My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1397

Vol 5 Chapter 1397: This Young Man Is A Bit Outrageous.

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The powerhouses of the Bapin sect are more surprised than one.

Why did Elder Wanhuo kneel suddenly?

Why do the eighth-generation sect generation veteran powerhouse cry with joy?

Behind all this, is it a distortion of human nature or a loss of morality?

Or stay up late to multiplayer sports that challenge the limits?

"What method did he use to make Wan Huo Elder so determined to help him?"

Ye Lixue's eyes were fixed on Lin Chen, and she felt more and more that this young man, the comer was not simple.

The elders and the two demon gods who came to the wedding banquet with the elders of Wanhuo looked dazed.

what's the situation? The status of Elder Wanhuo is equal to that of the most powerful elders of the Taishang and the main hall.

His strength may not be the strongest group of Wan Yandian, but his seniority and seniority are extremely high. He is an old predecessor who had existed since the establishment of Wan Yandian.

He is completely valued by peace, and he can never communicate with a smile!

Even if he went to war, he even had a kind smile, never showing such a firm gesture today!

Ignoring everyone's surprised eyes, Elder Wanhuo asked with a trembling voice.

"Your Excellency, is that adult... alive?"

"Hahaha!" Lin Chen laughed with great enthusiasm: "I was covering him, he was so good, his life was gone, and he would come back one day."

Bang ~! Thousands of fires skyrocketed, holy flames swirled around, and Elders of Ten Thousand Fires stood up and bowed deeply to Lin Chen!

"Your salvation of your husband is like saving my Wan Yan Palace, so much to say, all the people in Wan Yan Palace who are present today are willing to work for you!"

The words of Elder Wanhuo stirred up thousands of waves! Even the elders who followed him had a look of brutality.

Lin Chen smiled slightly, the clouds were light and windy.

"Relax, today's thing, I'll solve it, and you are responsible for protecting me."

In just one word, his ambitions are fully shown!

Quite a few mouths of the strong...

How crazy is this boy?

Really don't give face to Ye Family and Zhao Family? Facing the two big eight-ranking families alone?

Ye Lixue frowned: "Elder Wanhuo, you have to think about it, you know the rules between the eight rank forces."

Old Man Wanhuo stood in the same direction as Lin Chen and smiled.

"Mrs. Ye, let's not say much. There is no loss for this son today. The final result is two wars. If it is the Lord of the Palace and my elder brothers here, they will make the same choice as me."

Hiss~! Some sect masters of the Seventh Grade sect sighed with air!

The two are at war!

The eight ranks sect, each is a giant of the Holy Realm!

Slightly send a few more powerful men to kill the ranks of the Seven Ranks sect!

A full-scale war between the two Eighth Rank forces will mean a real war!

In the era when the Jiu Pin sect didn't know the world, the Ba Pin force is the culmination of the Holy Realm!

Almost all the strong men wanted to break their scalp. What exactly did this kid give Wanhuo Old Man with a fascinating soup that would make him firm to this point?

People in Zixia Wanggu are ecstatic!

Little friend Lin Chen really has a back stroke, this is how long it has been here to win a family of eight-pin sect, too strong!

Is this the charm of the most handsome man in the Holy World? I love it.

An elder of the eight ranks sect can't help saying: "I said, you are not a fake Wanhuo old man? What he was giving you an ecstasy to make you so good?"

Old Man Wanhuo shook his head and smiled: "This matter, except for a few people such as the main hall, no one will understand."

When the atmosphere on both sides became more and more fierce-


Zhao Mingyu spoke!

All eyes are on him.

If it is ordinary demon arrogance, there is no weight to speak in this big scene!

But he is different, he is a super demon who must be named in history!

Even Master Zhao has to weigh his words!

When he walked in front of Lin Chen, the eyes of the two young men were like swords and swords, and before the hands he could see the murderous intention in the air.

Zhao Mingyu said indifferently like Xuan Bing: "When you sign up for the name, what are you, dare to disturb my game?"

His foot stomped completely, the whole night house trembles, the space trembles violently, most of the demon Tianjiao in the scene feel dizzy and almost not stand still!

Lin Chen, standing still.

But he was alert to Zhao Mingyu.

This person is very strong. His divine power fluctuates far beyond the realm of life and death, and even surpasses some of Na Xingjing that Lin Chen has killed!

Lin Chen took a step forward and the two were very close to each other.

The girl next to the handsome young man suddenly said: "At this distance, you usually have to fight or kiss."

"You whisper." Brother stared at her.

"With me, I brought a professional team today."

Lin Chen smiled and pointed to the black wooden coffin raised by those six avatars behind him.

Lin Chen?

The strong parties are surprised!

This son is to challenge Lin Chen, the authority of the demon list?

The Bapin sect received a huge amount of news and intelligence every day. After Lin Chen made a big noise, he sneaked into the holy prison and disappeared, so that most of the strong men never recalled it for the first time!

"It really is him! Gee Gee, our sweetheart of Shenyang Palace Goddess, Lin Chen! Worthy of being a goddess's favorite figure, the eight grade sect, just do it."

The handsome young man was surprised.

Bang ~!

At this time, Zhao Mingyu pointed like a glare, one finger penetrated the void, stab Lin Chen!

"Holy Dragon Possession!"

The possession of the Holy Dragon, Lin Chen circulated around the world forever, and when a slow rune shot out, Zhao Mingyu's horrified worldly finger was frozen for a moment!

Lin Chen slammed back with a 7 trillion dragon power of Shenglong!

Sigh~! boom!

The space between the two parties exploded!

The nearest Wan Huo elder sleeve robe waved, the space was blocked in a large range, and the fluctuation of the two people's fight was instantly locked in the Baizhang space!

The people of Zixia Wanggu took advantage of Lin Chen's shot, flashed left and right, and pulled the demon queen back to his side.

Ye Lixue was not in a hurry.

Today is the base camp of the night house, they have no possibility of grabbing people!

The dust and smoke spread, and the space between the two became an invisible vacuum, all the buildings disappeared, and the two walked in the air.

Zhao Mingyu flicked his fingers.

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder.

Zhao Mingyu disdain: "The holy realm of body refining? Just relying on these 7 trillion dragon powers, is it worthy of standing in front of me?"

Lin Chen smiled: "Don't worry, my specialty has not appeared yet."

Ye Lixue waved his hand.

"Expand the space and prepare to take them down."

Master Zhao slowly stood up, and all the powerful members of Yejia appeared in vain.

Old Man Wanhuo stood on the side of Zixia Wanggu, and everyone waited for it!

At this moment, a lazy voice suddenly sounded.

"Oh, even if the young man is anxious, what are you anxious about?"

The audience is shocked!

A staggering figure ghostly appeared between Lin Chen and Zhao Mingyu, gently pushing the two to a distance of 100 meters.

The drunk old man took the jug and took a sip, then gave Lin Chen a deep look.

His eyes, as if penetrating all the secrets of Lin Chen, there was a deterrent in his laziness.

However, what shocked the old man was that instead of panic, Lin Chen nodded and smiled at the drunk old man.

In an instant, the drunk old man's eyes crossed the sober Limang!

This young man is a bit ridiculous...