My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1421

Vol 5 Chapter 1421: Gold Medal Sparring Zhao Mingyu

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"It's ok to use the secret medicine of Dan medicine. Isn't it foul to use this? What are the rules of your ladder game!"

"Don't stop it, don't **** your mother, I will go and fight with him Zhao Mingyu."

"This also bullies Lin Chen too much!"

"When the old man was young, he shouted that the crowd was only called from the same realm. What is the Zhao family playing? Bullying?"

All the gangsters in Jianyu got up, their eyes widened.

The "Billions of Stars" that Lin Chen just displayed can be said to have won the appreciation of the sword masters and seniors of all parties.

Now that something is wrong, they basically stand on Lin Chen's side. In all fairness, this "Nine Tribulation Dragon Air" card is indeed too bullying!

"Do you want to push us back?"

A bald old man who presided over the ladder race grinned, revealing his breath.

"I hang your mother, what big tail wolf do you pretend, old bald!"

"Isn't it better to break through the heavens last time than I was lucky?" What is your cow? The eyes are staring like a cow!"

"Laozi can't single you, but you can't beat you?

"Quickly end the battle!"

Several sword sages in Jianyu were so temperamental that they didn't give face at all. Rolling up their sleeves and carrying their scabbards was an attitude of life and death, and the scene was dry.

The bald old man glared: "Come on, do you think the old man is afraid?"

"Come here, I want to see how strong you are when you become a realm!"

"Don't break through the realm, you are a fart in front of my big brothers!"

"The tail is still up in the sky! Come on, my sword domain people are afraid you will not succeed?"

"I'm in a second, what can I say!"

"You seventeen of us can you second me? Can you kill us? If you stop us for a second, I will kneel and apologize to you on the spot!"


Sanqing Temple is in chaos!

Tianjiao, the monsters who had been eliminated or had not yet entered the war, saw this situation, and all of them seemed to see a ghostly expression and retreated crazy.

These veteran strongmen fight, and the nine lives of these younger generations are not enough!

Many eight-ranking powers are ashamed. What method did Lin Chen use to make the strong swordsman support him?

If you continue this way, the young will fight, and the old will fight!

Sword domain this hard role, who does not know the thirty-six domain?

"Huh? No, don't rush to quarrel, maybe you don't have to stop the fight, you look at that kid!"

At this time, the drunk man exclaimed, and when everyone looked at the light screen in the Sanqing Hall, he could not help but twitched his mouth...

I saw in the plane of the giant elephant, Zhao Mingyu, who refined the "nine robbery dragon qi", was like a relic of the wild, and the nine-color dragon qi was on top of his head.

In front of Zhao Mingyu, Lin Chen was so small, like a baby in front of a strong adult!

However, Lin Chen's response was extremely surprising!

He was neither afraid, nor dignified or frightened, but his mouth opened with a 0 shape, and even the corner of his mouth fell into the Harazi, with ecstasy and excitement in his eyes!

He wiped the crystals around his mouth and even swallowed. The corners of his mouth went up wildly and swallowed wildly, making everyone's scalp numb!


What moth does this kid want to do?

What a **** look like this!

This is obviously the expression of wanting to make trouble!

That expression, like the discovery of naked jade figures for thousands of years, was like a hungry old bachelor who saw the cave!

Many wicked female Tianjiao's body shook, and the feeling of admiration had just arisen, and immediately disappeared!

This Lin Chen was so handsome when he was handsome, and he was frustrated and mad when he was saucy, and he felt goose bumps in his eyes when he looked at him!

"Crazy... this kid must be crazy!"

"No, Zhao Mingyu moved!"

Everyone can exclaim!


In the plane of the giant elephant; Zhao Mingyu at this time, the Holy Cave broke through to 57! Jiulong Jue's mentality climbed to the extreme, making his holy power far beyond the ordinary life and death!

Zhao Mingyu possessed nine-colored dragon spirit, and took a palm with his hand, sweeping like a claw of Kowloon!

Lin Chen's shoulders shook sharply, and the abnormal crystal urged him, and raised his hand to shake it.

Bang ~! Nine Heavy Burning Sky Palm is divided into five, so that the evil spirit of Shenyang Palace is angry with Qiqiao and smoke. Can this kid's move be divided into five moves?

Sigh~! boom! One palm and one claw shattered everything on the giant elephant plane.

The power of Lin Chen to mobilize the "Blink of Instant Light" talent is enough to shake most of Na Xing Realm's fulfillment!

However, there is still a gap in the face of Zhao Mingyu, who has absorbed the dragon spirit of the Nine Tribulation!

Nine heavy burning heaven palms were exploded into a sky full of fireworks, Lin Chen held his sword and cut it, and another sword was cut by billions of stars, and finally shredded his Kowloon claws!

Sigh~! Bang! Zhao Mingyu killed with a halberd at his head, this speed, the fundamental reaction could not come!

Snapped! When the crisp snapping fingers echoed, when Zhao Mingyu waved his halberd into the air, he suddenly showed a painful and terrible look!

This caused his attack rhythm to be delayed for a moment, Lin Chen withdrew and retreated, Frozen Sky Sword chopped out one by one, struck Zhao Mingyu with a long sword light!

Dang Dang Dang~~! !

When Zhao Mingyu tried to stop Lin Chens attack, he said, "What did your boy do? Why is my holy cave and qi and blood uncontrolled!"

Lin Chen, who stepped aside, laughed casually.

"So, what are you doing so honestly? Do you really think I did my best just now?"

When Lin Chen evil charm smiled, Zhao Mingyu suddenly shrank his pupils!

His lower abdomen suddenly cracked a few blood marks, and blood flew!

What is even more terrifying is that this wound continues to expand, and the Holy Blood flows more than ever!

what's the situation!

Lin Chen's hand, looked at everyone ignorant!

The palms spread out, and a nine-color starlight condensed Lin Chen's palm, spinning into a roulette, and finally turned into a star-like suspension.

[The host launches the super chaotic talent 12 times, launches the talent of extinction and crack damage, and consumes 4.5 million advanced talent points.

Holding the nine-color stars, Lin Chen smiled faintly.

"Zhao Mingyu, your sparring partner, I will give you 250 points of praise."

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves, and the mouths of the powerful men in the Sanqing Hall opened slightly...


Could it be that? Could it be said that this kid couldn't use Zhao Mingyu as a sparring partner for promotion to the Acupoint!

Did he... didn't come up with a real killer tool from beginning to end?

That's right, it's practice!

In the battle just now, Lin Chen's other trump cards and killer skills are completely useless!

He completely fought against him with pure cultivation ground!

Very simple, Zhao Mingyu is very suitable as his training target!

After breaking through to expand the acupoint realm in one breath, Lin Chen was practicing cultivation. Although there is no such thing as cultivation and vain, he can use this force in its entirety, but after all, he cant compare with the previous perfect control of his own strength. .

Just like, with the same strength, a rock can be broken with a fist.

But it is accurate enough to master its own strength, and it can also make the rock break with one finger!

Lin Chen is so! He needs a sharpening stone to gradually reveal his edge!

And Zhao Mingyu, this stone, can sharpen his power even sharper!

Now, his sparring task is completed!