My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1411

Vol 5 Chapter 1411: Ladder Race Officially Started

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Seeing Lin Chens return, Old Man Huo asked anxiously: "How, do those people embarrass you?"

His experience is extraordinary, enough to see that the person who was just looking for Lin Chen was not a waiter.

There are also strengths and weaknesses in the opening of the heaven. If the drunk old man and the three powerful men compare to each other, the world will be different!

"Oh, an old senior has released the siege for me. Fortunately."

Lin Chen's words just fell, an angry murderous vaguely aimed at his direction, he suddenly turned around, looking in the direction of Lingyue Pavilion.

It is Zhao Mingyu!

Lin Chen smiled and said nothing. Now, even if he does not use a series of killer tools, he can let Zhao Mingyu drink a pot!

Inside the Lingyue Pavilion.

Ye Lixue looked at the direction of Zixia Wanggu and others, and there was some waves hidden in the calm expression.

The total hole expansion is 31513 times! Such a result, unparalleled!

Even if he is promoted to condensed environment, it is the most common standard of enchanting list, and the growth brought by it is also a tremendous change! The stronger the foundation, the higher the limit!

"Lin Chen, really is an impenetrable man..."


At night, the crowd of Yunding Building gathered.

In spite of a lot of rumors and rumors from the outside world, Lin Chen ignored it.

In the box, Yue Xin'er stooped down to apologize-

"Mr. Lin Chen, I..."

"Cheers to Class 66!"

When everyone clinked glasses, Lin Chen ignored Yue Xin'er and laughed with everyone in Class 66.

"I said that the squad leader will surely make them round and smooth!"

"When the time comes, the squad leader will take part in the ladder competition, and I will directly say, I'm sorry, I don't want to fight with people who have less than 30,000 times the hole expansion, you surrender yourself, ha ha ha ha!"


The little demon smiled and patted the stunned Yue Xin'er, charmingly smiled and said: "He doesn't want to care about things, no one can control, you don't want to try to figure him out, no one in this world can guess him."

"Miss Qingwu...he, has it always been like this?"

Yue Xin'er Hao teeth bite.

The little demon laughed and said nothing, staring at Lin Chen quietly.

Tonight, everyone was drunk.

Late at night, under a lake, the lake sparkling.

Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi were sitting by the lake, and the beautiful lady's cold and gorgeous jade face seemed to smile.

"Let you chase a great beauty again, right."

Lin Shuai forced his hand to surrender and shamefully said: "Sister Yueqi, I don't have any. My friendship with the goblin is pure."

Leng Yueqi raised her eyebrows, and a smile appeared on Lengyan's beautiful cheeks, "Pure relationship? You are all called elves, and she is so big, don't you like it."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, not knowing which rib was wrong, and blurted out: "Sister Yueqi is not small..."

Leng Yueqi stared at him, and fluttered with a smile after half a ring, as if he were an immortal, and he was unparalleled.

She lay in Lin Chen's arms, her cool and gorgeous face dyed with faint red glow.

"I have broken through the duality of the Holy Realm, and my mind is complete..."

Lin Chen shivered and hugged her.

The holy dragon emerged, releasing the prison prison, blocking the surroundings, and kissing the beautiful woman in her arms when her breath was covered.

[The host triggers the Double Cultivation Acacia and begins to feed back the objects of the Double Cultivation and the host's cultivation...]

Lin Chen's first feeling was that it was so cold, but it was extremely sour.

The spring scene was reflected, and no one was able to watch it nearby.

Only the white flourish face in Lin Chen Qiyun's capsule was flushed, her cheeks were burning, her ears were red, her hands were covering her eyes, and she couldn't help but peeking through her fingers...


The next day, when Leng Yueqi and Lin Chen reappeared, the beautiful woman's cultivation practice broke through from the second stage of the Holy Realm to completeness, making the elders of Bingxin Palace stunned!

When the elders sensed her breath, they smiled.

Taking Lin Chens horrifying cave-expansion practice today, and launching the talent of [Double Cultivation Acacia], he can feed back more practice practice to his own women.

But his own will not be affected, and he can even get a high amount of water energy attribute value from Leng Yueqi, why not do it?

The next day, the scarlet fairy found Lin Chen.

"Remember my agreement with you."

The scarlet fairy blinked.

Lin Chen was surprised: "Are you serious?"

Crimson Fairy covered his mouth and chuckled: "Of course the slave family is serious."

After she finished, she held up Lin Chens palm, the pink Holy Light suspended, and Lin Chens palm carved a peach-like mark.

"I am a crimson fairy, and I wish to be the main son of Lin Chen, and I will recognize only one master for all ages."

When the scarlet fairy spread her palms, there was a connection between them.

The Scarlet Fairy once said bluntly that if Lin Chen could expand the hole by more than a hundred times in a single time, he would take him as the master. Now, Lin Chen has already exceeded her requirements, and she has actually fulfilled her promise!

The moment the two established contact, Lin Chen was terrified!

He finally knew the real identity of the Scarlet Fairy!

Brush ~!

Even Bai Qianqian ran out of Lin Chen's air-transplantation sac, the white tail flicked, and the thin hand held Lin Chen's arm, shaking and excitedly whispering.

"Master, this sister is..."

Lin Chen was shocked, and some did not recover, "This sister, follow me in the future..."

Bai Qianqin jumped with joy, "Wow! Master is so good! Hello sister, my name is Bai Qianqian."

The scarlet fairy felt a slight shock in his heart, and he couldn't think of the legendary Swiss beast beside Lin Chen!

She chuckled lightly: "Hello, Xiao Rui Beast."

Lin Chen knew that Crimson Fairy's identity was luck, but he didn't expect her to be so terrible!

Top grade Ling Zhi? No, more than that!

Lin Chen had never seen a real top-grade spirit plant, which is a peerless treasure that only the seventh-rank sect can hold.

But the crimson fairy gave him the feeling that it was more than the top grade Ling Zhi!

Crimson Fairy smiled and said: "Yes, you broke the compensation of Tongtian Tower, the slave family has already done it for you, and feel free to participate."

Lin Chen was stunned, but thought of her identity, she sighed, I am afraid that this dragon city can find someone richer than the scarlet fairy, maybe there are really few!

"Then thank you, when all the dust settles, I will return you."

Lin Chen grinned, and the crimson fairy chuckled: "The slave family can't return anything, as long as you feel at ease and strengthen, it's the best return to me."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. When he was out of the building, the little demon had been waiting outside Yunding Building for a long time.

"Boss Lin, the beauty is in your arms, don't you remember to participate?"

The little demon smiled and laughed at Lin Chen.

"Cough, naturally not, there is a tough battle waiting for me."

Lin Chen smiled and flew up with the little demon.

The ladder game of the monster list officially started!

Inside the Dragon City Space Gate, everyone teleported in.

The ladder game was held in the special plane of the Dragon City, the Sanqing plane.

The three clear planes are divided into space stacks and have exclusive space for contestants to fight.

If not, the arrogant saints of the demon list start fighting, and ordinary combat planes cannot control their fighting power, and only open up unique planes to accommodate!