My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1396

Vol 5 Chapter 1396: What's The Situation

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When the door of Yejia was blasted open, a team walked into the lobby.

It is the people of Zixia Wanggu!

Many strong men of Yejia got up immediately!

The VIPs even smiled with fun, watching the lively, naturally hope that the bigger the lively, the better!

"Oh? Is it finally here, Zixia Valley?"

Ye Lixue was not surprised, she expected that Zixia Wanggu would come.

However, the only thing that surprised her was the teenager who led the team in front of the team.

She has not seen this person. She is even less impressed. Looking at the talents within the eighth grade, every one of them knows, but she has no impression at all.

"Oh? Is there anyone who is going to smash Yejia's place today? Hurry, fight, you must fight!"

The eccentric young girl waved her little pink fist in excitement. The young man in white shook his head helplessly, and when he looked at it, he was instantly stunned!

He has seen this boy!

Yue Xin'er stood up directly, gazed in front of her, and muttered to herself: "Is there anyone at this juncture who can save you, light dance at night..."

"Dance, come home with us!"

"Yeah, you don't have to be afraid this time, we are all here, you don't have to ask for more!"

"Daddy won't let you carry it all by yourself this time, let's go home!"

Zi Tianhu and others shouted at the demon.

Lin Chen walked straight into the hall, and when he looked around the audience, his eyes finally fell on the three demon queens, Ye Lixue and Zhao Mingyu!

The demon queen said anxiously, "What are you doing with everyone! You're going back!"

Lin Chen's kindness, the demon immediately understood.

The two knew each other too well, but the demon queen must not let him mess up, this is ruining him!

The Eighth Rank Forces are so different from the Seventh Ranks! Lin Chen's behavior this time is equivalent to putting Yejia's face on the bright side!

What's more, there is also a Zhao family, with the background of the two, and even destroying a seven-grade sect, it is only a few words!

Lin Chen laughed suddenly: "Little Goblin, you know me right, I will not do things that are not sure."

Zhao Mingyu raised his eyebrows: "Do you understand?"

Lin Chen smiled slightly: "Yes, I know very well. She knows my strengths, and I know the kind of understanding of her strengths."

The demon queen had time to persuade Lin Chen, Ye Lixue waved his hand.

"I don't need such a courteous guest, come here, drop off!"

Bang ~!

There are twenty life and death realms, and ten night star powerhouses from the Star Realm appear out of thin air in the hall. This hand even a lot of people are a little depressed. Ye Lixue has already been prepared!

As soon as the thirty powerful men grabbed the void, the space was violently rippling. When they seemed to be removed instantly, a grey and white rune descended from the sky, shaking and bursting!

All the strong men in the hall suddenly felt that the space became stagnation and stagnation, which was extremely strange!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chen turned into a series of afterimages, a burst kick, all the life and death realm and Na Xing realm that have not yet shot!


Many evil spirits take a breath in the air!

In an instant!

In a very special moment, the twenty saints are sixfold and the ten saints are sevenfold.

This is too **** fake! What are you doing with this acting?

This kind of powerful even some strong eight origins can't help but change their face slightly!

If Lin Chen is some old monster level strongman, they will not be surprised at all. The previous ten saints are sevenfold, at most in the early stage of Na Xingjing, with 61 holy caves in full bloom.

But he is the same young man as the demon list!

Even within the top 5,000 of today's enchanting list, there are only a handful of people who can do just that hand, and they are rare!

"Oh? A little interesting young man, but I want to use this skill to ruin my Zhao family's happy event. It's too much to control myself!"

Bang ~! The space shivered and squeezed away!

The holy prestige of the Zhao family's half-step open heaven, like the sun, shone on Lin Chen, trying to suppress him!

However, not only was Lin Chen unaffected, he even took the initiative to take a step forward!

Lin Chen stared directly at the head of the Zhao family, who narrowed his eyes!

This boy is not a bluff!

"Goblin, tell your truth, there is no need to grieve yourself, I promise, no one can move Zixia Wanggu with me!"

Lin Chen looked directly at the little demon, "If you have a sweetheart to marry, I will not blink, but if you are forced to commit to your own happiness, I cant stand idly by, you still treat me as a good friend Say what you say."

"Qingwu, the whole Zixia Wanggu will be on your side. This time Dad came to take you back! The grievances of the first generation should have ended long ago, and you should not bear it."

The little demon's expression suddenly darkened, "I..."

When Zi Mingyue spoke, Ye Lixue looked very cold.

"Zi Mingyue, do you mean that Zixia Wanggu and my night family are in full battle?"

Ye Lixue's holy power fluctuations faintly shattered the void, and her cultivation behavior was only inferior to that of Yu Zhao's family, who was only half a step away from the heavens. 80 holy caves in full bloom, Shengwei Jingtiantiandi!

brush! brush! brush!

A stream of stream came, and the Ye Family dispatched more powerful people, all surrounding the whole hall!

"Young people nowadays, they really want to make things happen."

"My night house hasn't been born for a long time, is it regarded as a soft persimmon by others, this is not good..."

The figures of the three elders of Yejia emerged like ghosts and ghosts, and they were also three powerful Sacred Minds!

The people of Zixia Wanggu are waiting in line, the atmosphere is arrogant, and there is a tendency to fight if there is a disagreement!

"Everyone, don't be so angry, I have a word, please listen to it."

At this time, the elder Wan Yandian of the Yanyu was smiling and playing the round field, and he was also a strong man with a Sacred Heart State!

Lin Chen laughed suddenly: "Are you from Yan Yan Wan Yan Palace?"

The elder Tai was stunned and smiled kindly: "Why do you know the old man? What advice?"

Lin Chen said nothing, flicked his palm, and a stream of light shot into the old man's hands.

He took it slightly, and when he spread his palms, it was a fiery red sharp blade fragment, which made the kind smile on his face abruptly, and his expression gradually shocked!

boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, the space directly above the night house roared endless vortex of fire waves! How big is the wave that shows the elder's heart!

Everyone was wondering, what on earth did this kid give, which could make the old man who has always been calm and treat people to things into this shaken look?

Thousands of thoughts flashed in my mind in an instant, and after a breath, Elder Wanhuo shivered: "What is your relationship with that adult."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, confident and free. "Master and servant, I am the Lord, he is the servant."


Elder Wan Huo knelt down on the spot, his old man said excitedly.

"The grace of life-saving, the grace of the restoration hall, the unforgettable teeth! Even if the lord worships the prince, then I am an old bone, and also look at the prince's horse! What the prince wants to do today, I follow the fire!

Everyone blasted his scalp!

what's the situation? The elders of the Eighth Grade Great Sect, kneeling like this?

Damn, don't you come out to do peacemakers? You kneel when you come out, why are you suddenly joining them?