My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1417

Vol 5 Chapter 1417: Upside Down

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This battle has attracted much attention! It can be described as the hope of everyone!

One of the biggest dark horses in the history of the enchantment list is the top of the super enchantress!

Everyone recognizes Lin Chen's potential, but everyone also knows Zhao Mingyu's terrible!

The next generation of the head of the Zhao family, contemporary peerless demon, leapfrog fighting like eating and drinking, is regarded as a monster that is qualified to be in the top 1000 of the demon list!

The trump card of such a character is almost impossible to be lower than any person present!

Similarly, Lin Chen is the same! This 30,000-times hole-expanding madman who challenged the law enforcement team of the monster list, who can guess how many hands he has hidden?

This battle is the one with the most attention and the most suspense! Whether it is the people of Dragon City or all kinds of powers, I want to witness who will win these two!

The two sides entered the battle, and this battle plane was actually transmitted to a giant elephant plane.

The gravity and firmness of this plane is a million times stronger than the conventional space of the Holy World!

Ordinary saints entered in triples, and even flying was extremely reluctant, let alone fighting.

But for Lin Chen and Zhao Mingyu, it's nothing.

When the two sides were floating in the air, an old figure flashed at the end of the plane, which was the referee of this matchup.

This kind of battle is very easy to kill, and any loss of both sides is a loss of the Holy Family!

Qiang~! A long scream broke through the clouds, the golden halberd blade was like a half moon, and the sharp edge was soaring. If there was a tangled dragon, the dragon screamed!

"Oh? It's Qipin..."

Lin Chengang was surprised, Zhao Mingyu didn't talk much, and the halberd came to kill the sky!

Dang ~! A knife flashes in a vertical direction, and the halberd is split open! Split the sky, leaving a dark red mark!

In the face of the assassination of the halberd, Lin Chen wielded the shadow of the heavy blood flame, which continued to spread, slamming and fighting, the sword was shining, and the halberd struck!

As soon as the two entered the battle plane, they hit the sky dimly. This time Lin Chen finally did not hide the holy power. All his holy caves can be described as full firepower, freely dripping, each knife splits the sky and divides the stars!

Dang ~! After a collision, the two sides were evenly divided, each taking ten steps back!

At this time, Lin Chen had a knife in his hand, hegemony and madness!

His knife was dark red, like a **** demon knife, and the blade was flowing with the sharp breath of extinction. The handle was set with dragon eyes, and the dragon eyes blinked a little, which could release Yanhuo and burn the sky. Destroy, look at the world!

It was Lin Chen's seven-piece knife Jue Yan cast by Xuanyuan Old Man!

All mighty surprise!

"This child's knife is also Qipin?"

"Come here, is Lin Chen finally serious?"

"Fuck, after waiting so long, will this kid finally show his true strength!"

"Too strong! He even played Zhao Mingyu up and down? Is this kid still a man!"

"I haven't seen such an outrageous cave hole expansion!"

"It's not over yet, neither Zhao Mingyu nor Lin Chen has used a kind of exercises and combat skills!"

The two played against each other, Lin Chen's performance directly detonated everyone in Dragon City and Sanqing Hall!

Zhao Mingyu bloomed 56 sacred caves, and when the condensed environment was completed, the power of 22 trillion dragon power could explode!

After being promoted to life and death, the 6 holy caves increased the holy power of his holy cave by a factor of 88 trillion to 90 trillion dragon power!

And Lin Chen expanded the point 31513 times, "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" blessed with the possession of the extremely **** possessed a four-fold increase in the number of body holy points, and the true multiple is 157565 times the expanded point!

157565 times the lethality that can erupt, is 78 trillion to 790,000 dragon power!

That's right, in terms of combat power, Zhao Mingyu's repair is obviously better!

However, the attributes attached to each divine power of the Linchen Shenglu are extremely outrageously strong!

The reason is very simple, it is Lin Chen's element attribute!

Before entering the holy prison and after breaking out of the holy prison, Lin Chen's nine elemental attributes skyrocketed hundreds of times.

These hundreds of times do not seem to be many. For the super demon level of life and death, the improvement is not a big deal.

However, after the abnormal enlargement of Lin Chen's hole-expanding multiples, the improvement brought was immediate! Can completely make up the gap of about 10 trillion dragon power!

However, even so, the beginning of life and death realm, the cultivation of the Holy Realm can not be measured solely by the unit of pure power. After the life and death realm is contaminated with the air of life and death, especially with the blessing of the "air of death", the lethality is even worse!

"Your hole-expansion is really greasy, but **** it is still dying, your ending will not change."

Zhao Mingyu sneered, the battle halberd was like a blaze, and he stabbed for more than a thousand times.

Dang Dang Dang~~!

Lin Chen waved violently, the blade of the sword was as airtight as possible, and the obstacles caused by the so-called gravity of one million times could not affect the two of them at all!

"What's the matter, his sword is weird? When I get close to his blade, my soul killer will be in a very short pause!"

Seeing that the situation has changed, Zhao Mingyu's halberd method has changed, and the twenty middle-grade and two top-grade crystals in the body are radiant,

"Sirian Shock!"

A halberd splits down vertically, and the battle halberd turns into a rolling Sirius and rushes over, pressing the sky!

Lin Chen's breath was steep, and 40 holy caves were like billions of stars, swallowing the world!

He waved his knife and cut it across!

Qiang~! Boom!

The terrible sword qi rushed into the sky, Lin Chen cut out a snow-white sword whirl at extremely fast speed, with the blazing glow of Qipin knife!

"Just this trick? Do you think of me as a grub outside?"

When Zhao Mingyu sneered--

The moment before Daomang and Sirius are about to collide.

Sigh~! boom!

With a bang, the knife gas exploded! The extremely fast rotating knife gas exploded and turned into an endless sky of broken awns!

The terrible blade gas fragments were like a strong wind, like a shower, and suddenly shrouded Sirius!

boom! boom! boom!

The knife smashes the madness over the Holy Light Sirius, and slashes it into pieces!

This knife energy not only has Lin Chen's sacred power, but also includes his spiritual fragments, which actually crushed this Sirius!

The remaining knife gas fragments instantly twisted to Zhao Mingyu!

"Sword technique is kind of ghostly!"

Zhao Mingyu snorted loudly, and was ready to make a punch with a punch!

Bang ~! The sky suddenly "collapsed" in general, and a thousand acres of golden light fists fell down!

Dang Dang Dang! Pappa!

All the sword gas fragments were crushed into nothingness by the fist of golden light, and came straight to Lin Chen!

The brilliance and brilliance are unparalleled, as if it represents this magnificent endless heavenly prestige, it is about to crush everything!

"Zhao Family Orange Rank Intermediate Exercise, Jin Gang Zhen Tian Quan!"

"This is Zhao Mingyu's true strength. It's too evil! Just one trick at a time, he immediately played another trick of Orange-level Intermediate Mantra!"

The sages watching the battle outside the Dragon City took a breath of air, if they were replaced, they would die early and do not know how many times!

However, the next moment!

Lin Chen, under the sky fist of Jin Gang Town, snapped a palm up into the sky!

Bang ~~! !

Burning flames are sweeping, shocking!

One hundred thousand firebrands rose and burned to the ground, and there were even nine firemarks superimposed in succession, and a giant palm that burned the sky was shot.

All mighty surprise! That momentum, it seems that everything can not crush him Lin Chen general!

It seems to be telling everyone that if Zhao Mingyu deliberately represents Tianwei, then Lin Chen will break this day!

One punch and one palm, shocking!