My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1425

Vol 5 Chapter 1425: Do You Know What I Did Before?

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Regardless of power, Lin Chen knows this.

So he was very curious, why did Crimson Fairy help himself like this.

"The prepared Santan is gone, is this little guy eating so fast."

Looking back at the Qiyun capsule, looking at the little shadow of Hulu sleeping, Lin Chen was helpless, only to use the avatar again to start alchemy.

With his current alchemy skills and spiritual realm, he refines the holy elixir below three grades, and flows through the clouds.

When the materials are sufficient, the success rate is full. One phantom avatar can refine about 10 Holy Pills a day, and six avatars can make Alchemy together, and can start to make 70 Holy Pills a day.

Under the heavens, the entire Holy World, except Lin Chen, there are really few forces or pharmacists who can afford a small shadow.

Not everyone can carry a bunch of medicine refining giants with him like Lin Chen.

The third round of the Ladder began, Lin Chen quietly refining medicine, and began to absorb a large amount of'Jin Sheng Yuan Coin'.

The saint battle is the same. The consumed holy power needs to be made up by the golden holy yuan or silver holy yuan. Other demon evils are also fighting for time.

The saints above the cave-enlarging territory fight a battle, and the resources consumed can support a large number of mortal warlords to practice for several years.

Not to mention Lin Chen, a monster with a hole expansion of more than 150,000 times. The holy power he consumes has to be recovered. The normal denomination is astronomical!

Fortunately, his family is endless. At this stage, he can still have more than 50 inferior spirit plants, more than 20 pseudo-middle spirit plants, and more than 10 middle-class spirit plants.

Finally, on the fourth day, the rematch ended and the main game began!

And Lin Chen, happened to be the first batch to play!

In the Sanqing Hall, whether it is the evil pride or the Eighth Rank forces gathered here, all look forward to this battle!

Shenyang Palace's evil spirits are arrogant, no one will doubt that the cultivation given by Shangguan is the foundation, and will be inferior to Zhao Mingyu.

Shenyan Palace, the superpower that once stood the Holy King Territory and ordered all directions, once dominated the entire Archaic period and commanded the entire era!

It is not an eight-rank sect, but a nine-rank!

A peerless sect that truly stands on top of the Holy Realm!

In addition, the Shenyan Palace only recruits women, and the core inheritance only belongs to the Shenyan Women. Any male disciples in the Shenyan Palace are from the "Shenyan Palace Branch Hall" established after the ancient times.

Even if it is a branch hall, the strength is far beyond the ordinary eight-grade sect, this is the essence of the nine-rank giant!

It is said that in recent years, this branch of the temple is going to have a storm and counterattack the main hall of the Palace of Divine Flame, but the specific news is not something that outsiders can know.

In addition, the next battle will divide the ranks of the monsters from 2000 to 2300!

Lin Chen and Shang Guanci opened their eyes at the same time.

Brush ~!

The two urged the body method and entered the space portal, neat and timid.

Several Juggernauts in Jianyu glanced at each other.

"I don't know if this little guy can get it."

"People in the Shenyan Palace are always the resources of evil spirits. The theory of light is repaired. This expansion point is 1980 times and the condensation point is 260 times. This Shangguan gives 58 holy holes to repair. The lethal power can reach 133 trillion. Long Li!"

"Before the winning candidates, most people are also optimistic about this official gift, not Zhao Mingyu..."

"Yeah, under the premise of Zhao Mingyu and his fellow practitioners, the combat power should be inferior."

133 trillion dragon power! This force can already crush most of the complete existence of Na Xingjing! Go straight to the state of mind!

Unless it is a super demon-qualified Na Xingjing, otherwise it can't suppress this Shangguan gift.

A dozen eye-catchers of the eight grades were able to make eye contact for a moment, and almost everyone agreed that Lin Chen could only fight against the big killing trick of Nine Color Stars!

But that trick is obviously a big killing trick that uses the origin of the holy cave, can it be recovered in such a short time, or two.

The random selection this time is a plane of primordial wildness. Scallions grow into pieces, ancient trees tower, and there are even a lot of low-level beasts.

Chixia surging, bending like a moon, Shangguanci pulled the bow string, a red giant bow was born!

As soon as he entered the Great Desolate Plane, Shangguan gave a direct string pull, a holy force condensed like a whirlwind of fire, and fired a fiery red lightning!

Qiang~! Hey~!

The arrow light is like the extreme light, and the heat wave seems to be flooding the whole world, and there is no retreat at all!

Wherever he passed, the entire great wasteland plane burned into a sea of fire, burning thousands of miles!

One shot is the orange-level intermediate-level skill of the Flame Palace "Chi Yan Seven Swords"! I didn't even plan to give Lin Chen a backhand and a chance!

"Don't you, do the men of Shenyan Palace shoot so fast!"

Lin Chen shouted, the corners of his mouth outlined the playful arc.

He swiftly urged the body method. When the Sky Demon Wing retreated crazy, his holy dragon was born, and a supernatural bloodline supernatural power ``relied on the sky claw'' was caught in the sky!

Brush ~! The instant light splitting was launched, and the Heavenly Claw was divided into five. It was still worn by the arrow light, crushed and burned into nothingness!

Tear ~! At this time, a streamer and arrows struck the sky and ran away!

The shocking explosion made the plane sway and sway, and many evil spirits were stunned!

They thought about it subconsciously: not so outrageous...

I saw that Lin Chen's black wings flapped in the void, holding a clear blue war bow like a crescent moon. In front of the bow, there were three clouds and thunder stones inlaid, the stars were connected together, slowly flowing, and the bow strings were more like one. Thunder beating!

Seven Grade Holy Bow, Nine Sky Star Fury!

What is even more mysterious is that there is also a flying knife with a thin blade like a cicada wing, with a sharp white light all over the body, a sharp edge blooming, like a dancing butterfly, surrounding Lin Chen! There is a deadly killer hidden under the gem!

Qipin flying knife, Lingxi flying knife!

Numerous powerful mouth corners!

Another two brand new seventh-grade sacristy!

It's so perverted, is there really no power behind this kid? Without the support of great forces, how can you get so many seventh-grade holy items!

Counting the three holy objects he used before, there are five in total! Any eighth-ranking force who wants to come up with five seventh-grade holy objects can be said to be completely broken;

"I suspected that this kid had a deep relationship with Shenyan Palace, but it doesn't look like this!"

"Yeah, the attitude of the Shenyan Palace and his attitude is so bad, I don't want to think that it is related to the Shenyan Palace."

"But this to get so many Qipin holy items!"

The Mighty Master in the Sanqing Hall asked himself, even if they were alone, it would be impossible for a person to bring so many Qipin holy items!


Shangguan gave a lot of interest, and the disdain and sneer in the corner of his mouth remained unchanged.

"Do you want to defeat me with the number of Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment, Idiots say dreams, Seventh Grade Sacrificial Equipment is extremely high in spirit, and it depends on who controls them! With the autonomous fighting consciousness of the Sacrificial Equipment, I want to reverse the gap between you and me, You look too high on yourself, Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen shrugged and laughed jokingly.

"Shangguanci is right, you can remember, what did someone Lin do before?"

Shangguan brows frowning; "What did you do before, what does it have to do with me."

Lin Chen suddenly laughed with evil charm and played with fun.

"I used to be in the meeting room."

The voice just fell-

Bang ~!

Six Divine Lights came, and the ceiling was falling.

Six'Lin Chen', born out of the sky!

At this moment, outside the Dragon City, Sanqing Hall, all the strong men stayed in place instantly!