My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1400

Vol 5 Chapter 1400: Relying On Opponents I Do Not Know How Powerful Lin Chen Is.

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The geniuses of the three Wanyan Temple secretly slurped.

"Too... terrible, what kind of monster is this..."

"Acupoint expansion is 1,850 times and condensing point is 230 times. On his ten-point expansion alone, if calculated with pure power, the base power will reach 925 billion dragon powers!"

The ordinary five-fold saint is perfect, but after expanding the cave and condensing, it is only about 150 billion dragon power!

And Zhao Mingyu can kill an ordinary saint with five folds of perfection only when the hole expansion is completed!

Even the faces of Zixia Wanggu couldn't help but pale slightly...

They know very well that expanding the hole is just laying the foundation!

"The average expansion of a holy cave is 185 times that of the base of 92.5 billion dragon powers! Based on the average of 23 times of a solidifying cave in Huaning, 23 times of 92.5 billion dragon powers..."

Proud of being like a purple sky tiger can't help but twitch...

23 times the 92.5 billion dragon power, that is 2,127.5 billion dragon power!

In other words, Zhao Mingyu opened a sacred cave in Hua Ning, and his holy power was more than 2.1 trillion!

The ten holy caves of Hua Ning are added together, and the battle power when he is in the completion of Hua Ning alone, he can fight more than 22.20 billion dragon powers! 22 trillion dragon power!

This combat power is enough to explode the general Sacred Star Saints!

Peerless demon of truly leapfrog challenge, and, what a monster that can leap two tiers!

The most important thing is that this is just the fighting power he has in blooming 50 holy caves and turning the condensed environment into perfection!

Now Zhao Mingyu, is the cultivation of life and death! 56 holy caves in full bloom! No one knows how strong he is!

Just as Lin Chen had used Zhao Runyu's slow runes, he couldn't even stop him, it just delayed one hundredth of his breath!

Lin Chen wants to win him, even with the experience of the eight-rank sect, no matter how he tries to figure it out, there is no possibility of winning!

They recognized Lin Chen's courage and potential, and even recognized his courage at a young age, but this world will always be a winner, and only strength is everything!

Even to say the extreme, judging from the information Lin Chen has shown in the eight-line sect, according to Zhao Mingyu's background, or even defending with holy force, he stood to fight Lin Chen, and Lin Chen might not be able to break the defense!

Therefore, Ye Lixue has enough self-confidence that Zhao Mingyu can crush Lin Chen! The level of hole expansion alone is enough to intercept him and recapture the demon with the least cost!

Moreover, Lin Chen has just forged a new holy weapon, and the essence of the suit has not yet been replenished. The four-piece God of War is difficult to exert too much power.

Lin Chen's only chance to win is only slow runes and hole expansion!

Not only Yue Xin'er, but everyone looked at Lin Chen subconsciously.

Yeah, what sure is he able to beat Zhao Mingyu?

I saw that Lin Chen laughed and laughed.

"Why do I have confidence? It's the opponent, I don't know how powerful Lin Chen is."

Yue Xiner's heart shivered.

This sentence is crazy! But there is a kind of domineering world, no arrogant domineering!

When Lin Chen broke into the holy prison, he fought against too many top powerhouses!

It's like an ordinary person who broke into an environment where he was fighting with a tiger and a lion all day long. Suddenly one day he was placed in the environment of a group of little wolf dogs. The man would not only feel that the wolf dogs were fierce, but would feel a little cute.

This is the absolute transformation from the state of mind!

Yue Xin'er cherry lips lightly open, just want to ask Lin Chenshi-

He pretended to laugh badly.

"Hahaha, Moon Beauty, right? The show is still behind. Dont worry. You dont want to know anything. Sometimes, its best if you dont know anything in advance. Its best to be art if its looming. Isnt it boring to know the size of the bridegrooms officer in advance? What about this process, you have to witness it yourself and explore it yourself, okay?"

Yue Xin'er was stunned for a while, and her face was blushing, and she took a sip of the'Deng Tu prodigal son'!

Lin Chen laughed, and left with the crowd, Tongtian Tower, located in the center of the Dragon City.

Lin Chen must first settle the people, prepare for it, enter the Tongtian Tower, and expand the hole in one fell swoop!

Flying Dragon City, Yunding Building, one floor of this building, dedicated to entertaining VIPs of more than seven ranks.

Lin Chen and his party had just entered, and a hearty laughter came.

"Hahaha, see who is coming, our hero is coming!"

"Huh, the first shot is to grab a kiss. Lin Chen's temper is still the same."

"How can we call the Dan Yu Tianxuan champion, this is the courage that our champion should have!"

"The demon queen is matched with the champion of natural selection, Lang Cai is female and hahaha!"

A large number of figures sat in the lobby on the second floor of Yunding Building. They had been waiting for a long time. When they saw Lin Chen coming, they all ridiculed.

Lin Chen Yixi, actually a group of people such as Shen Lao of the Jie Tower, and the Presbyterian Church of Dan Yu, Song Yilian, the people on both sides are here!

Hearing their ridicule, Lin Chen had guessed that they might have secretly observed the situation in Wolong City.

Everyone took their seats and gathered together.

At this time, the little aunt's aunt really couldn't help it, and asked all the people in Wanyan Palace.

"By the way, I don't know how many seniors are..."

The people in Wan Yan Temple are also confused, and only look at the old man of Wan Huo.

Old Man Wanhuo said with a smile. "The old man has already said that Xiaoyou and my life-saving benefactor in Wan Yan Dian can be regarded as my benefactor in Wan Yan Dian."

It was indeed a coincidence to meet Wan Yandian at the banquet at night!

The thing that Lin Chen handed to Wan Yandian was the arrow fragments used by Qi Tianyan, the Burning Sky Arrow Saint!

And the benefactor who saved Wan Yan Palace is Qi Feiyan!

At that time, Qi Feiyan once met several founders of Wan Yandian, and in a battle against the demons, desperately saved them several lives.

At this point, Wan Yan Palace has an indissoluble bond with Qi Feiyan. It can even be said that if Qi Feiyan hadn't shot back then, there would be no Bapin sect today, Wan Yan's Palace!

Among all the servants that Lin Chen brought back from the 19th floor, Lin Chen was more or less given a token, which allows him to rely on the most trustworthy forces of the year to obtain considerable help.

"So it turns out..."

Zixia Wanggu and others thought deeply.

"Lin Chen, although I really want to discuss alchemy with you, but now you have to accumulate energy, expand the hole with vigour, and **** back your confidante!"

Song Yilian shook her powder fist and aired for Lin Chen.

Lin Chen blushed old: "Cough cough, good friend, not a confidante."

The little demon rolled her eyes.

Shen Laofu Xu said with a smile: "I have always believed this little guy."

Lin Chen clenched his fists seriously: "Shen Lao, the care of that year, the kid was unforgettable, and he greeted him in case of something."

"Ce, the other world tower takes care of you, Lin Chen, shall we not take care of it!"

"Well, you guys, Lin Chen, I said why there was a fight that didn't call us. It turned out that we were going to grab a kiss. How long has it been since you forgot our allure?"

When a group of figures walked into the meeting room of everyone, Lin Chen was shocked!

Everyone from Jianyu is here!