My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1413

Vol 5 Chapter 1413: How Many Times Has This Kid Expanded His Hole

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All the powers of the eight ranks sects are full of doubts and horrors!

The powerhouse of the Seven Ranks sect is even more brutal!

impossible! Even if he expands his hole 30,000 times, he can't stop Jinglong at all!

This shot is beyond everyone's expectations!

Expansion of the hole is 30,000 times, it can go against the sky and challenge the Naxing Realm, but that is limited to the ordinary Naxing Realm!

The saints who can grow into the Na Xing realm are at least the qualifications of the enchantment list or alternative enchantment.

However, this does not include the arrogance of Jinglong, who stands at the high end of the demon list and is close to the super devil!

Opening a holy cave in the life and death realm will be contaminated with a breath of life or death. Whenever two holy caves are opened, life and death will be reconciled, and all holy power will be doubled.

For example, a saint who has perfected the condensed environment, the expansion of caves and the condensation of caves add up to the level of 1 trillion dragon power.

If that saint can break through the life and death, and bloom two holy caves, the divine power doubled, 2 trillion dragon power.

If this person is lucky enough to reach the fullness of life and death, 10 holy dens are five times, that is, 5 trillion dragon power. In other words, if calculated purely in terms of lethality, 51 to 60 sacred caves in the life and death realm will allow the sage to obtain 5 times the sum of the sacred power.

However, in addition to the key points of life and death, the divine power is contaminated with the vitality of life and death. Holding the divine power of the vitality of life and death, the vitality of the saint will be greatly enhanced, and the limb will be reborn and the flesh and blood will be merged!

Although it is not as perverted as the Sacred Heart State, but in addition to some special means, it is very difficult to kill the saints in life and death.

If calculated according to the realm of life and death, Jinglong is in full bloom with 54 holy caves, and Shengli can play 21 trillion dragon power! Lin Chen can be crushed even without using exercises!

But now from the results, this is totally beyond common sense! Did this kid stop with one finger?

In the desert plane

Jinglong is incredible!

"How is it possible! Even if he expands the hole 30,000 times, at best it is the same as the general Na Xing Realm. My blood dragon looted even the Na Xing Realm and the high-level Saint Demon have been killed. How could he block it with one finger Come down?"

The green muscles of his arms were exposed, urging all the power of the alien crystal, no matter how he exerted his strength, Lin Chen seemed like a big mountain in front of him, he could not move at all for half a point!

"Brother Jing Long, before you brag next time, remember to find a clear target. Don't look for someone as handsome as me to brag. I only used one-third of my strength, won't you?"

Lin Chen smiled abruptly, using his mind to urge the Holy Power. When one finger pressed against the tip of the sword, the figure flew at a rapid speed, turned sideways, and a whip leg bombarded the **** sword!

Sigh~! boom!

The blood sword burst, the sky full of blood falls like a broken star, a magic wing flashes vertically, Lin Chen ghostly emerges to the top of Jinglong's head, a punch towards his heavenly spirit cover!

Jinglong was instantly creepy! Intuition tells him that this punch will not stop and will die!

Dang ~! The big sword crossed his head and took a fist from Lin Chen. Jing Long was shocked with blood and blood, and he had not urged his defensive combat skills. Lin Chen grabbed his big sword with one hand and slammed into the desert. !

Bang ~!

Jing Long was smashed to the bottom of the ground, Lin Chen was unstoppable, arrogant and overbearing, just running the mind to urge the Holy Power, a series of melee fights, a burst of Jinglong!

In addition, every time Lin Chen punched and punched, he all rushed towards Jinglongs holy weapon and holy sword, bursting his holy weapons one after another, the attribute light ball went crazy all the way, and many of them were the essence of the suit. !

Jinglong was beaten up for a while!

what's the situation!

The script is wrong!

He had a hunch that this kid would have a backhand and might be able to compete with him, but never thought he was so strong!

Kaka Kaka! boom!

With a bang, Jinglong's Fifth Grade Armor was exploded, and the Eucharist ruptured and vomited blood directly!

Inside the Sanqing Hall; many strong men suddenly stood up, and that expression was like seeing a ghost!

Not to mention the eight-ranking masters, even the drunken man is dumbfounded!

"This... this kid's tricks are useless!"

"He, with his pure divine power, he completely suppressed Jinglong!"

"Impossible! This mother-in-law's hole-expanding is 30,000 times, and it is full of money before and after, and less than the killing power of 16 trillion dragon power. Why suppress Jinglong!"

Too many strong people have a bit crazy and messy taste!

Suddenly, an eight-rank power is struck by lightning!

He thought of a possibility!

"It's difficult... Could it be said that this kid has expanded his hole more than 30,000 times?"

As soon as this statement came out, the power on the big seats quieted down instantly, and in the middle of the night, he discovered that his wife and other people were stealing and knew that the child was not his own appearance.

This possibility seems extremely outrageous, but only then can it be explained!

Because Lin Chen can't use common sense to speculate!

"If... if that's the case, this kid has expanded his tens of thousands of times!"

"My God, did he still have reservations under the eyes of all of us that day!"

Bapin Da Neng's mouth twitched...

Lin Chen, Lin Chen... How many backers did he leave?

The battle did not last for half a quarter of an hour. At first, Jinglong, who was domineering and leaking sideways, was finally exploded.

All people with clear eyes can see that if Lin Chen wants to kill Jinglong, he can kill him!

But in the end, he did not give up his dead hand. Instead, he condensed six'professional teams' dressed in black clothes and white gloves with Shengli to lift Jinglong out of the desert plane!

In the Sanqing Hall, everyone stared at the blood dragon, Jing Long lifted up, and Lin Chen, who was light and windy, completely at two extremes!

"Lin...Linchen Lin..."

Jing Long, who was carried out, said unwillingly: "I, where did I lose..."

He is unwilling! In the end, even Lin Chen didn't force out his combat skills, so he crushed him Jinglong with a little physical strength and pure power brought by the Holy Power!

Lin Chen lifted the bangs in front of his forehead, the evil charm smiled, and smiled as he turned away.

"If you lose, you will lose. I will be your opponent. This goal is too difficult. Change it next time."

After hearing this, Jing Long sighed and passed out!

Everyone "..."

The eight ranks are amazing!

From now on, suspense!

Lin Chen to Zhao Mingyu, maybe it's really possible to run into the Ladder! Moreover, Lin Chen may not necessarily lose!

As it happened, Zhao Mingyu quickly resolved his opponent and returned to the Sanqing Hall.


He looked at Jinglong lying on a stretcher in surprise, then turned to Lin Chen, full of warfare!

"Wow, Grandpa Grandpa, how could this big brother be so powerful?"

The little girl in white shook her white legs and asked curiously.

Another little girl also broke her fingers and counted: "In terms of expanding the number of holes, it is about 1.58 trillion dragon force. How can it be so powerful now?"

The white-haired old man beside him caressed his long beard, and his expression of interest grew stronger.

"Interesting, very interesting. This kind of Tongxuan's mind is the first time the old man has seen it!"

That's right, based on the talents of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" and the possession of Jishen Possess, Lin Chen's total point expansion has to be increased by 400%!

In other words, Lin Chens ability to expand his acupuncture points is not 31513 times, but

157565 times!

More than 150,000 times!

Expand the territory, invincible in the world!