My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1409

Vol 5 Chapter 1409: All Living Beings In The World Into My Eyes.

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Chapter 1409: All living beings in the world, into my eyes.

Sigh~! Bang~!

With a bang, the air waves destroyed and decayed, and the wind and the remaining clouds blew up the entire space secret, and the entire Dragon City quake violently!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A lot of spiritual consciousness wakes up!

This time, expanding the hole shocked all the top powerhouses in the 100,000 Dragon City in the Heavenly Sanctuary. They opened their eyes and looked in the direction of the Flying Dragon City, their eyes were horrified!

Lin Chen, the 10th hole expansion, directly shakes the entire Dragon City!

The last time to expand the hole, like the might of the God of War, swept the heavens!

The overwhelming golden radiance sprinkled with the dragon city. As the **** of war came, Shengli blasted Lin Chens 40th holy cave and opened up a brand new holy cave space!

In the Dragon City, many powerful forces joined hands to stabilize the space, which did not allow the sound of the hole expansion to spread too much.

The top of Tongtian Tower, a series of burst holes, completely exploded the top of Tongtian Tower!

The powerful of all parties stared staringly at the smoke from the top of the tower, the inner storms and waves, the unprecedented shock!

They can never believe it unless they feel it for themselves!

Even if the facts are in front of you, it is so dreamy!

The blast of the previous burst of holes has rang for ten thousand times!

In other words, Lin Chen's tenth hole expansion reached an unprecedented 10,000 times!

All the consumption and accumulation of Lin Chen was finally completely squandered at this moment, and ended perfectly!


Heavenly Sanctuary, a plane of a dragon family, a barren cemetery.

The three-headed eighth-order top sacred dragon fell in the pool of blood, and the corpses were like mountains.

The indifferent young man in white puts his sword into his sheath, and his weapon is Yu Xuan'ang, and his eyebrow is stern, but the pair of golden eyes are not like the ordinary people. If he has a sword-like sword, he pierces the sky and is undefeated!

A jet of air breaking through the clouds shook the sky, and he suddenly looked in the direction of the Heavenly Sanctuary.

"This Holy Force fluctuates..."

The golden pupil's eyes narrowed.

Buzz~! At this time, the ancient mirror at his waist flashed, and the golden pupil opened the ancient mirror, and there were only eight characters on it-Quick Return to God RealmComplete Acupoint Expansion!

"She brought me back to God Realm?"

When Jintong Youth was surprised, he was preparing for action, and the five-color sword qiang behind him was completely out of the sheath!

Bang ~! The sword is wrapped around the five-color clouds, the light is bright, and the sharp edge is pointing in the direction of the appearance of the Holy Power, which is the direction of the Heavenly Saint Domain and Lin Chen's expanding the hole!

"Huh? Five Emperors, do you mean, let me go?"

The look of Jintong Youth was surprised, and Wudijian's perception was often very accurate.

Right now, his injury has just recovered completely. Should he follow the sword's induction to go in that direction and find out?

"It's important, it's important to return to God Realm. If you can completely exchange blood, no matter what is over there, there can be nothing in the future, which can stop me Lin Xingchen. The first genius of God Realm is my Lin Xingchen after all!"

With one stroke of one hand, the sword was resheathed, and it shook out a cloud of five-colored light, the light trembling, and finally, the sword calmed down.

He jumped and disappeared into the void.


Heavenly Sanctuary!

After a long time.

At the top of the Tongtian Pagoda, a sacred dragon is lying, and Shen Jun is extraordinary.

Above the dragon's head, stood upright and stood upright.

The silver robe hunts and dances, dances with the wind, the young man's hair is light and rooty, handsome and elegant, his hands are hugging his chest, the corner of his mouth is raised, and the cynical smile is hanging as always, the clouds are light and windy, and his eyes overlook the living beings!

Forty holy caves like the stars are shining, glowing with the most terrifying expansion of holy power in the holy realm in history, unparalleled in ancient and modern times!

When the wolf smoke spread out, above the top of the overturned tower, all the arrogance list Tianjiao looked up at the figure, as the highest point in the history of the demon list!

"That's it, the cave-expansion is complete..."

Lin Chen's eyes swept, overlooking the Flying Dragon City, looking into the void, the power of that individual race, staring into the distance, the spirit of exiting the border, no trace of timidity!

All living beings in the world, into my eyes!

Those who used to be able to conquer him only with the help of the killer, those who had once been so powerful and proud of the Holy Realm, now it seems that this is not the case!

Staring at the nine-colored holy light flowing in the palm of his hand, Lin Chen's heart flew forward, and there was an illusion that the hands were turned upside down, and the stars were picked up in the hands!

What would happen if he used the practice of "Tear of Tears" with his current practice?

"No, this is not an illusion! Nowadays, there are not many people in the entire Dragon City who can threaten me. The vast Holy Realm, many dangerous places and planes, I can come to Lin Chen, and I can go!"

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, the Holy Dragon flew down, he landed in the Tongtian Tower, and the stunned drunk man smiled.

"Then, Senior, I'm sorry. I seem to have used too much force to expand the hole. I lifted the Tongtian Tower, and let's discuss how to lose it."

Expanding the hole too hard! Lifted the Tiantian Tower? I am afraid that Lin Chen alone can speak out!

"You're more than a bit, you are too much..."

The drunk old man is awe-inspiring. After this son, he will surely move the 36th domain of the Holy Realm!

Lin Chens previous achievements are still not enough to be placed above the Eighth Rank Sect, but now, in the entire Holy Realm, no force can ignore him!

Lin Chen's nine times of acupoint expansion is 21513 times!

And the last time to expand the hole, it has reached 10,000 times astonishing earth and earth, beyond all the existence of the evil spirit list!

Ten times total hole expansion: 31513 times!

The demon list is in front of him, it is awful!

The power that can explode in the expanding cave alone exceeds 15 trillion dragon power! This force is enough to shake the seventh realm of Sacred Realm and accept the Star Realm!

Once this child is promoted to condensed environment, that kind of combat power is really unparalleled in the world!

Expansion of the cave realm equals Naxing Realm! This is probably the most terrifying saint in the Holy World ever!

"Mr. Lin Chen, can you come together? The person who is the Saint King Domain, this time, I want to ask you something."

In the void, those three powerful voices to Lin Chen.

"Oh? Three open worlds?"

Lin Chen said nothing, he smiled at everyone, "Wait a minute, I will go back when I go."

Lin Chen's figure flashed a little, and the divine power was slightly diffused, so he looked like a jumping space and swept straight for nine days.

Just after Lin Chen went, the entire Dragon City was boiling!

"Too strong, 30,000 times the hole!"

"It's thirty-one thousand and five hundred times! It's too scary for the goddamn, the ordinary demon list, can't even compare his fractions!"

"The gods are mortal! This child is truly invincible!"

The forces of all parties discussed the sky and clashed.

"Zhao Mingyu has lost the first round, what about the second round? This year's ladder competition has to be watched!"

"No, you are too blindly optimistic. Potential is potential, combat power is combat power. Lin Chen couldn't win Zhao Mingyu before he expands the hole, Zhao Mingyu is the life and death realm!"

"Once Lin Chen was promoted to condensate the environment, he did go against the sky, but he only expanded the acupoint now. The gap between the two still exists."