My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1415

Vol 5 Chapter 1415: Think Carefully

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"Grandma Yu, did you just voice this little guy?"

A pretty girl smiled and asked the old lady on the seat of Sanqing Hall.

The old lady touched the young girl's blue silk, "Although your sister is called a super demon, but Lin Chen is not a simple person. To be honest, I can't see him through her mother-in-law."

The old lady's eyes were sharp like swords in a flash!

"This child is the most terrifying type."


Lin Chen did not rush, he looked at Yue Xin'er, which is also the top ten in the list of evil spirits. Yue Xin'er is more like a soft lover like an immortal family than a little demon. Look at the more temperamental type.

It is a completely different beauty from the charmed peerless demon queen.

Lin Chen became more and more enchanted, and he was surprised.

"A beautiful woman like this..."

Yue Xin'er heard the words, Yuyan lightly dyed Hongxia, covered her mouth and smiled lightly.

However, the next moment, Lin sighed.

"It looks so good, you should be able to cry for a long time with a punch."

Yue Xin'er: "..."


Su Yang raised his hand, and a round of moonlight hung like a bright moon, purple silk fluttered, and Yue Xiner stepped on the moon, like a fairy in the moon, and smiled.

"Then please let Lin Chen's men show mercy."

Brush ~! The purple lasing radiated with the air of life and death, like a flash of light, thousands of miles, lingering in the faint moonlight, seemingly extremely small, but dividing the lava underneath into two halves!

The 40 holy caves were opened, Lin Chen grabbed it with a backhand, shaking the entire sky and shaking the space!

Lin Chen stopped the purple silk in an instant, and held it!

"If you want to beat me, it seems not enough."

Lin Chen smiled abruptly, pulled backhand, and wanted to pull Yue Xin'er into the melee area. He wondered that the purple damask was like a spirit, and it immediately wrapped itself up and bound Lin Chen to death!

"Nine Bond Sky Seal!"

Yue Xin'er's handprint changed suddenly, and the divine force like Yunlong flew into inexhaustible lines. When Lin Chen was bound, he was sealed into a cocoon of light!

In Sanqing Hall, many people exclaimed.

"Lin Chen is finished!"

"He's too careless. Is this kid the type of villain?"

"Yue Xin'er's purple smoke damask can't run away when it's entangled, once bound a Na Xing realm to the holy body, and finally left a spiritual body!"

When many great powers exclaimed, only a few people looked dignified.

Lava plane.

"The Seventh Grade Sacristy?"

The seventh-grade sacristy, placed in the eighth-grade sect, is also a holy thing that weighs as little as weight. Except a few people, almost no one can hold it. This month Xin'er can hold the Seventh Grade Sacristy, which shows the high expectations of her family!

Lin Chen smiled with interest: "It seems that if I explode this thing, the essence of the suit I spent on expanding the hole can be added back!"

Lin Chen, transport the Qicheng Shengli!

Sigh~! boom!

Zi Ling exploded and turned into a broken sky!

Broken mansions converged and changed back to the snow arm of the purple damask wrapped around Yue Xin'er, her face was surprised, could not restrain him?

Bang ~! Behind Lin Chen, a pair of black wings condensed by the divine force emerged, and the figure escaped!

Yue Xin'er's hand shook gently, and thousands of flowers rained down like a rain curtain, forming a sea of flowers, covering Lin Chen, and each jade dew has the power to penetrate the stars!

boom! boom! boom!

When the jade dew rain fell, the entire lava plane burst into flames, as if destroying the entire plane!

Lin Chen made a fist and punched into the sky. The Holy Force in the fist has the power to overturn the world!

Sigh~! boom!

Punch the sky with a punch!

Immediately afterwards, a bit of cold light shone like a dragon, and Yue Xin'er pointed another finger, as fast as the holy light shining, and the moment arrived!

Many Bapin sects cast a look of surprise and dignity. From their perspectives, they can clearly see that this woman's skills and combat skills do not have that terrifying momentum, but each has a powerful return to the original. !

However, the next moment.

Lin Chen turned sideways a little bit, and was able to avoid the outrageous fingertips.

Even, he backhanded a hand knife and slashed past, the nine-color holy light was cut like a blade, and he suddenly cut Yue Xin'er's amazing finger!

"Master Lin Chen, when do you still want to hide?"

Yue Xin'er stepped on the starlight moon awn, and appeared ghostly behind Lin Chen, slender fingers, orange-level fingering, flowing clouds and water, constantly slamming into Lin Chen's direction!

"Isn't Xin'er's strength enough to make you fight seriously."

Yue Xin'er Hao teeth clenched, but he did not retreat, but moved a powerful orange order to bombard Lin Chen!

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "Do you think I'm serious?"

Shocked on both shoulders, Lin Chen turned his mind, and all the holy caves were opened! !

Bang ~!

When his Shengwei shattered the empty sky suddenly, Yue Xin'er's pupils shuddered!

Lin Chen raised his hand and punched, the holy cave in Tai Yi space-time trembled madly, the endless violent holy power cut off the plane, and punched!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

This punch, without any fancy skills, only pure to the ultimate divine power! Destroy all the tricks and combat skills of Yue Xin'er to form a rotating boxing style and hit Yue Xin'er directly!

Brush ~! Her purple damask is as spiritual as she is, flying and floating, blocking her front in front of her master.

With a shocking explosion, Ziya was shattered into powder, and the sky-wide attribute light spheres were scattered.

The light on the peach skirt of Yue Xin'er was dim, and the whole person was like a broken kite, the lips and corners were bleeding, and they flew out!

Lin Chen's figure flashed, supporting the beautiful waist of the lady.

This plane is covered with lava, although she is repaired to a high depth, but it will still happen if you don't pay attention to a temporary disfigurement.

Lin Chen asked with a smile.

"How do you feel with a punch?"

Having said that, he possessed the Holy Dragon and urged a trace of Yin and Yang Dragon Qi to inject the beauty into the body of the beauty, so that her injury was stabilized. With the cultivation of life and death, as long as the Holy Power is sufficient, recovery will be quick.

Yue Xin'er Yu Yan is bitter, "It's too powerful... it feels like it's overwhelmed by fear..."

If it weren't for the Purple Aya protector just now, even if she had the Sixth Grade Sacred Armor, she might not wake up again!

"How could there be such a terrible hole-expanding realm in the world, this is simply a foul..."

Yue Xin'er is bitter in heart, and there are no one-of-a-kind vases in the top ten in the list of evil spirits, but when she confronts Lin Chen, she has a deep sense of powerlessness.

Like an insurmountable mountain, she ran across her!

"I, I admit defeat..."

Yue Xin'er finally surrendered, Lin Chen shrugged, too lazy to be this gentleman, backhand loosened the beautiful woman's slim waist, one-handed move, and took away all the attribute light balls.

The purple light condenses, and the purple damask appears again, and the Seventh Grade Sacristy is not so easily destroyed.

However, it was hit by Lin Chen once, and the light was dim and lost. I am afraid that it will take a long time to restore it with the gold holy yuan coin, which is a heavy blow.


After watching this battle, in the Sanqing Hall, a few extremely powerful individuals fell into a strange quiet!

Under their calm face, there is an unprecedented storm!

Previously Lin Chen took this shot, based on their perception, the fluctuation of Shengli will not be less than 60 trillion dragon power!

Think carefully!

What does this stand for? Either this is a panacea for temporary surge repair!

Either it is using extremely rare top secret magical combat skills!

Or, it uses some undisclosed external force!

And the last possibility is the most unacceptable, the most terrible, and most likely one of all power!

That is to say, his true hole-expanding multiple is not 30,000 times, but more than 100,000 times!

No, if it is accurate, it should be more than 120,000 times!

Master Zhao shook his head and smiled, unbelievable.

"Hundreds of thousands of times to expand the hole? What about this novel? Who are you scaring?"