My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1405

Vol 5 Chapter 1405: The Last Two Days

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The defeat is settled, Lin Chen lost!

This has almost become an iron fact. The 31st holy cave only expanded 13 times? No matter how hard he tries to turn the tide in the future, he will not be able to create miracles!

Outside the sky tower; many strong men were sulking away with anger.

There are also a lot of people watching the lively people staying, and even find it more interesting, looking forward to what Lin Chen will look after coming out of it.

Many Bapin sects feel like they have been teased!

Ye Family and Zhao Family felt even more humiliation!

Such people also deserve to bet with them?

"It seems that we looked at him too high."

Family Master Zhao laughed casually: "That's fine, our relationship with Yejia, there will be no accidents."

"After a long time, it turned out to be a clown."

When Zhao Mingyu sat back again, he was calm and unruly, and the beautiful maid next to him shook his shoulders.

Ye Lixue narrowed his eyes.

"Things may not be so simple, even if it is 1 in 10,000 possibilities, don't underestimate your opponent, read it first."

Obviously, also noticed the change in Lin Chen's look!

Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!

Under the sky tower.

"Shall we rush in to rescue the squad leader?"

"Bai Junhao, are you crazy, here is the Tongtian Tower, what are you rushing for?"

"Look first, don't worry, the squad leader has turned danger into danger many times. We also have to believe him this time. Blind help will be counterproductive!"

Everyone in Class 66 was in a state of anxiety, and the old Wan Huo in Wan Yan Hall laughed.

"And see the end, I believe in Lin Chen regardless of success or failure."

No one can rescue Qi Feiyan from the rest of the world! Not even the Holy King can do it!

Elder Wanhuo is willing to see it to the end, even more calm than Dan Yu and Jie Tower.

"Are you the only man? The slaves don't believe..."

A faint smile appeared on the beautiful face of the scarlet fairy, waiting quietly.

Jian Qingcheng and the little demon looked at each other and smiled.

As if there was a kind of magical power on Lin Chen's body, after a brief shock, everyone on the boundary tower, Danyu and Qiyu, everyone was waiting for the final result with peace of mind!

Yes, whenever they recalled the first time they met Lin Chen, didnt they start with his incredible deeds? Is there any time he would do something expectedly by others?

During the war against the emperor, he blood-washed the list of geniuses. He even dare to suppress the holy king's prestige. He never bowed his head when facing the will of God.

Even if it is a pill, he has not taken the usual path. Such a character, he will only expand the hole 13 times? Impossible, impossible at all!

Inside the secret space, Lin Chen sat cross-legged.

The pale face was cold and sweaty, and the system's light screen continued to pop up.

Things exceeded his expectations, and the scalp was numb!

When his 31st sacred acupoint entered the state of expanding acupoints, the reason for expanding the acupuncture point only 13 times was not that Lin Chen accumulated enough.

Instead, accumulation is too perverted!

His divine power is too powerful!

It's no exaggeration that the hole-breaking speed is so ridiculous that it can be called the fastest in history!

To what extent did Lin Chens holy strength accumulate? In a nutshell: Lin Chen can only temporarily stop it by madly launching a slow rune to himself!

[Slow runes are being launched continuously, consuming 300 top rune energy, 500 top rune energy, 200 point...]

Lin Chen's top rune energy attribute is rapidly consumed, curbing the massive holy power of the desire to run away!

Don't look at Lin Chen now has more than 6.4 million top rune energy attributes, if you continue at this speed, it will take less than ten days, his rune energy will have to be completely consumed!

"Shengli began to gush out, it is impossible to seal it, there is only one way left!"

Shengli was about to break through Lin Chen's spiritual control and eucharistic body, and his state of mind began to calm down in the middle, looking for the only way to deal with it!

He must control and pull all the directions of the Holy Power.

If next, he can't control the holy power formed by this massive top-level essence, his cultivation will instantly break through the fourfold, fivefold, and even the sixfold saint, life and death!

He is very likely to be the fastest advancement to the Life and Death Realm in the Holy World!

But is it a good thing? Not at all!

Once the hole-breaking speed is too fast, the quality will be lost. The multiple of hole-expanding under high-speed continuous hole-breaking cannot have a high hole-expanding multiple!

If this happens, it will surely cause permanent loss to Lin Chen, because expanding the cave realm and transforming the condensate realm are the two most important basic barriers in the realm of the sage!

"Focus on the whole body, the 31st holy cave has been rushed away, I want to pour all my accumulation into the next 9 holy caves! Control within the range I can control, all the holy power Used for hole expansion!"

Lin Chen, determined to impact the expansion of the cave!

He doesn't even plan to shock the condensed environment, the more solid the foundation is, the real skyrocketing will be when he advances to the life and death realm and the Naxing realm in the future!

This class, as soon as it is brewing, has passed three days!

Within three days, Lin Chen was like an old monk, and he was motionless. The Holy Force seemed to pass away from him. The people inside and outside the Tongtian Tower changed back and forth.

Some evil spirits have successfully expanded their holes by 50 or 60 times, which has attracted many powerful surprises.

There are also more people who disdain and sneer at the teenager in the light screen at the top of the tower.

"Less than two days before the ladder, it seems impossible to reverse."

The drunk old man who stomped in the air sighed, and he still misunderstood people.

After he finished talking, he flew to the Tongtian Tower and planned to pull Lin Chen out of the mysterious territory.


No matter how noisy and noisy the outside voices are, Lin Chens body and mind are sinking into the deep sea.

His consciousness is only focused on the majestic power of that rush!

In these three days, Lin Chen's spirit has sharpened to the peak! But at the same time, his rune energy also consumed more than half!

He has pushed to the limit of his control at this stage!

"The system began to gradually reduce the intensity of the slow runes."

[The number of Slow Rune launches decreases, and the hosts Holy Power begins to lift.

In the holy cave of Lin Chen, horrible fluctuations of holy power began to appear again!

"It's time to let it bloom and bear fruit..."

Lin Chen's mind glanced past the scenes of the past, and then all his experiences and tempering were all turned into the background of his impact on the realm.

In the end, like the rivers and rivers, the sky is swept!

With great concentration of mental power, Lin Chen aimed at the 32nd Holy Cave!

"Second hole expansion, give me, open!"

Lin Chen opened his eyes, the domineering side leaked, and the 31st Holy Point was shining! A divine light penetrates the 32nd holy cave, swallowing the world, sweeping the stars and moon!

The sacred power surged inside the body like an angry dragon over the river, rushing towards the 32nd holy cave unstoppable!

Tongtian Tower outside.

When the drunk man was about to enter the Sky Tower-

Sigh~! Bang ~! !

A loud roar, like an overwhelming heaven and earth, actually took the drunken man back by two steps!

"what happened?"

"No, it's the direction of Tongtian Tower!"

"How is it possible that the Tongtian Tower has never tremored, what's going on?"

When the forces of all parties looked at the Tongtian Tower again, within a light screen, the Holy Light was vast and Sheng Xia soared into the sky!

It is Lin Chen's secret space!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

The terrible burst of holes burst like mountains and rivers, and the wind lingers in the clouds, making a series of explosions like the world wailing!

Fifty times, one hundred times, one hundred and fifty times! Still climbing unstoppable!

All the strong men who noticed the change of vision were dumbfounded!