My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1408

Vol 5 Chapter 1408: Blasted Sky Tower

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Chapter 1408, Blasted Sky Tower!

"The sage came to the list of evil spirits! Throughout the ages, the Holy World has hundreds of millions of epochs. There will be no arrogance of the evil spirits, which can be compared with this son!"

"This son must be the current sage!"

"Shencai list, there must be Lin Chen!"

"Once the cave has been expanded into a real dragon, no one in the world knows the king!"


The three high-level executives in the void are horrified and horrified. The potential of this child has already surpassed the enchantment list!

On the top floor of Lingyue Pavilion, Mrs. Ye Family, Ye Lixue, that cool and gorgeous face, under the calm expression, her red lips tremble, and there is an unshakable shock!

Talented? Impossible, absolutely not that simple!

Acupoint expansion is based on the life accumulation of the sage. Unless it is a holy baby, it is not something that talent can accomplish overnight!

"What is this young man's origin? What did he experience? He must have done some terrifying things. He died for nine years, put the dead to the end, and brought the accumulation of spirit and the grinding of the soul to an unprecedented level. !"

In Ye Lixue's shock, there was unprecedented doubt!

She can't think of it!

She has no thoughts at all. She is as strong as the Ye Family Lady, who is in charge of the eight-pin family. She racked her brains and played three times without any ideas!

In the end, what kind of apocalyptic things have to be experienced in order to achieve such an accumulation of apocalyptic, a hole can be broken a thousand times!

Create an ambush in a special period? Or sneak attack to kill Na Xingjing?

Go deep into the special dangerous plane? Or encircling and suppressing demons?

All these ideas were rejected! Because these are simply impossible to achieve such a domineering accumulation, with her experience of Ye Lixue, she can't think of a hint of possibility!

Because this is simply not something that people can do!

The hole has been expanded ten thousand times. From ancient times to the present, only the sacred "Holy Infant" of the Holy Realm can do it!

Under the sky tower, besides the ecstasy of Qiyu and others, only the old man of ten thousand fires and the three elders of Jianyu and Jiancheng revealed thoughtful and even terrified expressions!

That's right, why Lin Chen's accumulation is so against the sky! There is only one possibility!

Holy Prison! He really went to Holy Prison!

Moreover, it is very likely that the goal has been achieved! If not, there is no such accumulation!

"This kid...really, really went to Holy Prison!"

"Sword God is on top, what a monster young man..."

"This granddaughter-in-law, overturning the sky... Is Allure worth him..."

There is no doubt that once Lin Chen is out of the customs, as long as he does not die in the future, he will go to any domain, and he will definitely be the leader in the future!

Inside the secret space; Lin Chen is full of spirits, bathed in endless light, and looks like a god!

Lin Chen's palm turned, and the bodhichitta appeared!

He swallowed the entrance instantaneously, the six avatars were refining their minds, and the energy of the majestic rotation of the heavenly river was incorporated into all the holy caves, which further raised the background of his expanding cave!

Lin Chen's accumulation is about to be exhausted for the last two points.

He wants to use all his cards at the end!

With Lin Chen's current cultivation as the foundation and the horror of the Taichi tactics, there are six avatar blessings, refining a bodhisattva sacred pill, it is simply a familiar journey!

"The ninth holy cave, let me open together!"

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The endless explosion of cavities spread all over Zhoutian, sweeping all directions!

The plane realm was blown to pieces!

All the powerful look horrified!

This time to expand the hole, the momentum is longer than any previous time! 5600 bursts in a row!

The ninth hole expansion, 5600 times! The total multiple directly exceeds 20,000 times!

The little girl in white next to the white-haired man waved a little pink fist and jumped with joy.

"Wow, this brother is so good, he surpasses his sister!"

The white-haired man glanced in the eyes, as if to see the void!

"It's not over yet, he is still preparing for the last time!"


In the secret territory; Lin Chen's mind fell silent, and the remaining bodhi sacred pill was condensed out!

Now, he can already perfectly control the remaining top-level essence of the holy power!

This time, his consumption is about to be wasted!

If you forcibly punch the hole, the result may not be as good as the 9th hole expansion!

Past scenes; past his mind.

When he broke into the holy prison, he fought with many powerful men, when he overthrew the 16th floor of the holy prison, he slaughtered a large area, and he died when he was separated from the devil.

These experiences have polished his mind and fighting spirit time and time again!

"In terms of accumulation alone, the Holy Realm may not be able to find a second person who can have the same accumulation of me when the Holy Realm is triple."

Lin Chen's eyes were sharp and sharp, domineering and leaking, and he looked at the world!

On accumulation, he was alone and broke into one of the horrific forbidden places in the Holy Realm, Holy Prison! With the talents of the rebellious, the master of the prison, the destruction of the demons, the instant killing of a large number of high-level saints, the top strong, and the eighteenth through the holy prison!

Throughout the ages, which heavenly arrogance in the Holy Realm has had such a strong accumulation?

On the tempering, the triple destruction of life and death, holy star, and even the state of mind, such as picking grass and mustard!

Even the Devil Emperor's avatar, the ten top-level Saint Demon Kings are also destroyed in his hands. Under the world, which demon sage can have this kind of tempering?

The answer may be, no one!

It can be said that Lin Chen's state of mind fighting has been tempered to an unprecedented level, this time expanding the hole, the sky is seamless, and is gaining momentum!

"Extreme possession!"

Lin Chen shouted a long time, and the avatar and the body worked together. When running the mind, the talent point suddenly decreased, and the "Extreme Possessed Body" talent that had been gaining momentum for a long time appeared, and a godlike figure of the highest shore emerged from behind, launching [Kongfa Variation] Effect!

"Rush to the final peak! Ares four-piece suit, come!"

Brush ~! Four golden radiances came to the world, the ultimate armor and leg armor of the God of War suit were all added up, and the pure power of Lin Chen drove in a straight line!

Unstoppable breakthrough of 10 trillion dragon power, 50 trillion dragon power, 100 trillion dragon power!

All the dragon power is turned into the power of his 40th holy cave!

This is his final hole card!

If the previous hole-expanding shows the two big cards, first, the set attributes must be insufficient, and second, the remaining top essence cannot support the 10th hole-expanding!

Then, he will miss the most complete moment of the center of his life and hit the hole, and then hit it again, it will no longer be as seamless as this time, perfect and flawless!

Lin Chen is going to use this momentum and rush to reach the highest peak of expanding the hole!


The prestige of the invincible God of War came to heaven and earth, nine heavens and ten earths, covered with the golden light of the God of War!

"Then... what is that!"

"No, no good! Hurry to protect near the Tiantian Tower!"

Many powerful scalp exploded!

They felt that there was a force enough to threaten Lin Chen's body.

More than a dozen powerful people grabbed the void with both hands and opened the space blockade at the same time!

A golden awn, looted from Lin Chen's heavenly spirit cover, condensed all the divine power, and rushed towards the 40th holy cave!

Bang ~! boom!

The top of the Tongtian Tower was directly exploded!