My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1407

Vol 5 Chapter 1407: Unprecedented Hole Expansion

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Chapter 1407, Unprecedented Hole Expansion!

Under the sky tower, when Class 66 waited for someone to ecstatically shout, Yue Xin'er's hands gently covered his red lips, staring staringly at the light screen in the void.

"No wonder... no wonder his people believe in him till the end, Lin Chen, what is this man..."

The drunk old man in the void tugged his fists, and his eyes were right!

"1400 times, where can this little guy go..."

Everyone was looking forward to it. The eight powers near Feilong City even responded faster than one, and gathered in Feilong City one after another!

Inside the secret space;

Lin Chens 34 sacred caves are like the most dazzling stars in the world, and the sway of the divine power just like the wind and the horses, the hurricane sweeps!

Starting from 32 holy caves, each holy cave is like opening up a new world. The new holy cave can accommodate more holy power, making Lin Chen's holy power cultivation completely changed qualitatively!

What's more terrifying is: Tai Yi's time and space at Lin Chen's Dantian, spinning the same hexagon star star!

The holy cave of Taiyi Space-Time is stronger than the holy cave of Lin Chens body!

"This is the expanding cave, what a powerful divine force..."

Lin Chen's mind is wonderful, then, urge the system again, and reduce the use of slow runes again!

Bang ~~!

The holy force fluctuations of the horizontal push plane suddenly exploded. When the six avatars sat in town, the endless violent holy force, like the tamed dragon, made Lin Chen aim at the position of the 35th holy cave and broke it in one fell swoop!

Bang ~! Bang~! boom! boom! boom!

The trend of breaking holes, like landslides and tsunamis, is falling apart!

Lin Chens 35th holy cave was completely exploded. The space of the holy cave was like a new chaos, and a brand new holy force poured into it.

The plane was trembling, and the sacred light exploded from Lin Chen's body, with nine lights and a thousand blasts, which throbbed every saint's heart!

They seem to be witnessing the birth of the new history of the demon list!

1000 times, 1500 times, with the last explosion of the holy hole, Lin Chen's fifth hole expansion ended successfully!

The entire Dragon City, only silence and terrified left!

2000 times!

Lin Chen's fifth hole-expanding reached 2,000 times the horror of the world!

In the Lingyue Pavilion, with a bang, the jade cup broke.

For the first time, the extremely experienced Zhao Family Master appeared dull, staring at Tongtian Tower with a look of dementia, without the domineering of the past!

He had the honour to have seen evil wizards more powerful than his son, but he had never seen such an outrageous boy!

At this time, Lin Chen's total point expansion has reached 5,213 times!

Zhao Mingyu stood in front of the window sill, his eyes were covered with blood, his lips were bitten, and the blood burst.

He, who has always claimed to be a peerless demon, is a bit hysterical at this time, unbelievable!

Lin Chen's expansion of only one holy acupuncture point this time exceeded his Zhao Mingyu's multiple of ten total acupoint expansions! !

Even more terrifying is that this kid has five opportunities to expand his hole!

What is peerless arrogance, in front of him Lin Chen, not even a fart!

"Under the sky, how can there be such an outrageous amount of hole expansion..."

Zhao Mingyu's eyes broke, his divine power filled, and shattered the void!


Inside the secret space; Lin Chen's mouth is rising wildly!

He is already familiar with and able to withstand the divine power of expanding caves!

Next, he wants to play bigger!

"System, directly release me from all slow runes!"

Bang ~! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Lin Chens holy cave burst into a burst of gold-iron collision!

The holy power that broke through nine days and ten places was finally released!

From the beginning of entering the holy prison, Lin Chen has broken through the holy prison. All the accumulation, all the grinding, all the accumulation, all liberation, all the shackles, and they are instantly detonated!

His 30 holy caves burst out with more violent momentum and rushed out!

Lin Chen didn't need to control it at all, and the Holy Power, like hundreds of millions of dragons, crashed into the 36th Holy Cave!

Sigh~! boom! The holy cave burst away and exploded! After the Holy Caverns exploded one after another to form new chaos, they were filled with endless Holy Power and burst into madness!

Lin Chens body and the six avatars operated their mind simultaneously, opening up the 36th Holy Cave in one fell swoop!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's sixth hole-expanding, straight through 2700 times!

But it's not over yet!

Losing the holy power of the slow rune, such as the wild horse that is untied, such as the flying dragon, like the great holy man who took off the gold hoop, soaring into the sky! Sprint to the 37th holy cave!

The explosion of the Holy Force, which changed the color of the earth and earth, exploded the planes of the mysterious realm into the sky. The drunk man seemed to feel the shocking Divine Force, and was shocked!

"Lao Chen, Feng Lao, Kuai, forcibly cut off all the evil spirits that are expanding the hole! Pull everyone out!"

The two seniors in the Tongtian Tower were very quick-sighted, and when one in ten of them could not breathe, they waved their sleeves and instantly cut off the evil spirits that are expanding in the other secret realms of the Tongtian Tower!

When the evil spirits in the brewing hole expansion were cut off, they looked dumbfounded!

"what's the situation!"

"I'm about to break out, don't **** me!"

"I am black!"


The drunk man grasped the void with both hands, pulled across the sky, moved the plane, and moved all the evil spirits out of the sky tower!

When I just pulled the person out-

Bang ~! Oh~!

The bombing that blew through the sky and earth shook the sky tower!

Tianjiao, the film's demon list, is screaming and crazy!

All the mighty breathers!

The Tongtian Tower, one of the holy places in the Heavenly Sanctuary, has never fallen down since ancient times. Now it has been blown to the tip by a young mans cave!

Where is this monster!

boom! boom! boom!

The point of expanding the hole is like a broken bamboo. Lin Chens 37th holy hole was washed away. Sheng Xia passed through the light screen of the space and spilled thousands of miles, exploding 3500 times in a row!

The seventh hole expansion, 3500 times! !

In the secret territory, the six avatars are like stars holding the moon, standing around Lin Chen, and mobilizing their minds together!

Lin Chen looked at the sky with a long roar!

"The eighth time to expand the hole, give me, open!"

The divine power is like a real dragon dance, like thousands of planes sinking together, like the world and the sun and moon evaporating together, and instantly flows into the 38th holy cave!

boom! boom!

In the secret area of the space, on the spot, it was blown to the point where the plane was broken, Lin Chen vigorously broke 3 holes!

This time, there were 4,500 explosions!

His 38 holy caves, glowing with the sun, moon, and stars, gave the strong illusion that he was a Na Xing realm cultivation practitioner!

Outside the sky tower, all the evil spirits in the enchanted list on the scene were staring, staring at the light screen of the space, which looked like the ordinary back of the gods. That is the high mountain they can't cross in this lifetime!

The demon of the Palace of Gods Flame, the expression is more exciting!

The Zhao family pulled all their pants!

The old man with white hair showed a rare smile of excitement.

Dan Yu and Jian Yu shouted the name of Lin Chen!

The eighth hole expansion, 4500 times!

Eight times total hole expansion multiple: 15913 times!

Whether it was shocked by the expansion of the hole, or the power of the Eighth Rank Sect, or the old predecessors who hosted the ladder competition-

At this moment, all power is completely crazy!

What kind of benevolence, righteousness and wisdom, and what kind of state of mind to cultivate for knowledge, all see ghosts!

No one can keep calm, and everyone roars like crazy!

"Holy genius, peerless genius came!"

There are also the last two hole expansions!

After today, no one knows the king in the 100,000 Dragon City of Heavenly Sanctuary!