My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1418

Vol 5 Chapter 1418: Qi Meets Opponents?

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In the plane of the giant elephant, when the sky turned upside down, the burst of aftermath reflected the shocking appearance of the individual demon evil Tianjiao in Shenyan Palace!

Because Lin Chen used this palm, but their "Nine Heavy Burning Sky Palm" in Shenyan Palace! !

They were not surprised that Lin Chen would "Nine Heavy Burning Heavenly Palms". After all, he had such a close relationship with the goddess. They were shocked that Lin Chen's Nine Heavy Burning Heavenly Palms were much stronger than them!

Even, the power he played was close to the several brothers present today!

In the plane of the giant elephant, the nine-fold fire mark destroyed and withered, and pushed forward one by one. With this palm of the hand, Lin Chen's burning sky palm broke the Minggang Zhentian fist of Zhao Mingyu!

Huo Kejin, Lin Chen restrained this fist with attribute restraint.

This orange-level intermediate peerless maneuver, finally after Lin Chen expanded his acupoints, began to show the power of shocking the world!

The higher-order exercises are of course peerless treasures, but it also depends on the cultivation of the person who uses them. In contrast, the power of Burning Heaven used by Lin Chen before was not worth it!

Brush ~! Bang Bang Bang!

When the halberd waved diagonally and wiped out Yu Wei, who was burning the palm of the ninth, Zhao Mingyu had a pair of wings behind him!

The pair of white feathers fluttering in the wings. They are extraordinary, beautiful and beautiful. When a little beat, they jumped into the void like a shock and flickered behind Lin Chen!

These wings are actually a seventh-grade sacristy!

Lin Chen did not know how to be a prophet. He cut his back with an oblique backhand, and the halberds collided, sparking!

Holding the knife in both hands, Lin Chen slashed Zhao Mingyu at the fastest speed, the two fought in close combat, and the needle pointed at Maimang, and no one backed away!

Zhao Mingyu broke out a series of offensives by Xiu Xiu, Lin Chen used [spirit awakening] to increase his instantaneous speed to sense his shot direction, and Xiu Xiu was a strong foundation, and he faced a tough battle!

The two turned into an afterimage that flashed across the entire plane. Lin Chen behind him beat two pairs of black wings, which were as weird as the magic wings. The speeds of the white wings and black wings were ridiculously fast!

The two battled from the sky to the earth, and there was almost no stop for a moment!

Lin Chen laughed suddenly-"This is your full speed? It seems not enough."

The voice just fell, and with a tear, there were two more pairs of wings behind Lin Chen, which looked like an eight-winged demon, it was really weird!


The sonic boom screamed, Lin Chen's speed exceeded Zhao Mingyu's control, he could not attack Lin Chen!

On the contrary, Lin Chen's attack can surround him!

Zhao Mingyu can use the seventh-grade holy weapon "Snowlight Feather" to explode, which is equivalent to the orange-level intermediate body speed, but Lin Chen's "Nine Wings of the Devil" is also the orange-level intermediate body!

And most importantly, his orange-level intermediate body technique is [Enhancement + 15]! If urged at full speed, most of the Na Xing realm can't be caught!

In the past, the use of this body method required a huge amount of divine power. Lin Chen can only use it at critical times, but now, expanding the hole 31513 times, he can fully support the horrible consumption!

"Want to suppress me with speed?"

Zhao Mingyu sneered, spread his palms, turned into a giant flame fan!

"The Seventh Grade Sacristy, Tianyao Seals the Magic Fan!"

"It is said that this blow can seal the world!"

"Take the essence of Tianyao, refining ten seal masters and nine thousand seal materials and cast it, one can seal the life and death!"

"Has the Zhao family even handed this over to him..."

The powers of all walks of life were surprised and surprised, the Seventh Grade Sacristy is not Chinese cabbage!

There are only a few forces in the Qipin sect, and there are very few in the Qipin sect. A young demon controls two Qipin sacred objects. It can be seen that the Zhao family almost cultivated him as the next family!

Tian Yao sealed the magic fan, and danced violently, the hurricane swept through!

Tens of thousands of seals have been flashing into the void, such as the chaos of flowers, and Lin Chen's space and seal have been turned into pieces. The speed of Lin Chen's body has also been slowed down a lot.

"Oh? Another good thing!"

Lin Chen was inexplicably more excited!

Cut across the horizon and come head-to-head! A seal of seals descends from the sky and shines on the world!

Bang ~! Zhao Mingyu left the halberd dance for long days, and the right hand Tian Yao Sheng fan sealed the world! Like the ancient holy spirit, with a great body, every blow has the power to lean against the sky!

Lin Chen was suppressed for a while! His speed is no longer an advantage, but a disadvantage!

Even more frightening is that Zhao Mingyu's two Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment flowed between the offensive switches, closely connected and coordinated with each other. This is a significant improvement brought by the spirituality of the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment!

The Seventh Grade Sacrificial Vessel, with its early spiritual manifestation, can maximize its main battle, release the attack in the most ingenious way from the battle, and cooperate with each other without compromising its master.

It is as if Zhao Mingyu is not using two holy weapons, but two super masters are assisting him in fighting!

The prestige of the Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment is revealed!

Lin Chen's Jue Yan knife groaned unwillingly, seeming to want to die with the other party.

"Every fan, but that's it. Even if you can blow me this summer!"

Qiang~! Lin Chen didn't use the knife, when absolutely Yan put away--

With a palm in both hands, a red war gun was born!

The gun is crimson, nine feet long and nine, awe-inspiring and arrogant. The sharp dragon spirit with the spear rotating, like the double dragon flurry, actually pierced a large number of seals in the void!

Seven grade holy tools, butchering guns. The Holy Gun is invading by evil spirits.

The silver robe rolls over, the black wings spread high, the young man stands with a gun, like a generation of the devil, the body of the gun whirls, and the piercing of a gun is like a dragon flying, the sharp edge of the sky, piercing all the seals!

The corners of the sky are screaming!


Why are you here too?

Lin Chen actually also has two 7th grade holy items?

Many arrogance list Tianjiao almost fell ill!

Even if they are of extraordinary origins, the Wizards of Heaven, their denominations did not support them to give them a seventh-grade sacristy! They can't even give them a seventh-grade sacrificial device!

"True dragon dances!"

"Tianyao Xinghua!"

The two shot a halberd, even stabbed with a pick, even with a fight. The melee is a mess, dazzled!

Lin Chen was sharp with a spear, broke the seal, and came from behind. "True Dragon Dance" will be released in the future, the longer the parry, the stronger the power! And his slaughtering magic gun, which happens to be the secret technique of sealing and enchantment, the battle situation has returned to the original point!

"All souls are broken!"

Xinghua flashes in a row, and Tianyao's demon fan swept all the rays of the Holy Light!

"Eight Dragon Burning Sounds!"

Eight heads of spirits rose above Lin Chen's head and burned the dragon, shouting to the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

Jin Guangyao's world-shaking giant fists fell in anger!

The giant sky-burning flame broke the sky alone and collided frontally!

The whole giant elephant plane was turned upside down by two people fighting!

Whether it is the people in the Dragon City and the forces, powers, hidden elders in the Sanqing Hall. All dumbfounded!

No one expected that Lin Chen could make a match with Zhao Mingyu with his hard power, but he did not show any signs of defeat! Outrageously strong!

The most important thing is, this boy's boy is still expanding the cave!