My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1427

Vol 5 Chapter 1427: Is Kneeling Popular Recently?

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Looking at the Shangguan gift that was lifted out and burned all over, even the hair was roasted, many people were sighing.

Lin Chen was carried away again.

When Lin Chen teleported back to Sanqing Hall, facing the gritted faces of Shenyan Palace, the corners of his mouth were raised, and he shrugged, as if to say

That's it? That's it?

Yue Xin'er looked surprised and unbelievable, looking at Lin Chen, who was able to do so, and marveled, "Master Lin Chen, how strong are you..."

Lin Chen looked up at the sky forty-five degrees and said deep.

"Strong, what's the use? I still haven't been able to handsome that man."

Yue Xin'er: "..."

At this time, Lin Ping ran along the way, her face excited, pulling Lin Chen's clothes.

"Lin Chen, take me with you to the Nine Race Battlefield?"

Lin Chen: "Huh?"

In the Nine Race battlefield, only the top 500 in the ladder competition can enter. Except for the creatures who have gained the protection power of the Nine Race, they are not allowed to enter.

In addition to the special existence of the ultimate shadow, Lin Chen also intends to put Bai Qian Qian outside.

"I have already asked, I can go in with confidence, this time you will take me! I cover you!"

Xiao Nizi patted her chest arrogantly, full of self-confidence, causing Yue Xin'er to smile.

Lin Chen shined!

The name of Lin Ping's painful disaster is not a false name, if she can enter, the safety of this trip is much more!

"This nizi was originally an energy spirit, maybe it can really be mixed in..."

Immediately, Lin Chen decided to let Lin Ping try. Anyway, there will be any circumstances at that time, Lin Chen can also use the talent of "super-dimensional transmission" to send her out in a short distance.

Since Lin Chen's World War I, there have been more enemies who have won and lost, and finally, when the ranking is released-

"List of evil spirits: 2001, no sectarian Lin Chen!"

"List of Sinisters: 2002, Shenyan PalaceShangguanchen!"


Lin Chen, 2001 is the top of the evil list!

He is the only existence in the history of the current list of enemies with the expansion of the hole to repair the 2001 name, unprecedented, and will certainly be the last!

When awarding the award, Lin Chen also obtained the qualification to arbitrarily choose an orange-level low-level exercises, and a reward for a seed of Zhongpin Qiyunling planting, plus a fifth-grade sacristy, the reward is very rich!

After the rewards were distributed, the drunk man and other powerful individuals summoned the 500 evildoers this time!

"Every time the Nine Clan battlefield is opened, it is always to drop some evil spirits, which is really a loss for my human race..."

When the drunk old man told the crowd, he looked a little sighed, as if recalling some memories of the year.

"The opponents you have to face, there are the demon clan on the bright side, the orc and dragon clan in the dark, and the shadow clan lurking inside. This is an extremely difficult exploration adventure, but if you can come back alive, You will certainly have the possibility of hitting a higher level!"

The drunk old man said in a deep voice: "The opening of the Nine Clan battlefield will be opened in half a month, I hope you will be well prepared!"


All the evil spirits responded, Lin Chen looked faintly.

The Nine Clan Battlefield, a deserted ancient battlefield that brings together various races, I do not know what opportunities can be encountered.

For Zhao Mingyu and Shangguanci, they lost, and they also had the opportunity to participate in the battlefield of the Nine.

However, what made people feel afterwards and was afraid that the injuries of these two people could not be healed, and they were expanding more and more, and they could only rely on the top-level Saint Pill to maintain their lives!

When awarding the prize for the ladder competition, Lin Chen just picked a rare and powerful orange-level secret technique, "Lotus Dance", which is a flying knife. It is not an intermediate level of orange, but it is exactly what Lin Chen lacks.

Orange-level intermediate exercises are not so easy to find. Even if you buy them, you have to have enough time and opportunity to buy them.

The technique of "Lotus Dance", once the flying knife is out, will bloom the infinite lotus flying dance, a real lore, it will only be hidden in the flying lotus in the sky, making the enemy dazzled and invisible effect.

When leaving Sanqing Temple and returning to Wolong City, Lin Chendun felt that he had completed one more thing and was refreshing!

As soon as Lin Chen and others appeared, they immediately caused restlessness in the Dragon City.

In his current reputation, it will spread for a while. In the 36 domains, the power of the Fifth Grade and above will be unknown to everyone, and the degree to which everyone knows! Living legend!

"You won, Lin Chen."

The cold voice echoed into her ears, and Ye Lixue appeared. When she walked slowly, the people of Zixia Wanggu couldn't help being alert again!

They are really not interested in this Mrs. Valley Master!

One split the people of Zixia Wanggu, and the other tried to make Qingwu a bargaining chip for her family to negotiate and grow.

"Aunt, do you have anything else to explain. No, let me take care of the clichs like light dancing."

Lin Chen smiled at random, this woman's scheming is not trivial.

At most, Lin Chen could only save the goblin, and the one who won or not won might still be in the calculation of others.

"The current situation of Zixia Wanggu has offended the Zhao family, and some people will secretly engage in small actions. Now you can't rely on your manpower to turn the tide. I hope to see your own forces in the future. Whatever the light dance is, it is also mine Daughter, I dont want to see her rely on a polished commander."

After Ye Lixue finished, Lin Chen said profoundly: "It will be as you wish."

Brush ~! A sound of breaking wind came, and a group of figures appeared in the Dragon City.

Dan Yu's group seems to have two more old men.

In the Presbyterian Church of Danyu, halfway through the start of the ladder game, it seemed that some important things had left. Now the fierce return has made the parties who have just left the field somewhat ignorant.

At the next moment, everyone stunned


The Tsing Yi giant and the old man in linen led the kneeling down to Lin Chen on the spot!

Questions and answers from all the eight brands!

what's the situation!

The elders of the Dan Domain will be placed in the Heavenly Sanctuary and they are also a party overlord. There are people and organizations with heads and faces.

This **** thing's recent popularity can not kneel to Lin Chen?

"Thanks to the great kindness of Lin Chen, my Presbyterian Church, it will be unforgettable!"

The old man in Mai was very excited, and even tears on the spot!

Originally, when Lin Chen accepted Song Yilian's "Bodhi Holy Pill", he threatened to return a gift to the elders. At that time, everyone did not know what it meant.

Now they know!

This gift can't be overstated in the history of Danyu!

Because this ritual is the legend of the alchemy of Danyu in the past.

The peerless alchemy wizard covered up in history, under his contemporaries, was hailed as the closest medicine refining giant to the Ninth Grade Saint-level Alchemist!

However, such a big man was dying for the beloved at that time, raged into the territory of the Holy King, and eventually became a prisoner of the order of the Holy Prison! A generation of legends ended here and were covered up by history.

Until a while ago, You Xiangsheng personally returned to the Danyu Presbyterian Church alive! The senior leaders of the Presbyterian Church were all shocked! Only then the people in Danyu were recalled, and the top management held an emergency meeting overnight!

Lin Chen flicked his sleeves and asked Er Lao to get up and smile slightly: "The two of you are welcome. Come, let's find a time to sit down and talk slowly."

Ye Lixue turned her eyes, staring at Lin Chen's back, and she couldn't help but feel intense curiosity and dignity.

How many secrets are there for this boy.

She couldn't see through until now, she still couldn't see through at all.

"Maybe, Qingwu was rescued by him, but it is not a bad thing..."