My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1398

Vol 5 Chapter 1398: Negotiation

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"It's the drunk man!"

"How come this old monster is shocked, heh, heh, the bustle is really getting bigger!"

"This melon is really happy."

The powerhouses of the eight ranks of all parties are astonished.

The drunk man is one of the main powerhouses in charge of the ladder competition!

An old monster who has been promoted to open heaven from ancient times!

The drunk man was curious and very curious.

He knew that Yejia asked three major operators to calculate that Zixia Wanggu would come, but he did not expect that this variable was actually on a teenager.

More importantly, he couldn't see through this kid named Lin Chen. Can't see through at all!

"Captive of a holy dragon? Plus a high-strength physical refining force, an unpredictable spiritual realm, a firm mind, no less than some of the top strong men who have been fighting with an old man. How did he do this at a young age? Degree?"

"However, why the Holy Force didn't feel it at all, only 30 Holy Caverns were blooming, but the Holy Cavern was like a pool of standing water, and there was no movement..."

The more impenetrable it is, the more difficult it is to prove that it is not easy!

The drunk old man looked away and looked at Zhao Mingyu again.

"The boy of the Zhao family, if you play here right now, and don't say how your Zhao family wins or loses, your qualification to participate in the ladder must have been cancelled. How do you want to fight?"

The drunk old man brought a hint of joking, and Zhao Mingyu was very calm and calm.

"Since the senior has appeared, there must be an idea. I would like to listen to the senior's suggestion."

The drunk old man smiled and said: "The kid is quite smart. In this way, today's wedding party is temporarily stranded. The old man will be fair. Your duel will be placed in the ladder. Based on the ranking of the two of you, who can fight? In the higher ranking, whoever wins. If the two of you can reach the final, then the final result will prevail. Of course, this possibility is not high."

"After winning, no party can have any dissatisfaction, the offender, come to fight with the old man. Hey, how about this proposal."

In the eyes of the drunk man, there was a taste of good drama, and everyone was even more energetic!

In the ladder game, bet on the top ten of the demon list, the two characters on the demon list are dueling, look at the explosion!

On one side are newcomers to the super dark horse who dare to challenge authority.

On one side is the legendary demon of amazing ages!

Who will be better?

After Zhao Mingyu lost his hands, the arrogance between the eyebrows was extremely arrogant!

"This proposal was originally acceptable, but only if some people have to qualify."

His tone was somewhat sneered.

Everyone looked at Lin Chen one after another.

Thats right, Lin Chens ranking on the list of evil spirits is out of 9,000. This ranking does not have the ability to participate in the inner ladder competition with Zhao Mingyu. Even the participation in the outer ladder competition is choking.

Ordinary demon is very rare, but here, it is the central stage of the Holy Realm, Heavenly Sanctuary!

The monsters ranked more than nine thousand are not too stunning characters.

The little demon worried: "Lin Chen, you..."

She had seen Lin Chen's last battle in the strange domain. To be fair, Lin Chen's golden armor was very strong, but it was not as good as Zhao Mingyu!

Because of this person, the basis for expanding and condensing acupuncture points can be called against the sky! His foundation is too powerful!

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "Is the lawless little goblin also worried about people, I am the first time I see you with this expression."

Then he said in a voice that only two people could hear.

"Little Goblin, how long have you known me? Remember, from the time you met me to the last time I met, what was my growth rate? You wouldn't think I've been staying up late for more than half a year?"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth slightly raised, giving the little demon a very relieved smile.

Without absolute self-confidence, how could he dare to kill the Heavenly Sanctuary!

At this time, the drunk man said again.

"Well, indeed, according to this little guy's ranking, it seems that he doesn't have the right to participate, and the old man can't break the quota for him. I remember there is a rule... Well, Xiaoyue Nizi, please explain the situation. "

After talking, the drunk old man rushed into the hall and the beautiful and refined Yuexiner smiled and said: "My brain is a bit bad, and there are too many rules to remember."

Everyone looked at Yuexiner, she was generous, like a June snow blooming in the east, elegant and dusty, lightly fragrant, and Yingying rushed around to salute her, and smiled.

"Returning to my predecessors, according to the rules of the ladder competition, in order to take care of those monsters who have been closed for years and have no intention of competing for rankings, the competition has specially introduced a mechanism for expanding the hole. The ranking is not enough to participate in the ladder competition. Barrier, directly participate in the ladder."

Yue Xin'er turned her eyes and looked at Lin Chen with great interest, thoughtfully.

"In the peripheral ladder competition, the total multiple of ten times of hole expansion is 350 times, and each hole expansion must not be less than 33 times in order to participate."

"For the Neiwei ladder competition, the total multiple of ten times of hole expansion needs to reach 700 times, and each time of hole expansion must not be less than 65 times in order to participate."

Seven hundred times!

Hearing this figure, many elders of the Seventh Rank sect shook their heads and sighed.

too difficult! Ten times of hole expansion is 700 times, which means that every time a hole is opened, the average hole expansion is 70 times!

"Hey, hey, little guy, you have hidden your cultivation base, right. Or, you haven't expanded holes yet, as long as your next hole expansion meets the requirements of the competition, you can make an exception to participate, how? "

The drunk old man looked at Lin Chen with appreciation and playfulness.

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers and smiled coquettishly.

"No problem, I have enough confidence..."


The cold voice interrupted Lin Chen!

Its Mrs. Ye Lixue!

"I disagree with this agreement."

Ye Lixue's eyes were extremely cold, and he walked to Lin Chen and Zixia Wanggu, among others, indifferently.

"This son first committed me to the Ye family first, Ye Qingwu was the daughter of the mourning family, and it was no longer his turn for an outsider to intervene!"

The little demon queen Hao teeth nibbled: "He is not an outsider!"

Ye Lixue raised a cold eyebrow: "Why, is that still your love?"

"Mother, you!"

Before waiting for the little demon to speak, Zi Tianhu and others instantly became angry!

"What's the point of your woman wanting to be aggressive? Do you have any heart? In this way, you don't want to marry your daughter without seeing Qingwu!"

Ye Lixue is still indifferent: "I have no heart anymore. She is also my daughter. Don't forget that she is named Ye, not Zi."

Zi Mingyue was burning with anger, and gentle and elegant, he dispelled the purple light in the palm of his hand, protecting the little demon's back.

The atmosphere on both sides began to become crossbowed again!

Lin Chen raised his hand and stopped everyone in Zixia Wanggu.

"Aunt Ye, I respect and dance this good friend and call you Auntie."

Lin Chen's eyes looked directly at this icy and beautiful woman.

"I've always loved many friends' business affairs, not to mention that I and Qingwu were deadly friends. If she had a wishful lord, I would not stop her, but now if you want to force someone, Suppress people, IMHO, even today, even if your ancestor Ye Ye came, people, I still want to take them away!"

"The law enforcement team of the monster list can't stop me Lin Chen, you night house, can't stop!"