My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1402

Vol 5 Chapter 1402: The Coming Of All Directions Tongtian Tower

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Zi Tianhu and others looked horrified!

In the Holy World, talking about God is taboo!

Is this old man mad?

The white-haired old man has always been kind, but his eyes have become sharper, staring at Lin Chen, and he seems to want to hear his answer.

Lin Chen shook his head.

"I can't answer this question."

"Because I don't believe in God."

The old man with white hair was a little surprised, and then asked, "What does that little brother believe in?"

"This." Lin Chen stretched out his fist. "I only believe in myself and my fist."

The white-haired old man stunned and immediately laughed!

"Hahaha, interesting, interesting. You are a very interesting person, um, old man, I am looking forward to your next performance."

If he gave Lin Chen a meaningful look, the white-haired old man left with two little girls.

The little **** the left asked curiously: "Grandpa, who is better than this little brother and sister."

The white-haired old man and Yan Yuese smiled.

"Naturally, your sister is much more powerful, but after he expands his hole, he may be able to surpass your sister in the future."

The little girl was very surprised, "Wow, this brother is so powerful, can he surpass his sister?"

"Oh, everything is possible. Your sister is a natural genius, but there are people outside the world, there are heavens outside."

"Grandpa, will you continue to tell us the story last time, what happened after Lin Xingchen's fall? What about his family? Didn't he save him?"

"Oh, this problem can make my grandpa and grandpa feel stupid..."


Lin Chen looked at the back of the white-haired old man and wondered.

In the ladder game of the monster list, it is really a hidden dragon and a tiger!

This old man is also an old monster!

It may be even more terrifying than the drunk man!

The night when Lin Chen and others stayed in Yunding Building, the major dragon cities were in full swing!

"Kiyu Linchen, making a big noise at Yejia?"

"After snatching the top ten fabulous demon from Yejia, did you stop the happy event?"

"Both parties made a bet and want to bet multiple points? That's too great!"

"Go for a walk, go and see the Tiantian Tower!"

"I'm not optimistic about this young man, what talent Zhao Mingyu is. The old man had seen it with his own eyes. An elder in the early days of Na Xing Realm couldn't get out of three rounds in Zhao Mingyu's hands. This kid is a real monster, placed in eight It is also the strongest class in Pin Sect!"

"I heard that there is still a handicap, Lin Linchen pays a hundred? Farting, Lao Tzuo Zhao Mingyu!"

"Bah, I'm so Harbin Chen!"

"You studling? Why is he?"

"Just because he looks better than me!"


Lin Chen's trouble with the night family spread all forces within a day. Within the major dragon cities, many forces even rushed to wait outside the Tongtian Tower!

There are not many opportunities to see such fierce confrontation and challenge the demon-like authority in front of the competition!

In some cases, the market started to surround the market, betting on Lin Chen, and betting that he expanded his hole several times.

For a time, the major dragon cities became more lively and rising!

Lin Chen and Zhao Mingyu stood at the cusp of the storm!

Flying Dragon City, an elegant loft.

"Is this the Lin Chen mentioned by the goddess?"

"Hang has a arrogant temper, not enough strength, just a man."

"Nine caves are broken even when they are sanctified, but that's the case. Those who can break the nine caves when they are sanctified are not without them in my Palace of Divine Flame, there is more than one."

"I don't care about this. Potential is potential. Fighting power is fighting power. Moreover, the rules of our Palace of Flames are not to say that a person's fist can be reversed. It must be matched with strong enough forces and sectarian heritage! "

"Even if Lin Chen's point-expanding multiple exceeds that of Zhao Mingyu, he is not qualified to touch the goddess' hair."

The Tianjiao of Shenyan Palace gathers here, and basically disdains this matter.

Only the elegant man smiled and asked the handsome young man in the lobby.

"Oh? Have you seen that Lin Chen? How are you?"

The quirky girl rushed to answer.

"Awesome! I like it a little, but it's a pity not to fight. I want to see how he beats Yejia or was beaten by Yejia people."

The elegant man shook his head and smiled, looking at his brother.

The handsome man nodded, smiling slightly, concisely.

"A person who is beyond common sense turns into a dragon in a storm. This person is a strong enemy."


In the Yunding Building, Lin Chen sat alone in his own closet. Lin Ping was sleeping peacefully next to him, with sweet stains on his icing in his mouth.

Lin Chen turned on the system and clicked on his talent bar.

"System, I'm going to use the orange-level talent enhancer, strengthen, the supernatural possession talent!"

The orange-level talent enhancer, Lin Chen once obtained it, the talent strengthened by this object will be changed dramatically!

The possessor of Extreme God possesses the effects of both passive and active talents. Strengthening this talent is the most effective and direct improvement!

[The system answers the host. The extreme possession is a special talent for growth and cannot be strengthened. Please select a new host.


Lin Chen's mouth was slightly drawn, unable to strengthen? This is not a fake?

After several confirmations, Lin Chen realized that this enhancer can only enhance talents like auxiliary classes, such as: Extinction Fissure, Instant Light Fragmentation, Fatal Life and Death, Super Chaos, or One-Time God, God Killer. talent.

"No matter which permanent orange rank talent is strengthened, you can get different benefits. If you really want to choose, the most likely to kill the enemy is the extinction crack!"

After thinking about it, Lin Chen decided to strengthen the talents of Extinction and Crack!

[Consuming 100 million high-level talent points, the host strengthens the extinction and splits into a talent, and has been upgraded to an orange-level intermediate talent.

[Orange Tier Intermediate Talent, Exterminate Fissure Wounds, consume talent points to launch an additional attack that cannot heal the injury, if the enemy is hit by the defense, the injury continues to multiply and cannot be repaired for a long time.

The injury has expanded and cannot be repaired! The effect of the previous extinction fissures is scary enough to simply make the enemy's injuries irreparable.

Now it will gradually expand with the passage of time, that is to say, once the protracted battle is played, Lin Chen will definitely have the absolute advantage of the protracted battle, unless the opponent is already strong enough that even the defense cannot be broken through!

"Expansion of the acupoint realm and transformation of the condensed aura are just the foundation. This time, I must adjust to the best state. On accumulation, on grinding, on the foundation, and looking at the Holy Realm, not many people can get close to it. I am, except for the talents inferior to those legendary sages, I can finish them all in Lin Chen!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, she showed absolute confidence!

Once you enter the hole-expanding environment, the benefits of hole-expansion are far beyond people's reach!

The passive effect of his supernatural possession: all exercises have a 300% effect!

And Lin Chen's "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" opens up Tai Yi time and space, obtains the perfect virtual holy cave, and adds the passive effect of the possession of the extreme god, then the promotion is four times!

That is to say, Lin Chen's final point-expanding multiple, due to the effect of Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue's mind, will be increased by 4 times!