My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1410

Vol 5 Chapter 1410: First Line Life?

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"Don't forget, Zhao Mingyu can explode more than 22 trillion dragons of lethality when he is consummated in Hua Ning, not to mention that he is now a life and death situation!"

"Yes, according to Lin Chen's multiple of hole expansion, his strength is between 15 trillion and 16 trillion, and the battle between him and Zhao Mingyu still has to fight."

"Let me say that Yejia is the blood loss. After releasing such a character as Lin Chen, wouldn't Yejia lose money afterwards?"

"Tell him so much, quickly, lose money! I just bet Lin Chen 20,000 gold holy yuan coins, you don't want to run!

"Hahaha, one hundred compensation, the old man has turned over!"

Under the Dragon City, it has never been more lively!

The arrogance of the monster list, the group of people who previously mocked Lin Chen, wished to find a ground seam to get in!

Not even the others' point-expanding fractions are comparable, dare to mock? Isn't this just beating yourself!

But more evildoers are, dignified!

Whether it is the old-style life-and-death enchantment, or the newly-increased condensed environment Tianjiao, the expression on his face is extremely solemn!

"Demon List, it's going to change..."


Tens of thousands of feet above the sky; Lin Chen faced the power of the three human races.

He was not surprised, walking slowly and steadily in the void, as if to come to discuss, to talk about common things. The courage is so strong that even the power of the three open world levels can not help but sigh!

A peerless demon, the potential and heart of this son, they can't pick out the second one on the list of demon evils that can match this son!

"What you want to ask is the matter of the Witch Empress, right?"

As soon as Lin Chen spoke, he told the three powerful things he wanted to question.

That's right, Lin Chen can now involve the things that the top human race can pay attention to, only the things that contact Luo Yaoer.

Unless, the other party discovered that he had infiltrated the holy prison, but Lin Chen was confident that he could hide it completely.

And, let him go out and say that no one will believe that he really infiltrated the holy prison, a young man with four levels of holy realm, no matter how strong the potential is, how can he touch the terrible area of the holy prison.

"Well, it seems that you are a smart person. We want to know your relationship with her. Whether she will attack our human race, or if you have any intelligence on her, I hope you can take these , All tell us that this is for your own good, but also for the people around you."

The young woman headed by the charm smiled slightly. She was graceful, her skin was crystal clear, and she had a pair of beautiful eyes. She stared straight at Lin Chen, and her gentle eyes seemed to see through all of him.

She knew that this child was a soft eater but not a hard eater. If he insisted on oppressing him, the result would be counterproductive.

"Everyone is afraid to run for nothing, because I..."

Lin Chen smiled at random: "Because I have no comment."

Bang ~! Flying Dragon City was high in the sky, and the wind and the clouds changed abruptly. A white-haired old man unconsciously tampered with his palm and said with a smile.

"Young man, I will give you another chance to organize your language."

Lin Chen stepped up, the Holy Light circulated, and actually stood in front of the powerful man, laughing casually.

"I said it, no comment. Why, if you don't agree, just come and do it?"

Extremely crazy!

This young man is almost crazy!

"Don't you think that you can fight against us by expanding your hole 30,000 times? Or, you think you have the devil behind you to support you, you can be unscrupulous?"

Another Tsing Yi man shook his head: "Young people, don't underestimate our means, maybe we can't move you in a short time, but you don't need to put too much effort on one finger to destroy the people around you."

Lin Chen's face was calm and his voice was unusually dull.

"Then you can try it. If you destroy me alone, I will destroy your family."

The three of them suddenly became gloomy, and the atmosphere was particularly deadlocked!

They did not expect that this kid would be so tough!

In all fairness, Lin Chen did not think that he could compete with Kaitian after expanding his hole. This is Yelang arrogance!

But the other party wants to explore his bottom, and wants him to betray Luo Yaoer, there is absolutely no possibility, the only possibility is to die in the end!

Lin Chen's character has always been like this.

Even if he is desperate, he can make the other party pay enough!

The big deal made him anxious, backhanded a slow rune, and then allowed Lin Ping'an to liberate the painful suffering, and he would have to lose his skin when he opened the sky!

"Oh, why talk so stalemate. Some things will come, they will come and go, cause and effect, cycle of cause and effect."

At this time, the old man's laughter interrupted the silence on both sides!

What did the three mighty think of, the pupil shrank!

I saw that an old man came along the auspicious cloud, beside him were two pure and flawless girls in white, smiling and looking at the three.

"Yes... it's you?"

The three powers are overwhelmed!

Even the old senior came?

Lin Chen was surprised that this old man was like the old man he helped in Yunding Building!

"Go back and tell you the forces behind you, you don't need to trace this little guy anymore. The old man can't find his bottom, can you be better than the old man?"

The white-haired old man smiled naturally, but made the three people's expression more exciting!

Don't even know this senior has shot?

What the **** is this kid? The demon clan arranged the spies of their clan? Or is there another beginning?

"Both... since this is what seniors said."

"Okay, the predecessor has been born, then there is nothing for us here."

"I must report truthfully, I hope seniors, don't be selfish."

The three of them clenched their fists deeply, with a little dread and awe in their eyes. This predecessor is one of the treasures of the world's holy people!

The mathematician works like no other!

After the three powerful retreats.

"Thanks to the senior for his help, the boy is very grateful."

Lin Chen gave a hand, he could feel that the old senior was not malicious.

"Don't thank me, the old man has done his part. There is still a painful disaster around you. If these three people make you anxious, the old man will be hard to do."

The white-haired man shook his head.

Lin Chen is undeniable. His character has never been threatened by anyone.

The white-haired man continued.

"Forget it, don't care about them. These guys have been practicing for so long, but they are more and more afraid of death, and they have no eyesight. The old man can still see it. Your little friend Lin Chen is open-minded and has a clear conscience. The old man naturally believes that you are not That evil man."

The white-haired man smiled very kindly and was not malicious.

Lin Chen smiled: "Seniors win prizes, the kid is just following his own life creed, life and death are bearish, and if he refuses to accept it, he will do it."

"A good life and death is bearish, and you can do it if you don't accept it. The practice of the world is mostly a group of people who bully the world and get rid of the world. If you can have a friend like you, my family still has a ray of life."

Lin Chen wondered: "A ray of life?"

The old man's laughter is profound.

"In the future, you will understand."