My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1423

Vol 5 Chapter 1423: A Warning From The Palace Of The Divine Flame.

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"Lin Chen wins!"

"It's so **** abnormal, I never thought about this result, especially when the Zhao family's nine robbery came out, I even thought Lin Chen was dead!"

"He is more than able to win, and calmly calm, how many hands he still has hidden?"

"It's impossible to expand this hole 30,000 times! This is too powerful, I can't think of it, what he would look like when he tried his best!"

A shock and exclamation in the Dragon City is equivalent to a major earthquake.

Most people are not optimistic about Lin Chen, not only reversing the ending, defeating defeat, but also winning extremely easy and beautiful!

A generation of super demon Zhao Mingyu was reduced to sparring, not that Mingyu couldn't stand up, but that the monster Lin Chen was too strong!

The women in Class 66 were relieved when the crowd in Class 66 cheered.

This villain really makes people twists and turns. Although he firmly believes that Lin Chen will win, who wouldn't want him to be hurt less?

Inside Sanqing Hall.

When Lin Chen returned to the Sanqing Temple, facing the forces of all parties and the complex and splendid eyes of a large number of demon Tianjiao, his mouth slightly raised.

In this wave, he framed everyone in!


Lin Chen spoke, and the noisy Sanqing Temple suddenly became quiet.

He grinned like a child.

"There will still be such gold medal sparring in the future, so remember to call me."


Everyone: "..."

What are you doing personally?

Was the super demon on the demon list as a sparring? frenzied!

If the eyes can kill people, Zhao's eyes can kill Lin Chen 108,000 times.


The little demon didn't hold back, she laughed and shivered, and charmed all beings.

Yue Xin'er on the side couldn't help but rolled her eyes.

This has been said by someone in Lin's history!

Lin Chen turned to look at Yejia, with a smile.

"Aunt Ye, I don't know. Your Ye Family's promise can still be counted."

Ye Lixue's beautiful eyes flickered, and after half a ring, he said indifferently.

"Naturally count, after today, I will no longer force the light dance in the name of Yejia, and I will not commit another half step of Zixia Wanggu."

The people of Zixia Wanggu are ecstatic!

Finally free! Ye Qingwu came home!

Lin Chen stared at the beautiful woman's jade face and suddenly smiled.

"Okay, thank you, Aunt. I might be able to help Yeya with any difficulties in the future."

Lin Chen and Ye Lixue looked directly at them, and after half a ring, Ye Lixue looked at her daughter.

Beautiful lips lightly opened, Ye Lixue seemed to be a voice to the demon queen, her expression slightly changed, she lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

Lin Chen knew that he must express enough stance,

But in the same way, he has a kind of intuition, Ye Lixue does not seem to have no feelings for the goblin, but it seems that there are still some unspeakable secrets.

When Lin Chen was sitting back on the seat, Zhao Mingyu was lifted out by the referee and was seriously injured. Zhao family could not care about the night family and left the court to save Zhao Mingyu.

"It's really a little monster. I originally thought that it was Lin Chen who was carried out, but I didn't expect the result to be exactly the opposite."

The drunk man shook his head and smiled, but then there was a wave after another!

In front of Lin Chen, two figures appeared.

The two men embraced their chests with their arms, Qi Yuxuan's face was handsome, and they looked so handsome and hanging. Even Lin Chen couldn't help but be surprised, and almost subconsciously jumped out: he looked so handsome, and he **** together.

"Lin Chen is it."

One of them opened his mouth with extreme arrogance, and the eyebrows looked like a glance at the countryman.

"Don't think that you have a multiple of acupuncture points, and you feel like you can try to seduce the goddess in my palace of flames. I will give you a word."

"The Holy Realm is very big, don't think that you can see everything with potential. Before the potential becomes a combat power, it is a piece of meat that is arbitrarily cut. There is power and sectarian support, it is king. Without enough power support, you are alone in the Holy World. , Not even a spray can be lifted."

Lin Chen frowned, and the strength of the two might be inferior to Zhao Mingyu!

The other person patted his shoulder and smiled awe-inspiringly: "So the wild kid like you who has no future, remember to stay away from our Shenyan Palace, don't know how to die when you don't know."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly.

"Why, you guys want to sarcasm I have no power? Well, it makes sense..."

Lin Chen does not deny that they are telling the truth.

Every world is like this. When approaching the top of the pyramid, the power of the individual in the group is very small. Unless it can be strong enough to exceed the limit, it is extremely difficult to shake the giant sect by one person!

It is like Lin Chen. Although he has expanded his acupuncture points now, he has a lot of killer cards, but if he wants to shake an eighth-rank force, even the weakest one is difficult!

He may be able to escape, but if confronted head-on, the possibility is infinitely close to zero.

The opponent waved his arm, and a large number of Na Xing Realm and Sacred Heart Realm were siegeed. At that scene, unless his Lin Chen could reproduce the combat power of the Holy Prison, the attribute values of the'Sky Rebel' and the God of War suit were sufficient, otherwise it was impossible. create a miracle.

This is derived from the absolute poor strength, can be a saint in the state of mind, at least the least, and is also a character above the top ranking in the evil list, and none of them are weak hands, so these two are not groundless.

"But..." Lin Chen said sharply, smiling like a rose flower.

"How do you know that I am the only one."

"When you have time to brag about it, it's better to go back and think about how to fight the next game. When the coach comes to your Shenyang Palace, you should know who is the father."

The two raised their brows.

"Interesting, then see who will lie on the ground!"

"How are we dying when we are waiting for you to come over at Shenyan Palace!"

The two sneered and left.


Lin Ping, who was asleep at the seat, yawned, stretched out a little lazy waist, his sleepy eyes dimmed, his hands rubbed his eyes, and asked.

"Lin Chen, what did those two people say just now, why did they leave again."

Lin Chen touched Ni Zi's head and smiled casually.

"It's okay, he said that I look so handsome, so handsome that they have no room for self-confidence, they are embarrassed to stand with me."

Yue Xin'er, who was standing not far behind Lin Chen, heard this and was very funny and angry. How could this person live like this to say such a cheeky face.

Lin Ping nodded thoughtfully and said, "Oh...then their eyes must be very bad... I'm hungry, I want something second."


After Lin Chens earth-shattering World War I, although the third round of the other monster list games were also splendid, they were not stimulated by Lin Chen and Zhao Mingyu.

If it is the first two rounds of winning streak and the third round is defeated, there will be a qualifier in the fourth round, because the 500 places that entered the Nine Clan battlefield will not be but 500 four-game winning streak, so the previous streak still has Opportunistic.

And the devil who scored the victory and defeat continued to advance into the first echelon, and then ushered in the final ranking game!


The glazed color list scrolled, Lin Chen's name first appeared in the first row, and suddenly attracted the attention of many forces!

Lin Chen, Shangguan gift to Shenyan Palace!

At this moment, the audience is boiling!