My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1401

Vol 5 Chapter 1401: God What Should It Look Like?

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"It looks handsome, it means to be quick. The speed of this girl is almost catching up with his mother's dressing!"

"Lin Chen, is this the answer you gave us?"

A group of sharp and revealing teams walked in from the gate of Yunding Building, and when they opened the door, their three old and sharp eyes looked directly at Lin Chen!


The bright red hair is flamboyant, and the lady Daimei frowns, blaming the old man.

The three elders headed by are the sword domain three elders who helped Lin Chen!

That Jian Qingcheng, Jian Cheng and others also arrived in Dragon City!

This event, no one of the top forces of all parties will be willing to be absent, a world-wide showdown on the demon list, unparalleled!

"Look at you, speak for this kid before you even go through the door, and you will not be afraid of bullying you when you marry in the future? No, you can't do this!"

Old man Jiansha looked serious, Lin Chen got up and smiled.

"Several seniors laughed, I just made a siege for my good friends. Where did this go?"

Jian Cheng waved and smiled and said, "You don't care, these three old guys are just guilty of the old problem, ha ha ha..."

Lin Chen invited everyone to take a seat, he talked and laughed in the wind, and there was calm and terrible confidence everywhere! It's not like someone who has just made a fuss at night!

"Lin Chen, you must rescue Miss Ye Qingwu!"

Jian Qingcheng's serious look immediately caused the three old men to cough.

"Nizi, why are you talking to outsiders?"

Jian Ming criticized Jian Qingcheng, and the old man of Jiansha looked at the demon with vigilance.

This girl deserves to be the stunner of the country and the people. In a way, it is better than their precious granddaughter Jian Qingcheng! The top ten in the list of evil spirits, not by name.

The little demon then smiled at the sword and fell into the city, extremely charming.

"Thank you, rest assured, I will not rob Lin Chen with you."

Jian Qingcheng shook his head: "Miss Qingwu, I don't mean that. My mother personally left Jianyu when I was a child. I really understand the feeling of cherishing my family, and Miss Qingwu, who is between the two families, must not be Less suffering, so..."

Jian Qingcheng clenched a small pink fist, pretending to look like Lin Chen: "So, if you don't win, I will never let you go!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, but had not yet spoken, but Song Yilian aside said.

"Lin Chen, if you want to expand the hole, there may be something to help you."

She flipped her palms, a glass-colored jade box appeared, and countless dense spiritual threads were entangled, such as the infinite imprint of spiritual possession, and only a glance could make the saint's spirit confused.

"this is?"

Lin Chen was curious, this thing must be a high-level Saint Pill!

"This is one of the two sacred phantoms she made while she was in perfect condition, the seventh-grade sacred prince, the bodhi sacred prince!

The Tsing Yi giant of the Danyu Presbyterian Church smiled and said: "This Dan, when you expand the point at the limit of the spot, the possibility of breaking through the bottleneck is increased, which can help you to further expand the point. The specific expansion can depend on the accumulation of the user. ."

Everyone was shocked!

Qipin Shengdan!

This Danyu Presbyterian Church is really willing!

As strong as the eight-ranking giant ancestor of Wanyan Palace, the seventh-ranking Shengdan is not to say that it can be taken out!

"Take it, it's your remuneration for keeping your master refining medicine in the Presbyterian Church."

Song Yilian threw it to Lin Chen very relaxedly. Although the words were beautiful, but whoever was present did not know, the purpose of others was obvious.

One is optimistic about Lin Chen, and the other is to show favor!

The icing on the cake relationship will always be broken, and the friendship in the snow is the hard bridge of the relationship.

"Is the bodhisattva holy pill, okay, I accepted the kindness of the Presbyterian Church."

Lin Chen accepted the Shengdan extremely cheerfully, and he really needed it.

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully: "I, Lin Chen, only like to let the enemy lose, I don't like to let my friend lose. I have accepted the kindness of the Presbyterian Church, and I will return a surprise gift by then. You will receive it from the Presbyterian Church in Danyu."

The elders of Danyu were taken aback. What did this little guy sell?

The surprise gift that Lin Chen said is of course a life of Science and Protection Dan Sheng! You Xiangshengs relationship in Danyu is not trivial. If he returns, the strength of Danyu Presbyterian Church will surely increase!

Lin Ping'an beside him was flowing crystal clear Harazi, pulling Lin Chen's clothing corner, "What is delicious, show me."

Lin Chen smiled: "This is not for you."

Although Jianyu and others really wanted to ask Lin Chen about going to the holy prison, he finally refrained.

After all, without seeing it with one's own eyes, it is impossible to imagine how a person would have to retreat after diving into the holy prison!

After discussing for a while, all parties got up and said goodbye, and congratulated Lin Chen in advance, or cheered him up.

Lin Chenzheng and the people of Zixia Wanggu stayed together on the same floor.

"Go and go, where are the poor ghosts who can't afford the room rate, and want to stay in Yunding Building?"

In the corridor, a little man was driving the two to leave. It was a plain-haired old man with white hair and two little girls in white, pure and flawless.

"It's convenient for this adult to go first. My husband didn't bring enough Shengyuan coins to go out. Or should I make a debt?"

The white-haired old man smiled kindly, and the little man waved his hands impatiently: "Come on, the store still owes me a note. Have you made a mistake? I don't have time to consume people like you. If you don't get off, I call Someone crushed you out!"

"I'll pay for the old gentleman's expenses, how much."

At this time, Lin Chen and his party came, and Xiao Liu smiled and smiled as soon as he saw everyone's team and good weather.

"Grandpa, this old man wants to stay in our upper room. The cost is one hundred gold sage yuan a day."

Lin Chen waved his hand and paid the fee for the old man. The young man immediately handed over the house license and told him in a good voice.

"Little brother, thank you."

The white-haired old man thanked, Lin Chen nodded with a smile, and was planning to leave with everyone, but Lin Ping looked at the old man and the two girls staring blankly, his expression became more vigilant!

Lin Chen seemed to feel something was wrong. When he broke into Yejia, Lin Ping'an did not even pay attention to the strongman of Yejia, but now he is wary of these three lives!

The white-haired old man looked at Lin Pingan with a sigh, "Oh... it's you, I never thought you would become a complete spirit."

Lin Pingan was suspicious and wary: "Do we... know?"

The old man shook his head: "I don't know, but the old man has seen you."

With just one word, Lin Chen was on alert!

Seen? Very few of the strong men who have seen painful disasters today! What is the origin of this old man?

The old man with white hair noticed Lin Chens abnormality and smiled: "I am not malicious."

"Right, brother, the old man asks you a question."

Lin Chen said quietly: "Senior but no matter what."

The white-haired old man stared at Lin Chen's eyes and suddenly said.

"Little brother thinks, what should God look like."

As soon as this remark came out, the team of Lin Chen and his team suddenly became quiet.