My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1419

Vol 5 Chapter 1419: The Card Burst World War Ii

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"Can Enlarged Cave Realm be tied with Zhao Mingyu?"

"It's so perverted! Even if he stepped back now, no one would say anything!"

"Yeah, this Lin Chen kid has fully proved himself, and even if he retires, everyone will be convinced."

"With his background, if he will be promoted to condensate, life and death, or even star world, how many people can stop him in the Holy World today?"

The eyes of all powerful people are particularly dignified. The stronger the combat power Lin Chen shows at this stage, the more unimaginable he can represent his future height!

Human race, it's been too long and too long since this genius hasn't appeared!

In the plane of the giant elephant; after the fierce fighting between the two continued for half an hour, each side retreated.

At this time, whether it was Lin Chen or Zhao Mingyu, the breath was still long, without showing any signs of fatigue.

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed jokingly.

"Why? Suddenly I feel that I can't do it anymore? The last thing I'm afraid of is the long-lasting, continue to refuse?"

"Tangle for so long, don't really think you can win me, you are a thousand miles away from Zhao Mingyu!"

Zhao Mingyu let go of Tianyao's magic fan, and his fingerprints changed suddenly!

Nine Dao Qis are flying like giant dragons, flying out of Zhao Mingyu's body, and when he occupies the sky, he exudes Huanghuang Longwei, roaring broken mountains and rivers!

Zhao Mingyu's breath began to soar on the spot, although the holy cave has not changed, but the life and death in the Holy Force is chasing the peak of life and death!

His appearance began to change drastically, his head horned, his body covered with scales and feathers, his cold and arrogant appearance became extremely evil, a pair of blue-green pupils, full of anger.

The seemingly riotous state, in fact, Zhao Mingyu is extremely calm, everything comes from the effect of his mind and blood!

The eight ranks of powers are astonished, and some seem to recall some terrible experiences, and the facial muscles twitch slightly.

"Is it still shot?"

"The Zhao family's Jiulong tactic is still so domineering!"

"This mindset can only be fully displayed if it is above the Star Realm. Although Zhao Mingyu only cultivates his life and death, he does not lose the momentum of many of the Zhao family's old Star Realm!"

The Zhao family saw that Zhao Mingyu used this technique, and he calmed down a lot.

As soon as "Kowloon Tips" comes out, this Lin Chen will definitely lose!

Zhao Family Jiulong Ju, dont say that the major Bapin families and denominations are even famous in the Heavenly Sanctuary!

This mentality was derived from the great power of the Zhao family's ancestors from a desolate ancient ruin, and even for this mentality, the ancestor gave half his life.

There are only a handful of people who can practice this mentality!

Lin Chen was surprised: "Oh? This mindset is not at the same level as the opponents I have seen before..."

This is a door, orange-level intermediate mind!

The orange-level intermediate combat skills are already extremely rare. Looking at the enchanted list, not many people hold it, let alone the orange-level intermediate mentality!

Orange-level intermediate combat skills, at least one or two of the eight rank forces, to practice exercises for Zhenzong.

However, the complete Orange-level intermediate mind is not available in every eight-grade sect. Such relics are already close to the top of the Holy World.

In terms of the exercises that have appeared in the history of the Holy Realm, the Orange Rank Senior only has a collection of giant forces that have been around since ancient times.

Under the premise that those very few forces are not born, the orange-level intermediate mind can be regarded as the apex of the Holy World!

As for the top orange ranks, it exists entirely in the illusory legend. At least the history that the eighth rank forces have come into contact with, there is no record of any Jiguang film feathers related to any top orange ranks.

The "Kowloon Trick" can refine nine kinds of dragon qi into the holy cave, making the holy power soaring, and even practicing to the fullness. The human race can use the dragon's magical power, which is a kind of anti-celestial mind that crosses the race!

This is also one of the reasons why the night club chose to marry the Zhao family. This orange-level intermediate mentality is the foundation of the Zhao family!

"Lin Chen, have you seen the gap between us. This is the level you can never exceed in your life!"

Zhao Mingyu smiled evilly, bursting into anger, patting Lin Chen with a palm!

Tear ~! Bang ~! The dragon's qi is extinguished, the dragons are dancing in a flurry, but the unskilled palm reveals the destruction wave of extinction!

Lin Chen instantly urged the body method, four pairs of black wings stretched out, and suddenly withdrew!

Sigh~! boom!

With a slap in the air, the entire giant elephant plane was broken, and the ground veins began to split, completely unable to withstand the power of this bombardment!

"So strong!"

"Zhao Mingyu's current state, I am afraid that the mid-Na Xing realm, no, maybe the late Na Xing realm may not be able to stop him!"

"Lin Chen, if you don't have a hole card, you might lose..."

Everyone can see the situation at a glance, not optimistic, the next battle will not last too long!

Colossal plane

"Thanks to my Heavenly Demon Nine Wings for strengthening +15."

Lin Chen smiled at random.

At this time, the sky full of Fu Lu flashed the dazzling stars, and fluttering down like a gust of wind swept over Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's space is sealed!

"Hahaha, this time I want to see how you retreat!"

When Zhao Mingyu's demon fan prolonged Lin Chen's action, he grinned, and the halberd was hacked backhand, and a Sirius appeared again and went away!

But this time the "Sirian Siren" is more than three times stronger than before!

Lin Chen pierced the seal of Tianyao's magic fan with a single shot, but was too late to prevent Zhao Mingyu's second move!

Qiang~! The sword was so angry, Lin Chen changed his gun, and Yan Yan held his hand, hegemony!

When the corner of his mouth is raised, it touches everyone's heartstrings!

"From now on, it's time to really show the technology!"

Bang ~!

When Lin Chen laughed loudly, he shook his sword and slanted away, and the blade of the sword split a very beautiful blade of gas.

"Is this strange sword..."

Before Zhao Mingyu finished, the knife shuddered and split into five! !


At this moment, many powerful and Zhao Mingyu scalp numb!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

When the five extremely rotating blades of gas exploded, they exploded the sky's fragments of blade gas, and immediately wringed them up, strangling and crushing Zhao Mingyu's Sirius!

"What technique is this?"

Zhao Mingyu was surprised!

Divide a combat skill into five moves at the same time, and the power is not reduced?

How can there be such a strange magical power between heaven and earth!

Bang ~!

When Sirius burst, there was a wave after another!

Throughout the plane of the giant elephant, the wind screamed and screamed, and the snow fell!

In the snow all over the sky, the cold is coming, the cold frost is like a tide!

Lin Chen wandered into the void, the snow drifting under the sky, and the sword came slowly.

His sword is four feet seven in length, the blade is as white as jade, the tip of the sword is flowing like frost, the blade of the sword is like a jade, and the blade is like a wing of a cicada. It is hidden in the bone cold of the sword, and there is a sharp edge that pierces the world. !

The snow was raging, the young boy was like a man in the picture, the sword was coming, the hair was dancing, and the robe was rolled, the temperament was dusty and awe-inspiring, like a lonely generation of swordsmen, both young and handsome The sharp edge!

This scene even dazzled many Tianyao women in the list of demon!