My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1399

Vol 5 Chapter 1399: He's Several Times It's A Matter Of Me.

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Lin Chen's firm attitude is moving!

Yue Xin'er became more and more curious, how many secrets did he have...

The old man of Wanhuo is even more determined to stand Lin Chen!

No matter what other elders persuade, he can firmly believe that the grown-up has the ability to do everything.

After the little demon tampered with her fist, Hao teeth clenched her red lips, just about to speak, Lin Chen said again.

"However, Qingwu is willing to live with the family name at night. I believe that she still has a place in her heart. I hope you will not completely kill the last negotiation opportunity."

Yeli Xuedai frowned, looked at the demon, and found that she was looking at herself.

The mother and daughter looked at each other, and the eyes of the little demon had tears flashing.

Ye Lixue can control Ye Jia, the exquisite means, will never let opponents easily.

Zixia Wanggu can take this opportunity to resurrect, and he must not be a mortal generation. To completely kill his possibility, it is best to let Yejia recapture the light dance with minimal loss!

In the full-scale war, there is also a person from Wan Yan Dian who says that Yeye will pay a big price. This is not her rule of Ye Lixue.

She coldly said: "The Ai family would like to give Qingwu a face. If you take all of you, the Ai family would not like to entrust a psychic dance to the Zhao family. However, before meeting the requirements of the drunk old man, You must meet the conditions required by Aijia."

Lin Chenyi please: "But it doesn't matter."

Ye Lixue said: "The main point is to expand the hole. Your total multiple of hole expansion should not be lower than that of Zhao Mingyu! If your multiple of hole expansion exceeds that of Zhao Mingyue, then finally make a final comparison by the ladder competition. The loser Obey all the requirements of the winner."

With this remark, the faces of all the VIPs and guests were extremely exciting!

Even Yue Xin'er felt a little unbelievable. This condition was too difficult!

As for Zhao Mingyue and Zhao Family Master, both father and son shook their heads and laughed at the same time.

If this is the case, it really doesn't matter!

They more or less knew that Lin Chen had some secret and undisclosed super cards, and could use his external force to contend with other powerful players for a short time. Ye Lixue also knew this information.

But if it is the premise of Zhao Mingyue's point-expanding multiple, it is really no match!

And, to take a step back 10,000 steps, even if Lin Chen barely expanded the point multiple beyond Zhao Mingyu

But the latter is the realm of life and death, which has crossed the two realms of expanding the cave and condensing the realm!

In terms of actual combat, Zhao Mingyu still has a huge win!

Mrs. Ye Lixue's condition is too cruel!

Equivalent to double insurance for Yejia!

Zi Tianhu said angrily: "Aren't you bullying you?"

Ye Lixue's expression was indifferent: "If you can't compare it, leave the light dance, and you roll with your tail. The Ai family only has this condition, so there is no need to talk."

As soon as Lin Chen raised his hand, he almost smiled without thinking.

"no problem."

He took it!

What a **** kind of thing! This kid, Lin Chen, is brave!

Even the drunk man gave him a higher point!

Lin Chen smiled. "Just as Aunt Ye said, if the multiple of hole expansion is agreed, if I surpass him, I immediately abstain from the ladder competition. If I am in the ladder competition, the ranking is not as good as him, or lose to him, it is also regarded as my loss! Hope When the time comes, Ye Family will not have to say anything."

Ye Lixue gave a hint of smile.

"Some kind, Aijia appreciates a kind of man, you are better than Zimingyue in that year! However, Qingwu always belongs to Yejia."

The drunk man laughed and said: "There is an old man, don't worry. The old man is waiting for your performance at the Tongtian Tower next time, little guy, I am looking forward to it."

At this time, another demon of the Zhao family, Tianjiao, couldn't hold back, and stood up, with a sneering expression on his face.

"Yelang is arrogant and doesn't pour urine to take photos of herself. Do you know how many times my cousin Zhao Mingyu has expanded his hole? Just dare to put a big word here!"

Lin Chen laughed suddenly.

"He has expanded his hole several times, and it's all about me."

Everyone suffocated, the evildoer lived...

This tone, it's crazy, right?

Listening to this tone, I feel absolutely unsure?

After the talk, Lin Chen turned and the people of Zixia Wanggu left with the demon.

Seeing that the two sides did not fight, only the elders of Wanyan Hall and Tianjiao were relieved.

If there is an accident, they will be the most injustice!

Inexplicably pulled into a team by Elder Wanhuo standing on the opposite side of Ye Family and Zhao Family, they are blood loss!

Zhao Mingyu said angrily: "Leave the light dance..."

Ye Lixue raised her hand and said indifferently: "Mr. Zhao Mingyu, please don't be restless. Qingwu is still a virgin body. For the time being, let her and the people of Zixia Wanggu rest for a while, that kid won't move her."

Zhao Mingyu frowned: "What's sure, Madam."

Staring at Lin Chen's leaving, Ye Lixue only said two words.



Everyone left the night house in a fair and decent way and went to the Flying Dragon City. There was a dream like a dream!

The Purple Sky Tiger and others who had planned to fight a **** battle have now retreated?

This is also incredible!

"You are too chaotic!"

The little demon has a faint red eye and blames Lin Chen.

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled.

"How come chaos. Do you still not understand me, rest assured, even if he is strong, he can have Lin Xingchenqiang? This hard work in the past six months, not only you."

Zi Mingyue comforted her daughter: "Qingwu, I believe that Xiaochen Lin, he must have done it with certainty."

"I'm also curious about what Master Lin Chen is sure about."

At this moment, just behind everyone who entered the Dragon City, the woman's voice was like a yellow warbler.

When the people turned around, a beautiful woman walked into the air, making the enemies of Wan Yan Palace, who followed him, marvel at it, and envied Lin Chen very much.

At the same time, meet the two top ten beautiful women in the list of demon, this blessing, there are not many men in the world!

Yue Xin'er stretched out his hand, and smiled at Lin Chen.

"Princess Lin Chen, hello, 2050 on the list of evildoers, Yue Xin'er."

Lin Chen reached out and shook his hand, laughing casually.

"Nameless Junior, Lin Chen."

Yue Xin'er gave him white eyes, charming and charming. "Just as son Chen Chen is still a junior, then am I not a junior?"

Lin Chen smiled secretly; girl, you are not small at all.

Yue Xin'er curiously said.

"Princess Lin Chen, Xin'er is really curious. Zhao Mingyu has expanded his acupuncture points ten times. The total number of acupoint expansion is 1850 times, and the coagulation environment is 230 times that of the coagulation point. In the face of his background, where does your grasp come from?"


The three evil spirits in Wan Yan Hall sucked in a breath!

They were far away in Yanyu, but they had heard that Zhao Mingyu's total point expansion was a thousand times.

But I did not expect it to reach an astronomical figure of 1850 times!