My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1426

Vol 5 Chapter 1426: Invincible In The Sacred Heart.

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The six phantom avatars stood beside Lin Chen like the stars.

They are either holding a gun or standing by a sword and holding a sword. The gods are extraordinary, and their breath is long. The breath of the expanding cave that belongs to Lin Chen alone, suppressing the Eight Wastelands, is exactly the same as Lin Chen's body!

Shangguan gives pupils shrink!

True or false! Even he can't tell which Lin Chen is the real body and which is the body!

Without even waiting for Shangguanci to hesitate or doubt Lin Chen's bluff, Lin Chen's avatar raised his hand!

Bang ~! The giant palm of the sky that burned the ninth fire mark was born, and it is generally the same as before, divided into five!

Qiang~! Pulling the knife apart, Jue Yan split out a burst of tears, and the gas spun at a rapid speed.


The dragon roared over thousands of mountains, the eight-headed spirit burned the dragon, and the sky and the sky changed! Longyin was destroyed by a hurricane and pointed at Shangguanci!

Hey~! The lightning flashed vertically, and the flake-like flying knife blasted from the blast, piercing through the void!

"not good!"

Shangguan gave a creepy, amorous body, condensed into a blue battle armor, the body method prompts the violent withdrawal, while quickly pulling the holy bow, shot quickly!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible offensive tide surrounded Shangguanci's violent fight, forcing him to use killing tricks again and again, and actually suppressed him positively!

"Ma'am, does this kind of practice really exist in the family, this kind of person is simply unnatural!"

When Shangguan gave his inner rage, he couldn't help but panic!

All six of his avatars have strength equivalent to ontology!

How **** it is!

The orange-level intermediate avatar does not have this kind of anti-natural effect!

And even more ridiculous is that each avatar can cast his strange and mysterious secrets, that trick can divide the combat skills into five secrets!

If it is Lin Chen alone, he is not afraid of being given by the official, and even has confidence to suppress him for a short time. If it is two people, he can maintain a weak advantage.

If there are three people, then when the offensives unite, even he has to use the trump card left by the Divine Flame Palace Branch Hall!

But now it is the six of his mother! Not counting Lin Chen's body!

The six Lin Chen completely pressed Shangguancis one-hit fight. His heritage and many ace cards left to him by the Palace of Shenflame could only be reduced to the tactics of parry under Lin Chens fierce attack!

See this scene-

The eight ranks of forces in the Sanqing Temple can stand up slowly,

Even the gangsters in Jianyu couldn't help murmuring.

"There is such a thing?"

The eyes of the mighty are full of incredible!

"This... is this true?"

"The old man has been in the Holy Realm for many years, and most of the avatar exercises have little effect after the life and death. Either the exhibition is performed without fighting, or the exhibition is too low, and it is decided that most of the avatars must rely on the spirit of cohesion. Doppelganger."

"He's obviously not a spiritual avatar! It's too evil! How many trump cards does this kid still have?"

"Unless the bloodline is peculiar, the talents of bloodline can be used to condense super avatars. Is this his bloodline talent?"

Most Bapin sects know that Lin Chen has a very profound avatar skill.

But they also know that the more powerful they are, the harder they want to perform the avatar that is close to the body's strength!

Especially after the expansion of Lin Chen's points, almost all the powerful believe that although his avatar skills are proficient, combatants at this level are not useful.

No matter how you say it, it is impossible to show him the cultivation of 31,000 times as many points as a doppelganger!

And Lin Chen's future battles indirectly "verified" the conjectures of the mighty.

At that time, almost everyone thought that after his avatar was promoted to expand the cave, he would no longer be able to fight.

However, in fact, the reason why his phantom avatar did not appear is that the body is polishing its strength, and it needs a one-on-one head-to-head challenge.

The second is that the avatar replaced his retreat. He was either practicing exercises or integrating alchemy skills, or alchemy, and was too busy.

Now that the ace of Phantom Doppelganger comes out, every move of the Doppelganger comes with Instant Light Splitting, which makes it impossible to fight back with Shangguanci and has no temper!

Seeing Lin Chen crushing Shangguanci's beatings, Shenyang Palace's evil spirits were stunned and their throats made a "cuckoo" sound.

Before half an hour, Shangguanci was already **** and seriously injured!

"How hurt so fast?"

"It was the same as Zhao Mingyu again! Look, the wounds given by Shangguan have not been repaired by Holy Power!"

The eyes of the powerful eyes are particularly dignified!

Lin Chen's son is definitely a nightmare for any sage below the state of mind!

In addition to the soaring strength of life and death, the most important thing is recovery ability.

However, this ability of recovery was in vain in front of Lin Chen, and was absolutely restrained!

What is this concept? This is equivalent to breaking an arm in life and death!

Besieged by him in this way, once injured, it will continue to deteriorate. When it comes to fighting for a long time, Lin Chen has no flaws!

Especially after he condenses the cave, how many people can suppress him in the top 2,000 in the list of evildoers? Unimaginable at all!

After being beaten up, Shangguanci finally realized the reality! At present, there is no possibility to overcome Lin Chen!

"I vote..."

"Vote for your uncle!"

Lin Chen played a slow rune with 5000 points of top rune energy in his backhand. Shangguan gave his words to his mouth, but he did not shout it!

Lin Chen didn't even give Shangguan the opportunity to surrender. With a palm in his hand, the four-handed flying knife was like a shadow of the streamer, dancing all over the sky, and flashing lightning to the Guanguan!

"Four Shadows!"

clang! clang! clang!

When the four flying knives were violently slashed to his holy armor, they burst into burst! The sky is full of attribute light balls, Shangguanci spit blood and fall!

Brush ~! Lin Chen turned into a dark shadow, and Jiuzhong Burned the Sky Palm to shoot it again. With one palm, he shot Shangguanci to the deepest point of the Great Desolate Plane, and the whole plane began to burn fiercely!

"Lin Chen won this ladder game!"

When the referee elder noticed that Shangguanci had lost consciousness, he immediately stood up!

The super demon of the divine generation of the Palace of Gods and Flames was just seriously injured by the hammer! Lin Chen didn't even leave a decent injury!

This result is once again beyond everyone's expectations!

[The host gains 29 strengthening points, 13,000 points of heavenly value, 1.3 million points of the essence of the set, 20 million points of advanced talent points...]

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get: 2000 intermediate strengthening points.

Lin Chen finished collecting a large number of attribute light **** and attribute treasure chests, and left the battle plane beautifully.

"Fuck, it's hidden too deep. Lin Chen, this kid, is definitely a Lao Yin ratio!"

"If he released the clone at the beginning, he might be able to push it all the way without having to do it himself, but this kid is hiding like a ghost!"

Many of the powers of Sanqing Hall's cognition of Lin Chen have raised a new level.

Even, many people no longer regard Lin Chen as a young junior, but more as a strong man of the same level!

If Lin Chen exerts all his strength, unites all the avatars, under the state of the Saint, he will be invincible except for the insignificant individual existence!