.

Even Ye Lixue couldn't help frowning slightly.

"Purple qi came east, and there was a sharp edge. This is the vision of Zixia Wanggu, the happy event in the wife's house, it seems that there will be interference from Zixia Wanggu, and this interference is enough to stop the happy event. If it is not blocked, it will Something big happened..."


Ye Lixue's chill between the eyebrows is enough to kill.

Zixia Wanggu? What they are, she Ye Lixue is very clear, unless they come out of the nest to die with them, but it is not enough to completely shake her Ye Jia!

"Zixia Wanggu has the ability to shake my night house? Impossible. If so, they don't have to hand over the light dance that day."

Ye Lixue thought for a long time, finally stood up and said coldly.

"Ai's family knows that there are three workers."

Twisting her waist, Ye Lixue left, and the chill between her eyebrows seemed to be enough to freeze everything.

"No matter what character you bring in Zixia Wanggu, it is impossible to stop me from planning at night!"


Seven days later, Heavenly Sanctuary, Dragon City!

In the tide of nations, the seven ranks of the seven ranks gathered together, and the eight ranks of giants from all domains of the Holy Realm suddenly appeared in the dragon city!

Under the Dragon City, some saints who finally got the viewing quota exclaimed from time to time the team passing by the void!

"What team is that, my God, three hundred swordsmen!"

"It is Jianyu who can come up with this kind of handwriting! Even Jianyu is here!"

"Look, Yan Yan's Wan Yan Temple is also here!"

"It is terrible that there are so many eight-ranking giant ranks..."

Bang ~! There is also a Divine Flame descending from the air, and fourteen invincible figures come out of the Divine Flame Light Column.

Seven women and seven men!

Women, beautiful and charming, have different appearances, all of them are beautiful and beautiful.

Man, Qiu Xuanang, heroic, such as out of the dust, such as the unsophisticated son of Xianjia, extremely handsome, and so overbearing that people dare not look straight!

Palace of Divine Flame!

The Peerless Pride of Shenyan Palace!

"It's terrible, this is the legend, the Palace of God Flame..."

"It is said that the Shenyan Palace has already appeared several times in the figures of the Holy Talents List. I am afraid that this time it is only the youngest batch..."

"This year's ladder competition was actually attended by Shenyan Palace. My God, what other evildoers have to be crushed by them!"

The flames of the Palace of Gods and Flames are arrogant and suppress the audience!

They seem to be born with a large number of people, etc., without looking at Fanliu Saint, gliding into the Void Island deep in the Flying Dragon City!

Flying Dragon City can be described as extremely lively, and the adjacent Wolong City is even more popular!

Inside an ancient tower, the interior scenes are colorful and dazzling, but without exception, the ensuing explosion sound is tense and shocking!

Tongtian Tower, which contains many high-level mysteries in the Tana, and the powerful power of the mysterious territory, can stimulate the saint's maximum potential, increase spiritual perception and instantaneous speed, and help the saint expand the hole!

Only the enchanted arrogance of the enchanted list, and a few eight-grade denominations, are eligible to enter this tower!

At this time, near the Tiantian Tower is full of shouting and crying!

"The son Su Qing from Danyu has expanded his hole to the 31st time!"

"It's not over yet, 32 times!"

"No, Miss Qianyu Huafeiyu has expanded her hole to the 36th time! I'm relying on it. It's too strong. The foundation of the top seven ranks is strong!"

The crowd is full of passion and attracts everyone's attention!

This place is one of the best places for enlarging acupuncture points in Tianjiao! Near the start of the ladder competition, many demon princes are also accumulated, and participated in a large explosion to expand the hole, and dazzled countless powerful people!

Heavenly Sanctuary is full of excitement at all times!

Here is the central stage of the Holy World!