My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1414

Vol 5 Chapter 1414: I Hit The Beauties Very Lightly And I Will Occasionally Regain It.

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Inside the Dragon City; the forces that are watching the battle of the enemies are dumbfounded!

They failed to go to the Sanqing Hall to watch the battle, but each battle will be projected in the Dragon City, allowing the forces present to watch.

And Lin Chen expanded 30,000 times, naturally became the most eye-catching battle!

When everyone was still thinking about Lin Chens killer skills, he took one hand with his backhand and got close to the super demon King Long, and even beat it all the way, directly crushing!

"Before I met Lin Chen, the old man already felt that he had gone through the sea and the fields, but after seeing this guy, the old man felt that what he had seen and heard... was simply weak!"

"Is he a human? Expansion of 30,000 times can beat blood Xiuluo Jinglong? Nonsense! I won't bet any money when he expands his hole!"

"This world is crazy..."

"With this Lin Chen, there is no trace in the world..."


Yue Xin'er's pretty lips opened slightly...

"This is the strength of Master Chen Chen... How strong is he? How many secrets have he hidden!"

She recalled what the little demon said.

Never try to think through him, he is always full of unexpected surprises.

"Is this the goddess' enamoured man... Sure enough, it's impossible to disobey!"

In the audience, the handsome young man in white shook his head and sighed.

31,000 times of hole-expansion is already outrageous enough, did not expect him to be hidden? Where is this monster!

"Brother, what will you do with him?"

The quirky girl of Shenyan Palace asked curiously, and the young man in white laughed.

"I don't know, maybe, I can be equal to him, or, I am not his opponent at all, his details are still not fully revealed, I can't guess him... However, the other people in the palace this time are not necessarily Will let him go."

After he finished, he glanced in a certain direction.


Old Man Wanhuo looked at the audience, and the yoyo boy with his hands on his head could not help but sigh!

Worthy of being the character who could rescue the adult, this Lin Chen is really the first strange person in the world!

He Wan Yan Temple, did not make the wrong choice!

With a total of 157,565 times the total number of points expanded, Lin Lin did not panic at all.

Even Lin Ping'an and Shen Lao, Jianyu Sanlao and others couldn't help but come together and asked curiously.

"Lin Chen, how many times have you expanded your hole?"

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow and smiled, "My multiple of hole expansion is proportional to my handsomeness. You think how handsome I am, how many times do I expand the hole. However, ask how many times the most handsome hole expansion in a Holy World, this Isnt the obvious answer."

"Cut! Don't say it, don't say it, it's shameless!" Lin Ping made a grimace.

The old people looked at each other and shook their heads and smiled.

Look at him like this, I am afraid that this ladder match will not fail him!

The battle of the enchanted list made everyone dazzled. The appearance of Lin Chen was certainly outrageous, but this is the most top-notch match in the Holy World!

Every evildoer has endless opportunities, exquisite means, and witty, standing at the top of the duel, there will never be a shortage of people who sigh.

All the evil spirits are not bleak due to the appearance of Lin Chen. On the contrary, their light is more and more dazzling. This time the evil spirits list let everyone realize the wave of the times!

In the list of monsters, one generation is stronger than the other!

And the demon queen also stood out in the ladder qualifier!

During Lin Chen's dive into the Holy Prison, it was a period of talent outburst after the little demon. The hole expansion was successful in turns, and each time the hole expansion was not less than 95 times, it was close to the ranks of super demon!

Now only 7 times to expand the hole, she has entered the preliminary selection of the outer ladder!

Without Lin Chen's intervention, in the eyes of outsiders, she and Zhao Mingyu are the appearance of Lang Cai.

But now, everything is unknown!

Many people looked at Yejia and Mrs. Yelixue.

"Mrs. Ye, if Lin Chen loses, you are pushing a peerless saint out of the house."

A Bapin Might seems to be making fun, but actually asked tentatively.

Ye Lixue tasted a sip of fragrant tea, and the beautiful Leng Liao was especially calm, ignoring the eight-pin power.

This reaction actually surprised many powerful people.

Even now she can still live like this!

As expected, this woman had already calculated everything!

Regardless of whether Lin Chen wins or Zhao Mingyu wins, if she can marry her daughter, the value and potential of the return will be inestimable!

"It's a woman who revives Yejia's family, the organization is done..."

Soon, the preliminary selection of the ladder was completed, and the second round of lottery began immediately, and there was no rest time at all!

This is also one of the characteristics of the ladder game, which adds great instability to the battle. Whether it can be recovered in the previous battle is also an important part!

In the second round, the opponents drawn by Lin Chen even surprised many people!

Another heavyweight!

One of the top ten fascinating demon list, Yue Xiner!

This woman is not a vase. Even, she became famous before Ye Qingwu for many years, and her reputation and strength are equal!

Lin Chen got up and entered the hall.

"Master Lin Chen, please advise."

Yue Xin'er's smile appeared in front of Lin Chen, he pretended to laugh badly.

"Relax, I hit the beauties pretty lightly, and I occasionally get heavy."

Rather than blame Lin Chen, Yue Xin'er had an inexplicable stimulus.

She is a natural wizard, which of the boys around her is not courteous to her, or pretend to be arrogant, or to please her face.

A young man like Lin Chen who is outspoken, has a clear personality, and has a unique behavior (full of talk), simply wants to stop.

Many evil spirits entered the battle plane again.

In the Sanqing Hall, several eight-pin powers were hotly discussed.

"Yue Xin'er, Nizi, was born in eight grades, expanded her acupuncture points by 1,430 times, and condensed acupuncture points by 170 times. Today, 55 holy acupoints are in full bloom, which is only stronger and stronger than the blood Shura Jinglong."

"I wonder if she can find out Lin Chen's details, I always feel that he hasn't done his best."

During the talk and laugh, a man of eight ranks rushed to Wan Yan Palace and laughed.

"Old Fireman, what do you think of this battle."

Old Man Wanhuo shook his head and smiled. "How do you ask the old man is coming."

Bapin Daineng smiled meaningfully: "Don't you get close to this kid, don't you know something?"

"Old man, don't dare to guess. No matter what Lin Chen's result is, it will not shake the old man's decision. This is also Wan Yandian's decision."

Seeing the tenacity of Wan Huo's old man, you are more and more curious!

What kind of ecstasy does this kid give Wanhuo old man? Or does he really have a force behind him, and even Wan Yandian has to bow down and claim his title?

A lava plane, surrounded by heat waves.

Lin Chen just stepped in, and a subtle sound came into his ears.

"Oh, little friend... My apprentice is not a weapon, and I hope you will be merciful."

It is the voice of an old woman, and should be the master of Yue Xin'er.

"You are merciful, it depends on whether she accepts it or not."