My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1395

Vol 5 Chapter 1395: Professional Team Please Do Not Come.

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Wolong City, night home.

The mansion is tall and magnificent, and all forces are gathered in a tall building.

Today is the joyous day for Yejia!

With the coming of all directions, the gifting of gifts continues!

"Bapin Sect, Longsheng Qin Xuan Lai Li."

"The Qipin family, the Tianxue family is here."

"The Qipin family, the Xiao family Xiao Changli gifted."


Hundreds of glorious golden seats were cast in the hall, and the attendees were all figures with heads and faces in the Holy Realm, either elite celebrities with seven ranks or elders with eight ranks.

And sitting in the main hall, there are some top-notch Tianjiao, and even the inexorable Shenyang Palace Tianjiao that day came two!

"Thank you for coming today."

On the high platform, Ye Lixue struck a long blue skirt, as beautiful as a beautiful woman under the moon on the top of a lonely Gao Xue, the beauty of the face was as if there were no marks left over the years.

Many strong people may reveal surprises, or praise, or fear.

This woman's iron wrist is unknown in the eight-pin family, with her own strength, she will take care of the entire night family from the fall to the peak, and even leap to a new height!

No one can treat her as an ordinary woman!

"Today is the day of great joy for my Ye Family and Zhao Family. It is an honor for my Ye Family to have the honor to invite you to participate in such events."

"My girl dances lightly and I will be married with Zhao Mingyu son of Zhao family today."

Ye Lixue's words just fell.

"Groom is here!"

White clouds fluttered, and a white feather pegasus stepped on the sky. A handsome and proud man sat on it. His face was extremely cold, his nose was tall, and his height was eight feet.

Pegasus fell, the youth rolled over and fell, and a pair of sword eyes surprised all the arrogance of the visitors present!

This person is extremely strong!

The older generation of strong man is more dignified!

Even the powerful Na Xing realm, the oppression felt on him is not trivial! As soon as you play, it seems that you are going to crush people!

"It is worthy of the title of the ladder competition, and it is well-deserved."

On the golden seat next to the hall, the slender and delicate waist giggled.

Her eyebrows are picturesque, her tenderness is like the spring rain in March, and a pair of beautiful eyes seems to be full of surplus autumn water. The moon's eyebrows are slightly picked. When she smiles, the pear vortex blooms, which makes many male demon suffocation. Beauty is like a fairy!

One of the top ten fascinating demon list, Yue Xiner!

This is one of the reasons why many men have come here!

Today, at this wedding banquet, they were fortunate enough to see the two enemies standing out!

The ten best colors of the evil spirits list are the most beautiful women in the most sacred world recognized by the evil spirits.

"Wow, this person is almost as good as Brother?"

A quirky little nizi whispered to the young man in white smiling beside him.

The handsome young man in white laughed and scolded: "What are you doing here, I'm just the power of the outer hall attached to the Shenyan Palace, which is comparable to others..."

The handsome young man gave Zhao Mingyu a deep look, with a profound meaning.

"Cultivation of life and death under 1000 years old is still a super demon talent with a thousand-fold expansion, but that is a real monster. If you have the potential, follow the pride of the palace!"

At this time, Zhao Mingyu edited slightly.

"Have seen Mrs."

Zhao Mingyu leaned back, his face full of arrogance from beginning to end.

Ye Lixue showed a rare smile: "He will be a family in the future."

"Hahaha, please ask Mrs. Lixue to take care of me! There are many things to learn from you, my descendants!"

A hearty laughter came, a white light flashed in the sky, and a figure appeared in the moment above Gaotang.

He has a pair of bright eyes, such as thunder and lightning, standing tall, leaning on the sky, where he only sits, the momentum is strong, like the top of the mountains!

"Brother Zhao."

Ye Lixue nodded slightly.

The comer is the head of the Zhao family, a generation of owls!

"Please bride, I also want to see if my daughter-in-law fits my eyes."

Master Zhao laughed casually, like thunder and thunder, not arrogant.

Ye Lixue was seated, and said indifferently.

"Please bride!"


A Xiahong shone from above nine days, and everyone's eyes attracted the past. I saw a beautiful woman slowly appearing inside Xiahong.

The beautiful people are slender, red skirts like fire, zixia jade crowns, pearl jade phoenix hairpins, beautiful women Gu Pan swaying like flowers in spring, red lips light up, pretty and beautiful girl face, pure and flawless, like the mountains in March But her eyebrows are full of haze and charm, and she is truly a beautiful woman with a world of enchanting!

This girl is the little demon queen, dancing at night!

Zhao Mingyu, who has always been alone, can't help but show a bit of fiery!

These people, it is difficult to find a second person in the world!

"It's really amazing to see it once. If I were a man, I might be charmed by her..."

Yue Xin'er, who is also one of the top ten outstanding colors, couldn't help wondering.

The beautiful woman, the Holy Realm does not know the geometry, but the temperament alone is difficult to change. The little demon queen perfectly controls the girls pure and fairy-like charm temperament, which is perfectly combined.

She smiled, and she could charm all sentient beings.

After the little demon had no joy or sorrow, she walked to her mother, and Yingying fell back.

Ye Lixue smiled and said: "Qingwu, you can get married with Mingyu, the mother is very happy, after today, your dance posture belongs to Mingyu alone."

Yejia women must learn a unique dance from birth. The dancing posture of the little demon is also regarded as a fairy dance by the Yejia. It is unparalleled in the world. After adulthood, it has never appeared in the world. Belongs to the boy she loves.

"Should be envy or sympathy. As a woman, will my end be like this..."

Yue Xin'er had a complex look when she saw the light dancing at night as if she lost her light.

"Qingwu knows."

The little demon was surplus back.

Zhao Mingyu showed a smile that he thought was handsome and handsome: "Qingwu, you enter my door of Zhao family, I will never treat you badly."

The demon did not speak.

Ye Lixue ignored her face and continued: "Matchmaker, you can start."

At this time, a charming young woman matchmaker appeared, which was also a powerful holy place, and said softly.

"Have two newcomers please, worship the world..."

At this time, the sounds of different instruments sounded all over the world, and the whole night house was clearly audible!

"What's the matter? It's not time for you to play music."

Mrs. Ye Lixue frowned, her voice cold and questioned.

Brush ~! A holy light came, and a holy realm with cold sweat appeared in the lobby. He knelt on one knee and confessed.

"Madam, there are six people in black clothes outside, carrying a bite...coffin and playing music, saying that it is a professional team, please do not come."

Bang ~!

The door of Yejia was blasted away!

"How can such a scene lack one of the most handsome men in the Holy World, right? Dear friends of Ye Family, the captain of the squad detachment at the Lower Black Horse Club, a professional team, do not invite yourself. Hold back."

The cynical laughter of the young man made the demon queen tremble!