My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1422

Vol 5 Chapter 1422: Who Is Bullying This?

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Lin Chen's killing tricks really began to show!

Lin Chen's hand flicked up, and the nine-color stars turned into a stream of radiance, and the beautiful meteor fell like a flash, and flickered through, divided into five!

After expanding the hole, the first "Nine Tribulation Stars" to go all out!

Zhao Mingyu's pupils shuddered, and the gorgeous and beautiful Jiujiao stars made him feel the crisis of death!

If it is normal, he is not afraid!

But he is now in Lin Chen's "super chaos" and "extinction fissures" talents, especially the effects brought by the extinction fissure upgrades, it is simply terrible! Not only can his injuries not heal, but also the wounds are getting bigger and bigger with the passage of time. It is a weapon for holy saints!

Tian Yao Fengmo Fan once again protects the Lord, fanning out the infinite fusi to delay the speed of the nine-color stars, Zhao Mingyu gritted his teeth fiercely, and all the holy points in the body exploded into the sky!

He forcibly rushed out of the influence of super chaos, repeatedly dancing with halberds, **** like a dragon!

"Tianwu Jiulong Ju! Jingang Zhen Tian Quan!"


The nine-color starlight blooms into a slowly rotating nine-color beam, and the five nine-color beams penetrate into the sky, engulfing the sky of the halberd dragon shadow!

The colossus plane is completely penetrated into two halves by nine-color starlight!

In the Sanqing Hall, a lot of strong men in the Sacred Heart State and Na Xing Realm are dignified!

This trick is terrifying! Even the Sacred State of Mind smelled a dangerous breath. Who would have thought that this was a killing trick that could explode in a hole-expanding environment?

Colossal plane

Zhao Mingyu's Tianyao magic fan was swallowed into nothingness by the rotating star of destruction!

A piece of seventh-grade sacristy, Lin Lin collapsed, and many of the seven-grade sects were shocking!

The snow Guangyu behind Zhao Mingyu was covered all the way, and the aura was dim, so that Zhao Mingyu barely withdrew from the range of the Nine Tribulations.


Zhao Mingyu vomited blood in a big mouth, his face was pale, his shoulders, chest, and many wounds on his body were covered with bones, and the skin was open!

Almost everyone can see that the outcome is divided!

However, to the horrors of the Sacred Mind State, Zhao Mingyu's injury was not repaired!

You should know that the saints above life and death, as long as there is holy power, the speed of recovering from injury will be extremely efficient and fast!

However, Zhao Mingyu's injury not only did not recover, but also gradually deepened and became more serious!

This is terrible! The strange ability of Lin Chen is equivalent to restraining all the saints below the state of mind to death!

"How deep is this guy hiding..."

"This kind of hole card is played earlier, Zhao Mingyu has already been forced to stay, but still stay to the present?"

A few powerful eyes looked at each other, thinking carefully.

The Master Zhao in the Sanqing Hall clenched his fists, and in a calm manner, there was a monstrous anger!

Everyone knows that the general trend is gone!

When Zhao Mingyu vomited blood, he was about to speak.

"I vote..."

Bang ~~! !

A gray and white rung covering the sky and the sun was born, burst and started, and Zhao Mingyu couldn't even speak!


A roar of dragons shook the world, and an ancient Qingtian Saint Dragon was born!

The Divine Dragon breathes, the water diffuses the giant elephant plane, constructs the Xuntian jail of Xuntianhedi, and binds Zhao Mingyu's seventh-grade holy weapon Xue Guangyu and the battle halberd!

Tear ~!

Lin Chen urged the body method to rush, Zhao Zhaoyu is a punch!

Bang ~! Zhao Mingyu was hit by Lin Chen with a punch. This time, instead of vomiting blood, he vomited a lot of dragon energy!

Lin Chen's dragon spirit in his body and the holy cave was actually beaten by Lin Chen?

Then, Lin Chen's Holy Dragon quickly exhaled and exhaled, absorbing hundreds of dragons from all over the river, forming a vortex and incorporating it into the dragon body!

As soon as Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi entered the body of the Holy Dragon, the dragon's veins opened wildly! Straight through the 900 billion dragon mark, pure power exceeded 9 trillion dragon power!

However, the speed of the climb is still rising, entering the 15 trillion and 20 trillion dragon power barriers! It is faster than any previous breakthrough of Holy Dragon!

Zhao Mingyu's arrogant and incomprehensible eyes finally showed a little panic!

Thats right, Lin Chens goal is Zhao Mingyus Nine Tribulation Dragon Spirit!

At first, he just wanted him to be an accompaniment, but the "Nine Tribulation Dragon Air" was a pleasant surprise. The purest breath of the Nine-headed Taiko Dragon Clan before his death was a great supplement to any Dragon Clan!

Otherwise, how can it be called a priceless and no market, but can encounter unparalleled treasures?

This time, let his holy dragon strength soar!

In the Sanqing Hall, the powerful people who noticed Lin Chen's intention finally showed different expressions, which was extremely exciting!

The people of the Zhao family jumped like thunder, and the master of the Zhao family tore the void in an instant, trying to forcibly break into the battle space!

Bang ~! A sword roared like a dragon, and the two peerless swordsmen of the sword domain cut off his actions and blocked him.

"What are you doing? Want to violate the rules? Your son hasn't called to surrender yet, you're in a hurry!"

"I didn't express my attitude when I used Jiujiaolongqi just now, and now it's my turn to lose money and engage in small actions? Do you think we don't exist?"

Several gangsters in Jianyu sneered, and the head of the Zhao family was cold, and was planning to break through

Bang ~~!

A wave of dragon power broke through the skies, and you can clearly feel from the giant elephant plane that it was Lin Chen's Holy Dragon breakthrough!

5 trillion dragon veins, holy dragon broke through 50 trillion dragon power!

"Hahaha, thanks for the gold medal sparring from the Zhao family. Someone in Lin gave you a five-star praise."

Lin Chen laughed, when he liberated Zhao Mingyu, he lost his eyes and lost his soul.

Losing the "Nine Tribulation Dragon Air" his cultivation behavior has no effect, but if he wants to become the head of the Zhao family, he will always fall short of the line, which is not perfect!

The most important thing is that his mentality will never be perfected!

[Get 6 Intermediate Strengthening Points, 12 Intermediate Strengthening Points, 500,000 Top Spirit, 3000 Rune Energy, 450,000 Set Essence, 900,000 Set Essence...]

Lin Chen all the way to collect property light balls!

This time, he exploded Zhao Mingyu a seventh-grade sacristy, and the other two seventh-grade sacristy were damaged differently. The essence of the suit simply exploded, far exceeding any time before Lin Chen!

"Lin Chen wins this victory!"

At this time, the referee only announced the result, let Zhao Mingyu Ming Baozhe body,

When the result was announced-

People in Yejia showed an expression of suspicion of life!

The people of the Zhao family were so angry on the spot!

Play around!

The real joke!

From the beginning to the end, their Zhao family was trapped by this kid, and the pit was dead!

Lin Chen's son has enough strength to kill Zhao Mingyu and win the game head-on!

But did this kid treat Zhao Mingyu as a target for practice?

In other words, Zhao Mingyu has been playing for so long.

What's more annoying to his mother is that their'Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi' was taken away!

Just now, the people in Jianyu still held grievances for Lin Chen, and felt that Zhao Mingyu used Nine Tribulation Dragon Air to be unfair, and even felt that he bullied Lin Chen!

Now take a look...

Who the **** is bullying!

It's obviously that Zhao Mingyu was bullied badly, okay!