My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1412

Vol 5 Chapter 1412: That's It?

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On both sides of the Sanqing Hall, all the forces were seated side by side. The presence of the people, the background force is not less than Qipin!

Thousands of evil spirits gathered in the hall!

The scene is unprecedentedly magnificent, and the powerful people gathered here are extremely powerful in any field of the outside world!

Brush ~! A silver streamer came, and Lin Chen and the demon entered!

This time, the little demon queen also participated in the ladder competition, although it is only the peripheral ladder competition, but based on her age, this is a remarkable achievement!

Everyone's eyes looked at the past, and the eyes of the major evils were even more exciting!

Ye Jia and Zhao Jia were all present!

"That's Lin Chen?"

"A guy who has 30,000 times the number of holes? How can I not look at all like this, compared to the people in my wild field, like a child with no help."

"I'm afraid it's just a nickname? Hey, if you can fight it, you'll know it in a moment."

A few top Tianjiao did not go to the Tongtian Tower in person, and many demon still did not take Lin Chen into their eyes!

The reason is very simple. The higher the base, the higher the starting point. If Lin Chen's acupoint expansion is really so against the sky, the difficulty of condensing the acupoint will be countless times more difficult than other Tianjiao!

Before the potential is changed to combat power, it is a piece of fat to be slaughtered!

After all, there are too many arrogant and arrogant people in this list of evil spirits.

"It seems that many people are unhappy with me."

Lin Chen touched the tip of his nose, and Yun Dan breezed into the hall of the Neiwei ladder competition.

I have to say, that someone Lin went to that station was a wonderful flower.

Because of this inner-circle ladder game, even the evil spirits of the condensed environment are very pitiful! Almost all of the monsters that can participate have impacted on life and death!

Only someone in Lin still expanded his cave! It's a standout in the history of the Ladder of the Monsters!

Compared with the life and death realm and the coagulation realm, expanding the cave realm is just to lay the foundation, and the combat power is extremely different! Whether Lin Chen can be ranked to Zhao Mingyu or two.

Zhao Mingyu stood proudly on the other side, his eyes terribly terrifying.

The life-and-death fight between the enchanted lists is usually forbidden and needs to be reported to the top.

However, in this ladder competition, the appearance of'accidents' is allowed. If the contestants can't have time to surrender, there are also some monsters that have been killed in history, which is not absolutely safe.

"In terms of combat power, I still have an absolute advantage. I now hope that this kid can survive a few more rounds and let me kill him!"

Zhao Mingyu was angry, his eyes glancing at Lin Chen and the demon queen.

The major eight-ranking families and denominations focused on Zhao Mingyu and Lin Chen, with different expressions.

In the hall, the figure of the drunken man emerged, and many evil spirits awed in awe.

"Oh, everything seems to be here."

He stretched out his hand and a list emerged, with the names of the people engraved on it.

"The rules and rewards will not be said much, and the list is clear outside. This time it is still the same, one-on-one round system, strength talk!"

After all, the drunken man was second to none, and the list of the enchanted list quickly began to roll.

Everyone stared at the list closely, but Lin Chen looked at his own system easily and freely, too lazy to pay attention.

For him, everyone is the same.

"This time, the hole expansion has exhausted my 3.3 million top rune energy attributes, and after stepping into the hole expansion, the rune attributes required to cast the phantom rune also doubled...The attribute value is not enough at any time. what."

As Lin Chen swept around, there was a surprise in the hall, and the eyes of gloating and gloomy looked at Lin Chen.

"Huh? Why are you all looking at me? Did the gang finally find me handsome?"

When Lin Chen raised his head, his list was suddenly arranged!

The goddess of the evil spirits list, Lin Chen, is the blood Shura Jinglong of the evil spirits list!

The weird thing is that neither of them ranked!

The reason is very simple. Both of them are ranked outside of 5000, and they do not meet the rules of the inner-circle ladder competition.

It is precisely because there is no ranking, this Jinglong is a rival!

"Lin Chen lost!"

"I haven't got to fight. Although this King Dragon is not as good as Zhao Mingyu, it is a fighting madman. The devil fights all year round. The figure that expands the hole by 990 times and the coagulation point by 131 times. The power that can explode more than 21 trillion dragon power is a very ruthless person!"

"It is said that the master of this child had some involvement with Jiu Pin's forces. The teaching to him was completely savage."

Many forces are gloating and looking forward to Lin Chen's beating. Jinglong's strength can send the upper reaches of the Neiwei ladder!

Qiang~! A giant sword the size of a coffin lay in front of Lin Chen. The man had a nine-foot body, a tiger's eyebrow eyebrow, and looked at Lin Chen with disdain and arrogance.

"Don't let me down, Lin Chen."

Lin Chen smiled slightly: "I think your body is tough, the eyebrows have purple qi coming from east, but Yintang is suffering from blood damage. I want to come because the five elements are under hammer."

Jing Long looked disdainful, "Don't wait until you kneel on the ground to beg for mercy.

"Now, all drawn opponents have entered the battle space!"

Thousands of evildoers disappeared with a wave of drunk man's sleeve robe!

In a desert plane, Huang Sha wreaked havoc and Lin Chen and Jing Long stood side by side.

Jinglong pulled his sword up, the blood of the giant sword was entwined, and there seemed to be a blood dragon flying. It's a bite of the Sixth Grade Holy Sword!

"Lin Chen, come up with your unique knowledge, let me see if your new generation of evil spirits is a sap!"

Bang ~!

"Dragon Blood Storm!"

With a cry of anger, the alien crystal brilliance circulated, the blood gas condensed, with Jinglong Blood Sword as the center, a breathtaking blood sword wrapped around the terrible dragon gas!

He raised his hand and held the sword, and he dashed into the sky, slashing and slashing.

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The desert cracks open, exploding the vast yellow sand, and the world is stirring!

"Good guy, this Jinglong shot is an excellent orange-level sword!"

"He didn't underestimate Lin Chen at all!"

"It's a monster that fights against the Devil, killing it as soon as it is shot, it doesn't mean to play at all!"

In the Sanqing Hall, the eight-sect sect of all parties watched the battle light screen of the two of them, and they wanted to see Lin Chen's "bottom card" in the intelligence! The kind of pure power enough to shake the peak of Na Xingjing, normal combat, this child has no chance of winning!

All eyes are on--

Sigh~! Dang~!

Yun Jian, who was torn apart from the sky, blasted away all around, and the **** sword was stopped from midair!


The strong parties were surprised, and when they saw clearly, they all took a breath of air!

I saw that under the blood sword, Lin Chen's figure was as small as an ant, and the nine-color holy light of his right arm circulated. He lifted his index finger slightly, and his fingertip touched the top of the sword.

"What the **** is going on!"

The power as strong as the Eighth Rank Force was also stunned, and his chin almost fell to the ground!

One finger!

This kid used one finger to block Jinglong's lore?

Lin Chen's lips rose, and he smiled evilly and coquettishly.

"That's it?"