My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1403

Vol 5 Chapter 1403: Holy Cave Is About To Burst

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Even if Lin Chens final multiple of hole expansion is the same as Zhao Mingyus, 1850 times, then by virtue of the mental effects of the supernatural possession and Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue, his final multiple of hole expansion is 9250 times!

Lin Chen now needs a good rest, ready to go and adjust to the best state!

During the time he dived into the holy prison, he did not take a break, which was a disadvantage for the expansion of the hole.

Expansion of the hole requires the moment when all the saints' spirits and spirits have reached their peak and concentration. Lin Chen's expansion of the hole now is equivalent to'catch the duck to the shelf'.

To complete the best adjustment, then all burst out with the strongest force!

In three days, Lin Chen stayed at home, even recuperating and cultivating all the way, and occasionally read a few easy readings to relax his mind, such as "Time Management", "Extreme Challenge", "My skills all depend on X "Ah, relax completely.

Finally, on the fourth day, Lin Chen came out!

At this time, less than five days left before the ladder race was held!

The Flying Dragon City is packed with people and people, and all the eight ranks of giants have gathered near the Tongtian Tower!

A demon, Tianjiao, was about to walk into the Tongtian Pagoda and prepare to expand the hole, but found that in the center of the Flying Dragon City, there were countless eyes locked to the Tongtian Pagoda.

As soon as he appeared, he was looked up and down by countless powers, which made him a little flattered!

"Is this kid?"

"Isn't it? Although it's quite young, it's far from what I expected."

"What do you look like, this kid is not Lin Chen."

A lot of great powers talk in the void.

"Well, so much can come to see Ben Shao's hole expansion? It seems that they are very optimistic about me!"

The demon Tianjiao laughed well, and a woman beside him sneered.

"You're less stinky, people don't come to see you, you should pay attention to the latest news yourself."

Brush ~!

A stream of laser light arrived, Lin Chen arrived at the entrance of Tongtian Tower.

Countless powerful people who released their spiritual thoughts gazed at Lin Chen's eyes.

Lin Chens entry into the sanctuary was a complete release of spiritual power, and there was no pressure at all, and he walked slowly to the entrance of the Tongtian Tower, causing a lot of powerful surprises!

"This young man!"

"It's him! The old man can't feel the divine power of his holy cave, weird, very weird!"

"Don't you dare to fight Lin Chen with the law enforcement team of the monster list? It seems that there is nothing special about it."


Flying Dragon City, inside a hidden pavilion.

Several masters who mainly run ladder games stood in the lobby, punching the three figures in the dark, respectfully clenching their fists.

"I didn't expect that the three adults would come in person. If you are far away, you will be forgiven."

In the darkness, sitting three phantoms leaning against heaven and earth, preaching.

"We are here this time for one person."

Several powerful people were puzzled and asked, "What are you adults doing?"

"A few days ago, Lin Chen, who challenged the law enforcement team of the Monster List. I heard that he is here too?"


The man who spoke was the drunk man.

"He is about to expand his hole. I have arranged the location of the Tongtian Tower for him..."

The drunk man stopped talking.


The three ghosts were startled.

"Do you want to call him over?"

"No, if this kid has something to do with that woman, we can't easily move him, and let's see how he expands the hole."

After the three exchanged, one of them said seriously.

"Temporarily don't disturb him, let him expand his hole first, and then we will cross-examine him."


Inside the Tongtian Tower, a charming mature woman took Lin Chen's emerald demon order and smiled slightly.

"Mr. Lin Chen, right, Senior Senior Drunk, let us wait for you. We have already prepared the room for expanding the cave at the highest level of the tower, please follow me."

"Okay, Senior Labor."

The beautiful woman leads the way, Lin Chengang wants to step into the Tongtian Tower

"Squad leader!"

When a loud cry came, Lin Chen was shocked and turned to look around.

In the palace in the distance, the Scarlet Fairy led the team, and behind him were all Lin Chen acquaintances!

Everyone in Class 66, Han Ziyun, Ning Qingxuan, Yan Qianyun, Yun Manqing, who hasn't seen it for a long time to visit the Heart Refining Palace, Leng Yueqi, everyone is here!

"Squad leader, you will definitely surpass him!"

"Squad leader, Teacher Yue Qi said he wouldn't mind you making another one, although let go... Yeah, teacher, I'm wrong!"

"Brother, Jun Hao always believes that you can create a miracle! Regardless of his rankings, it will be done!"

"Lin Lang, Mo has to put too much pressure on himself..."

In the face of everyone's cheering, Lin Shuai was so moved, "How is it, why are you all here..."

The crimson fairy gave Lin Chen a wink and smiled and said: "How can your slavery miss your glorious moment. The importance of expanding the hole is the same as mortal sanctification. When you are sanctified, you can burst nine points, How can the hole-expansion be Fanliu, the slave family is still waiting to serve you as the master."

Lin Chen smiled without a word, raised his thumbs to the crowd, and turned to step into the Tongtian Tower!

At this moment, all the powerful people staring at the Tongtian Tower issued a holy force to talk.

"He went in, is he finally coming?"

"You said, how many times can this kid expand his hole?"

"Hey, the ordinary devil is proud, the total expansion of the hole is only 160 times to 200 times, and the expansion of the hole is 400 to 500 times, the talent in the devil, the future promotion of the condensed environment, life and death, and Naxing Realm can be described as broken bamboo."

"Although he dares to fight and dare to fight, he is too prosperous and his talents such as bloodline constitution are average. The old man is not optimistic that he can expand his hole more than 700 times, not to mention monsters like Zhao Mingyu."

"If the hole expansion can be more than 1000 times, it is basically the famous monster talent in the list of demon. Although Zhao Mingyu's little guy is extremely arrogant, he does have the capital to watch most of the devil's arrogance!"

Observing the power of the eighth-ranking sect and seventh-ranking sect of the Ladder Race, almost two-thirds of them came! The purpose is to see how many times this topic teenager can expand the hole!

Even the three high-ranking leaders who had come to the ladder to observe the scene.

Outside Yundinglou, two simple little girls asked curiously.

"Grandpa Grandpa, how many times will he expand his hole? Sister seemed to have 1 hole..."

"Hush." The old white-haired man made a mute gesture.

The old man with white hair looked at the sky above the sky tower again, and a space light screen showed Lin Chen's figure, muttering to himself.

"Grandpa and Grandpa can't see through, this is the first time I have met someone with Grandpa and Grandpa who can't see the cause and effect of destiny..."

Tongtian Tower, the top floor.

The relationship that the drunk man specially asked, let Lin Chen enter the best space secret realm of Tongtian Tower!

Surrounded by a piece of snow, when Lin Chen stepped into the secret space, it seemed that the pores of the whole body were released into an extremely relaxed state, such as the swirling snow-white energy surrounding him, which increased Lin Chens mental perception by many times. !

Like a blunt knife and a rusty blade, it is constantly sharpened and sharpened!

"My spiritual instantaneous speed has increased a lot? This space secret has special energy to stimulate the effect of the Eucharist and spiritual perception. In this state, whether it is enlightenment or practice, you can do more with less, and you can maximize the auxiliary expansion. Cave, very clearly feel the position and power of the holy cave..."

Lin Chen was about to take out the Bodhi Holy Pill, and there were two clicks in his body!

Lin Chen's pupils tremble!

His holy cave is about to burst! !