My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1406

Vol 5 Chapter 1406: Lin Chen Who Fought Back

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Chapter 1406, Lin Chen who fought back!

Sudden changes and momentum shocked everyone!

"Wait... wait, it's Lin Chen's position!"

"My God, how many times did he just burst!"

"Two hundred, two hundred times!"

"No, it's more than that, it's far more than that! He is still expanding the hole, and the 32nd holy hole has not been completely expanded!"

"300 times!"

Yejia, Zhaojia, and even all the eight rank sect powers, when reacted, instantly dumbfounded!

What happened to this kid? After three days of accumulation, it suddenly broke out?

boom! boom! boom!

The shocking explosion sound came out through the space light screen, making the Tongtian Tower appear to be crumbling and violently shaking for the first time!

Lin Chens 32nd holy cave exploded five hundred times in a row! Expand the hole 500 times!

More and more powerful people reacted, but he just started to erupt now?

"The squad leader is finally breaking out!"

"I knew he wouldn't end like this!"

Everyone in Class 66 was ecstatic, waving his arms and cheering for Lin Chen!

The eruption of the Holy Force Jing Tian Lai, such as the world storm that swept the stars, concentrated a little eruption at once, and this explosion of Holy Force gradually increased and became more and more violent!

boom! boom! boom!

The space inside Lin Chens 32nd holy cave has exploded in succession, and the holy space it contains has expanded hundreds of times over the previous holy cave!

After the 32nd Holy Cave broke through 700 times, the hexagonal star burst appeared in Lin Chen's body!

The powerful people of the eight ranks of sects took a breath of air!

Many strong men even go crazy, with a look of horror and doubt!

what happened? what's the situation!

A single hole expansion has reached 700 times!

"Brush... set a new record..."

"His mother, what happened? The old man hasn't relieved himself yet, this... this kid has expanded his hole 700 times!"

"No one can exceed 350 times in a single hole-expanding multiple in the records of the Monster List!"

"This kid is more than twice the record!"


The entire Dragon City was chaotic in a hurry, and those forces who wanted to disperse, once again focused on the Tongtian Tower!

In the Lingyue Pavilion, the Master Zhao stood up!

Zhao Mingyu was even more holy, squeezed the wine glass in his palm, the wine was all over his body, and his proud face was unbelievable!

"700 times? How is it possible?"

Ye Lixue's cold and beautiful cheeks seemed calm but quietly clenched her red lips.

"Don't you be able to make a comeback at this point..."

Under the sky tower.

Wan Huo old man groaned.

"Oh, is that the case?"

Dan Yu Presbyterian Church and Shen Lao at the Jie Tower reacted at the same time, his face ugly.

Song Yilian responded very quickly and his voice fell: "Lord Huo Huo means that Lin Chen Xing Xu was like the demon Chu Jingyun one hundred thousand years ago. Is the expansion of the hole too violent and over the head?"

One hundred thousand years ago, there was a demon who attacked the cave-expanding area and broke the 31st holy cave at the cost of condensing vitality, expanding the cave 99 times, making a sensation!

But at that time, the demon was instantly white-headed, his life was exhausted, and the hole expansion was almost several times each time. The final ten times of hole expansion was only more than 100 times, and the end was extremely miserable!

"Yes..." Elder Wanhuo nodded, staring intently at Lin Chen's direction.

What everyone worried about was the fear of recurrence of the tragedy and Lin Chens excessive effort to concentrate everything on the second acupoint expansion. Thats the second Chu Chuyun!

The same is true of other great powers. They are more or less reminiscent of the "Chu Jingyun" of the year, and at this time they focused all their eyes on Lin Chen.

However, this seems to be just a gust of wind before the storm!

In the secret area of space, Lin Chen's mouth slightly raised, and he snapped his fingers with a snap!

brush! brush! brush!

Six phantom avatars, all appear!

"The next is the real beginning, the system, continue to reduce the slow runes!"

Lin Chen's aspirations rose, and all the avatars and the body controlled the holy power of the horizontal push plane, and rushed into the 33rd holy cave together!

Sigh~! Boom~! Bang Bang Bang!

A burst of holes is like tearing the sky, the sun and the moon are dark, flying sand and rocks. The entire territory of the secret space is like a destructive force that has been detonated and shaken!

100 times, 300 times, 600 times!

When the Nine-Colored Holy Light passes through the light screen, all the powerful people in the whole Dragon City are shocked!

Lin Chen is not the second Chu Jingyun! His accumulation is more powerful than before!

Lin Chens third hole expansion was unstoppable, such as the thunderous wind, rushing away the 33rd holy hole, and the potential of breaking the bamboo exceeded 1,000 times! The tower shook violently, and the space continued to ripple!

"One... one thousand and one hundred times!"

The mighty power of the Eighth Rank Force is horrified!

"He used three times to expand the hole, almost equalized Zhao Mingyu's original hole expansion multiple!"

1100 times + 700 times + 13 times, only three times to expand the hole, Lin Chens total hole expansion reached 1813 times!

"Zhao Mingyu is 1850 times, and the gap between the two sides is only 37 times! It's not over yet, this boy's breath is still long and strong!"

Several eight-pin powers have bright eyes, good fellow, he has been brewing for the past three days!

All the Zhao family went up and down, their eyes were split, and they clenched their fists and stared at Lin Chen!

Inside the secret space.

"It's not over yet, the show is only now!"

Lin Chen shouted suddenly, stood up suddenly, and started the Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue. The strong divine power was born like a billion dragons, and he was so desperate that he broke through the 34th holy cave!


A blast exploded directly through the secret territory of his space!

The Nine-Colored Holy Light is flying like countless gods, traveling through the void and smashing the sky!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The endless explosions shook the sun and the moon and shocked all the mighty!

The 34th holy cave opened in response to the explosion, and it exploded continually for 1400 times!

Under the Tongtian Tower, Dan Yu, Jie Tower and others almost cheered, and Class 66 was even more excited!

The little demon smiled and charmed the peerless.

"Sure enough, no one in this world can guess you..."

At this moment, many dragons of the Dragon City stood up!

The devilish arrogance of Lin Chen who mocked Lin Chen before opened his mouth slightly, if he saw a ghost...

The expressions of the powerful men of all roads are surprisingly consistent, and their faces are full of incredible!

"1400 times...the fourth time to expand the hole, 1400 times!"

"Beyond, he surpassed Zhao Mingyu!"

"Zhao Mingyu is a fart now!"

"The total hole expansion is now 3213 times! It's terrible. Since ancient times, how many people in the entire list of evildoers have exceeded three thousand times!"

At this moment, the powerful bodies of all parties were born one after another and turned into a stream of light.

The sky is full of powerful saints! As many as dozens of people! All are the strong of the eight ranks sect!

They all came to observe Lin Chen's expanding hole in person, no longer in the form of thought!

"It's not over yet, he's still calm and relaxed! There's more to do here!"

"He has 6 more hole expansions, which is terrible. How many hands did he hide!"

The forces of all parties exploded almost like crazy!

Jedi counterattack from Lin Chen!

The history of enlarging the hole in the monster list will be rewritten from now on!

This hole expansion can be described as ups and downs like never before!

No one expected that Lin Chen would start with only 13 times!

But what he didn't even think of was that when he really exerted his strength, he actually turned against the sky to refresh the single hole expansion multiple of the demon list!

There are 6 holes remaining!

Where will history lead?

Everyone, wait and see, and wait for the final result!