My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1420

Vol 5 Chapter 1420: Jiu Tribulation

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All Da Neng's mouth shuddered.

See you Qipin again! Still a mouthful of seven grade holy sword!

How many pieces of Seventh Grade Sacred Articles are there for this kid!

However, several powerful men from Jianyu suddenly fluttered their pupils!

They felt a familiar taste from Lin Chen's Italian territory!

Seven Grade Holy Sword, Frozen Sky Sword!

From the hands of the founder Ju Qing Jin Wuxia and the six-finger Xuanyuan!

The moment Lin Chen held the frozen sky sword changed the climate of the entire giant elephant plane. The vast starlight came from the nine days above. The giant elephant plane gathered the endless power of stars and condensed to Lin Chen Above the sword!

Lin Chen waved his sword and urged his body to rise!

"Lin Chen, I think you are frustrated and mad, and want to fight against me head-to-head with the Acupoint Expansion? Zhao Mingyu accompanies me to the end!"

Zhao Mingyu was so angry that he was killed with a halberd in his hand. Tian Yao sealed the magic fan to fight together. He waved layers of seals from above his head, trying to seal Lin Chen.

However, Lin Chen was like a straight sword, struck Zhao Mingyu straight!

His frozen sky sword is becoming stronger and stronger, like the stars that died hundreds of millions of years ago, exuding the last bright light!

"Tianwu Jiulong Jue!"

Zhao Mingyu danced out layers of afterimages, the battle halberd stabbed instantly, and actually used an orange-level intermediate combat skill, even more powerful!

Aftershadows turned into long screaming real dragons, each real dragon exuded an atmosphere that made Na Xingjing feel terrified in the later stage!

When the frozen sword was at its peak, Lin Chen waved his sword like lightning and came out diagonally!

"Instant light split!"

Buzz~~! The world trembles, and a burst of starlight radiates like a meniscus, becoming the most dazzling light between the world and the world, tearing all the Tianyao seals!

In the Sanqing Hall, all the powerful and hidden powers from the sword domain suddenly stood up!

"You see this sword! This sword!"

"You can't be wrong, it's billions of stars!"

"It's perfect! This sword is so seamless that there are no flaws! This is a real perfection!"

Many swordsmen shouted almost crazy! Intoxicated, almost crazy!

They are crazy about kendo, and this sword has exceeded the limit of any kendo sky they have seen and exceeded the limit of the sword art itself!

But the next moment, a more shocking scene appeared!

Bang ~! Brush brush!

The starlight swordman's star turns like a star river, and when it trembles slightly, it is divided into five!

Swords cut nine days and ten earths, five starlights passed away in an instant, and all true dragons were cut off!

boom! boom! boom!

Jianguang Yuyun slammed into Zhao Mingyu's body, while he urged the body's desire to retreat, while slamming the battle halberd to block the many swordsman's after rhyme, but Starlight broke the defense line!

On the occasion of a desperate attack, his Xueguangyu and Tianyao seal the magic fan to protect the master, the starlight hole wears two seven-grade sacrificial objects, the spirit is lost, the light is dim, almost scrapped, and a large number of attribute light **** are scattered!

Outside the Dragon City, everyone looked dumbfounded!

One-sided! In this confrontation, Lin Chen actually overwhelmed Zhao Mingyu with one move!

Hundreds of millions of starlights, this orange-level intermediate swordsmanship passed from the sword field, can be described as an unprecedented strong stroke in the history of the ladder game of the monster list!

Lin Chens [Enhancement Function] has more than quadrupled the power of "Billions of Starlights", and has a 300% passive effect of the "Extreme Divine Possession" talent.

His sword billions of stars, not only tended to perfection, but also exerted more than 7 times the power! Moreover, the premise of "instant light splitting" has not been counted!

Even if the Zhao family's "Kowloon Trick" is so strong that it can cross the race and fuse dragon blood, it can't withstand Lin Chen's terrible multiple blessings!

In Sanqing Hall, Yue Xin'er's small mouth in the front row opened slightly...

Is this the real strength of Mr. Lin Chen, really terrible tight!

In addition to the top 2,000 in the list of evil spirits, there are really few evil spirits on the scene that can be compared with him!

The Zhao family and others are in a hurry!

How can this kid still have so many starters? Do they still fail Zhao family today?

Master Zhao's deep eyes looked through everything, seeing the other end of the void.

"Mingyu, you have no reason to lose in this battle."

Colossal plane

Seeing the attribute light sphere scattered in the sky, Lin Chen did not take it away in a hurry, but backed away a short distance.

His spirit felt that after Zhao Mingyu was injured, his breath did not fall but rose!

"Lin Chen, you forced me... No one can guarantee you today!"

Zhao Mingyu shouted, his body flesh and blood burst, and he continued to repair and restore, and the Holy Force circulated.

A dragon air with nine colors winding around Zhao Mingyu, wandering into every inch of his flesh and blood!

Inside Sanqing Hall.

Many eight-level powers are particularly dignified!

Things are beyond their expectations.

If you continue to fight like this, you will get a big deal!

"Isn't that the nine-robber dragon spirit specially refined by Zhao Jia!"

"His mother, Jiujiaolongqi is exclusive to the master of the Zhao family. Zhao Lianguang's king and **** use this thing. I don't necessarily beat him. Does he even let his son use it, and should he have a face?"

"The old man suggested that this matchup be suspended and redistributed."

"Don't he foul?"

All directions can force the drunk man and other masters to question.

The drunk man frowned, and said seriously.

"Strictly speaking, Jiujiaolongqi is one of the contestants' means, and it is not an external force that violates the regulations."

As soon as this remark came out, a lot of powerful people twitched slightly.

Then this is still a hair!

Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi, to collect nine kinds of strong Taiko dragons on the verge of death, the breath of life that condenses the light of life is the strongest and most prosperous dragon qi. The precious degree can even be described as priceless and no market !

This requires not only manpower and a lot of material resources, but also timing! Generally speaking, you can't buy this thing at all.

This person who cultivates the "Kowloon Trick" refines this thing, whether it is on-site strength or cultivation, it will skyrocket!

With the help of Longqi, the mind is transformed to a very strong level. In the face of this crushing force, this battle is fatally harmful to Lin Chen!

But again, there are also many powerful people and hidden monsters who turn their attention to the direction of the Zhao family.

He didn't move at all and didn't mean to take it back.

"This guy, Zhao Lianguang, is a profit ghost who can't afford to be early."

"He dared to use it for his son, something was wrong."

"This is not a simple marriage, and the interests involved behind it will even make Zhao Lianguang use this thing..."

Some mighty ghosts looked at the little demon queen and the night house with dizzying eyes, and all parties were speculating and thinking.

And Mrs. Ye Lixue, who was with Yejia, showed a little surprise in her cold prophecy. She didn't expect that Zhao's family would fight this kind of situation!

"Senior drunk, I will not agree to this matter. This thing is unfair, and it is not fair to Lin Chen!"

Old Man Wanhuo couldn't bear it, and stood up and passed the sound to the direction of Sanqing Hall.

"You old stubborn, can't you open your eyes and do some blind operations."

At this time, the three elders of Jianyu also made a sound.