My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1416

Vol 5 Chapter 1416: Meet In Advance

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The battle between Lin Chen and Yue Xin'er is completely one-sided. Does he need to use external force and medicine? No need at all! This is an obvious fact!

However, expanding the hole by 100,000 times is even more a fantasy! All powers are reluctant to believe! This is simply unnatural!

"My cultivation is enough to support my spiritual state to develop the best state of refining medicine. I don't know if I can refine the holy pill of the seventh grade peak or even the eighth grade!"

When Lin Chen sat back in his seat, there was hope in his heart.

That's right, for Lin Chen at this stage, there are three biggest ways to improve strength. One is to collect the essence of the suit and upgrade the four-piece suit of God of War.

The second is to improve the basic cultivation, but his hole expansion is too horrible. If you want to condense the hole in a short time, you need a higher accumulation.

The third is the strength of refining medicine!

The strong man he brought back from the Holy Prison is strong and outrageously strong, but basically at this stage it is all a group of wounded, and he can't show his head.

If we can raise the strength of refining medicine, first heal their injuries, even if only half of them are cured, it is also an unprecedented fighting power!

[The host consumes 99 points of top-level exercises and spirits, and is refining the outline of refining medicine included in the fusion system.

Lin Chen's body and avatar quickly merged memories. Lin Ping'an guarded him, seemingly harmless to humans and animals, but his eyes flashed occasionally.

Within three days, the third round was also divided!

Most of the people who are promoted this time are super demon entourages, and the hole expansion is either close to a thousand times or more than a thousand times!

Every change in the list of monsters will cause huge waves outside!

Brush brush!

The list scrolls again and the list keeps changing.

All the evil spirits are eagerly looking forward, looking forward to not meeting too strong opponents in their hearts!

The rewards of the ladder game of this monster list are different from the past. If you can get the top 500 this time, you can enter the Nine Clan battlefield!

The battlefield of the Nine Races is the most intense stroke in the history of the Holy Realm. It belongs to a vast space plane. Even today's human race can only open up a space entrance, and it cannot interfere too much in this plane.

At the beginning of the Holy Realm, the major races headed by the Dragon and Human races, the Asura race, the Shadow race, the Demon race, and the Zerg race began a melee from the deserted ancient plane.

The mystery of the First World War has not been known so far. The powerful man who fell that year has become an opportunity for the young blood of the present life. Because of the prohibition of the plane, after the war, the plane overturned and collapsed, which could only accommodate a certain state. The following strongmen enter,

Like the human race, the cultivation that exceeds Naxing Realm enters the battlefield of the Nine Races will cause a space-time storm, and the probability of survival is extremely slim!

So this time, the human races selected are all the strongest characters in the Na Xing Realm list!

If anyone can enter the Nine Battlefield, the gains will be far more than any outside experience.

But at the same time, the strong men who need to face are even more terrifying, because today's Nine Clan battlefields, one has the existence of demons, and the other is that every time it opens, there will be an influx of strong men from all races!

brush! brush! brush!

The glazed list quickly scrolled. When the names appeared, the major evils were sad and happy, but more Eight Grades can pay attention to it, but it is the status of one of the winners and the biggest black horse Linchen!

As if there must be a battle, when Lin Chen's name stopped rolling, it happened that Zhao Mingyu's name also stopped!

At this moment, everyone's expression is extremely wonderful!

Zhao Mingyu, the monster list, Lin Chen, the monster list!

Actually encountered!

And still, the third round!

Before they reached the finals, the two of them met in advance!

This showdown has attracted a lot of attention!

The people of Ye Family and Zhao Family stood up, all eyes on Lin Chen who was beside Lin Ping and the demon!

Zhao Mingyu's eyes reveal the self-confidence and calmness in charge of Qiankun!

Potential is potential, combat power is combat power, the two are completely different! Even if Lin Chen had hidden hands, he didn't think he would lose!

Lin Chen withdrew from the state of merging memory of practice, and when he opened his eyes, the corner of his mouth rose.

"Is it up to you so quickly, okay? Some things are better to solve in advance than to hold back."

Lin Chen stood up and moved his muscles.

The little demon queen said solemnly.

"If you can't do it, you will abstain, and the other party's intention to kill is obviously to put you to death. My thing is small, your safety first."

Lin Chen looked at the little demon unexpectedly, staring straight at her, and suddenly smiled after half a ring: "Is this the little demon I know who wants to do things without fear or fear?"

The little demon queen gave him a white look, charming, and even Lin Chen stayed a little, shaking his head and laughing.

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers and stepped into the hall.

"Relax, I will count your share this time and return it to Zhao and Yejia together!"

In Jianyu, Danyu, Wanyan Hall, and Jie Tower, everyone heard the message to tell Lin Chen not to fight hard, safety first, victory second.

It can be seen that they recognize the existing gap between Lin Chen and Zhao Mingyu!

Lin Chen touched the tip of his nose and shook his head and smiled: "How do you feel that everyone doesn't take me seriously, but that's fine, it doesn't matter."


Outside, Dragon City.

Class 66 and others could not help getting nervous.

"Squad leader is all right, the opponent is life and death."

"The gap between the holy realm is so great. Although the squad leader is invincible, but it is too far away from that realm."

"It's okay, the squad leader is finished first in the world! From the killing in Kyushu, how many people did the squad leader unexpectedly expand, so does this, so does this battle!"

Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin looked at each other and smiled.

Only Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes looked at the light screen, and there was a trace of worry and doubt between the eyebrows.

There is always a bad hunch in her heart.


"Mingyu, wait a minute."

At this time, the master of the Zhao family shouted Zhao Mingyu who was about to go down.

"This thing, you get it. When necessary, you are allowed to use it for the Father."

When the palm of the Zhao family spread out, a small and exquisite little dragon plate lay on his palm, like a beast sleeping peacefully.

"This... this is Jiujiao Longqi! Father, you mean!"

Zhao Mingyu's expression was shocked, both unexpected and ecstatic!

The Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi is the thing of the Zhao family's town clan. Only by refining the Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi, can the Zhao family's town clan's mentality be maximized!

Only by refining the Nine Tribulation Dragon Air, can it be called the Lord of the Zhao Family. The significance of this move is equivalent to that Zhao Mingyu is now qualified to inherit the position of Lord of the House!

"When necessary, you are allowed to use this thing for your father. My Zhao family's face and plan cannot be lost here!"

Master Zhao's face is serious.

Zhao Mingyu smiled awe-inspiringly: "Father rest assured, don't say that there is Jiujiaoqi, even if not, I will certainly be able to kill this child!"

Looking at the back of Zhao Mingyu's departure, the eyes of the head of the Zhao family are deep.

In order to unite with Ye Lixue at Yejia, he did not know how much effort he had put in his back!

Others don't know, but his Zhao family master is Ye Lixue's shocking secret!

This girl's pedigree is extremely strong!

Ye Lixue's mother was once related to the legendary true god!

And the little demon who inherited the blood of Ye Lixue is more worth fighting for with the power of the Zhao family!

Once Zhao Mingyu and Ye Qingwu have offspring, that kind of existence is very likely to rejuvenate their Zhao family by themselves!

"In this battle, my Zhao family will not lose. No matter what the origin of this child is, it cannot be a step that will stop my Zhao family from moving forward!