My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1404

Vol 5 Chapter 1404: No One Expected.

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In a word, turn the water!

Lin Chen didn't need to perceive the location of the holy cave at all. Stimulated by the secret of space, his holy cave could not be sealed, and his desire to burst on the spot!

"Oops, the situation is wrong!"

Lin Chen's face changed slightly, he felt a crisis!

The situation may be beyond his control!

If the power beyond the limit cannot be controlled, there is a price to pay!

The world of desire is like a storm, and the Holy Power that is about to spew out from Lin Chens 30 holy caves tears all the bonds and rushes towards the 31st holy cave!

Outside the sky tower, everyone stared at the light screen in the space.

"Come here! Finally come!"

"Several times, fifty times or one hundred times? Or surpass Zhao Mingyu!"

"Lin Chen, why are you rushing up to Lao Tzu! I stupidly gave you ten thousand gold holy coins!"

"Yeah! What a genius fucking, you must hammer him!"

"The old man came to predict, start a hundred times! Get up to dad!"

"Huh, he can be stronger than Zhao Mingyu"

Sigh~! Bang~!

The space oscillates, the Holy Force fluctuates like a dragon, and the surrounding white light explodes!

Lin Chens 31st holy cave burst away!

Dan Yu, Jian Yu, Qi Yu, Ye Family, Zhao Family, the Heavenly Pride of Shenyan Palace, the evil devil list all the way, all eyes are staring at Lin Chen, fearing to miss a trace of details!

boom! boom! boom!

The 31st sacred cave is shining brightly, with a hexagonal star burst, and the light is brighter than the 30 sacred caves in front of Lin Chen!

Every explosion in the holy cave will cause a wide range of spatial ripples!

As soon as Lin Chen's holy cave burst away, it burst into thirteen times!

"Acupoint expansion has begun, 12 times, 13 times!"

When a strong man exclaimed, Lin Chens 31 holy caves rushed away and blew up 13 times in a row! The fluctuation of Holy Force immediately rushed towards the 32nd Holy Cave!

But then, all the holy power in Lin Chen's body came to an abrupt end!

It seems to disappear!

All the sounds of Flying Dragon City disappeared in an instant! Like the divine force that Lin Chen disappeared!


Weird silence!

what's the situation!

What's so special about this situation!

Many people have predicted many kinds of results, but only, did not expect this scene!

"Hahahaha! Cricket shook the tree, Yelang arrogant!"

To the east of the Dragon City, Zhao Mingyu's wild laughter came from the Lingyue Pavilion of the Zhao Family Packing Field!

It's ridiculous!

The Zhao family shook their heads up and down and laughed!

Yeli Xuedai frowned, even she was unbelievable.

"1...13 times? This young man... is too ridiculous."

Under the sky tower, after waiting for a short time to wait for all the demon Tianjiao to watch a good show, they even laughed down on the spot!

"Wonderful, is he too wonderful? Hahahaha!"

"Thirteen times, the first holy hole has expanded 13 times? My mother, is he a bastard?"

"How did he get on the list of evil demon! The lowest in the list of evil devil is also 15 times the hole expansion? This is probably a fake demon hahaha!"

"No, I'm almost done. I'm going to be killed by this wonderful smile!"

"Do you remember what he said at Yejia? Zhao Mingyu's hole-expanding is several times related to his bird affairs? It really is not his business, he can't even touch the heels of others!"

"The bragging first person, I only serve him Lin Chen."

"Brother is right, brother is right."

The forces of the Dragon City can be described as silence, and the pot was exploded on the spot!

"What do I rely on!"

"Lao Tzu's 20,000 gold sage yuan coins, it's over! The pants are gone!"

"It's awesome, this is it? Lao Tzu can expand his hole 15 times that year. What are you doing, my day!"

"It's so fake, it's too fake!"

"This is a 13 and it's gone?"

The heavenly saints uttered and scolded, and the endless insults and laughter mixed with the divine power, shocked the space to shake, as if to shatter the sky, and drowned the sky tower.

It's a smile!

Lin Chen's dominance and rumors when he broke into the night house are completely two extremes!

The drunk man who was watching from a distance was dumbfounded!

It shouldn't be! How could this be? Lin Chen's demeanor and mood are none other than the demon he has ever seen!

"Did I look away? Even if it is not as good as Zhao Mingyu, it should not be so bad!"

Throughout the legends of the Holy World left by Lin Chen, the Dark Horse Club hides the sky and crosses the sea. At the time of sanctification, it is the sanctification of the shell, the spiritual sanctification, and the cultivation of the sanctification. In the future, the arrogance of the evil spirits list will be more angry, and the law enforcement team against the evil spirits list.

Outside Yunding Building, the white-haired old man with two white-haired little girls narrowed his eyes, and the fingers hidden in his sleeve robe flicked at a rapid pace, predicting Lin Chen's direction.

"It's wrong... Although the old man can't see through his cause and destiny, but the details of this child are more than that."

This time, even the white-haired old man was in trouble!

In the void, the three high-level leaders released spiritual consciousness exchanges.

"It seems that we are looking forward to a show in vain. This Lin Chen should be the one who walked the sword."

"Yes, you see his life fluctuating so young, but the strength of the flesh shell is breaking trillions of dragon powers. I think it should be a physical training wizard, but he is not good at holy cave cultivation."

"Potentiality is potentiality, and the result is the result. Under the astonishing and brilliant characters in history, the contemporary arrogance and demon died so much that I dont know how many. It seems that this Lin Chen can only be regarded as a body training talent at most. Power is my human race avenue."

Under the sky tower.

Everyone from Jianyu and the Presbyterian Church of Danyu and others, witnessed this result, and sweated on the spot!

Shen Lao of the Jade Tower is sinking like water!

Ordinary sages expand the hole, the highest multiple of the first hole expansion, even if the enchanting list is beyond common sense, can break the convention, and the hole expansion can overtake the first time in the future, but the gap will not be too outrageous!

In other words, no matter how much Lin Chen expands the hole in the future, it will be about 13 times, or 20 times in the sky!

This is a total of 150 times the total hole expansion!

Almost from the side, Lin Chen and Yejia's bet has already been a success or failure!

Shen Lao frowned: "What's the matter, according to Lin Chen's background and temperament, even if his talent is not the top, he should not have achieved this result!"

Elder Jian Sha concisely said: "The situation is not right, there must be an accident."

Song Yilian said very positively.

"He must be more than that, there must have been an accident!"

Yue Xin'er on the side was wrinkled, and her disappointment grew stronger.

"Princess Lin Chen, aren't you also those who are bullied by the world, do you only know how to boast? Too disappointing me..."

Only the demon queen and class 66, as well as Leng Yueqi and Ning Qingxuan, Yun Manqing and Yan Qianyun, found Lin Chen's anomaly almost instantly!

"Lin Chen's expression seems painful?"

"The squad leader's appearance is not right, it's not at all like usual at ease!"

At this time, Lin Chen sat in the void, his face twisted a little, and there was a faint color of pain.

"It's okay, he will be able to handle it."

At this moment, Lin Qingping, who had a clear voice, chewed the fruit, and said in a hurry.

Perhaps the most calm person in the audience is her...