My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1428

Vol 5 Chapter 1428: Stormy.

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The eyes of sight in Wolong City increased more and more, Lin Chen and the people from Danyu quickly left.

The kneeling of the Presbyterian Church is different from that of Wan Yan Temple.

The relationship between Wan Yandian and Qi Feiyan is unknown to the outside world, but it was well known that you were the pillar of the Presbyterian Church.

There are a lot of people here, and in case there are individual Holy Prison eyeliners, it is really possible to be targeted.

Yunding Building, VIP box.

Lin Chen met alone with the Presbyterian Church.

Everyone in the Danyu Presbyterian Church was excited.

In particular, Song Yilian stared at Lin Chen's eyes, and her wonderful eyes were scorching, as if he was going to strip him and look inside and out!

Is this teenager really a human being, and the people in the holy prison can be rescued?

"Lin Chenxiao...No, Gongchen Lin, the old man was so excited before, so I hope you won't be surprised."

The voice of the old man in linen was still full of shock and excitement.

The return of Yu Xiangsheng directly means that the medicine refining foundation of the Danyu Presbyterian Church is more powerful.

This powerful part comes from his attainment of refined medicine! With the guidance of the past, the entire Presbyterian Church is likely to be elevated!

"Grandpa Lin Chen is worthy of being a person who can expand his point by 30,000 times. To be honest, when the old man called Grandpa En directly, the old man was almost scared."

The Tsing Yi giant was particularly sighed, and returned to Danyu in an emergency. Only then did he know why Lin Chen could expand his hole 30,000 times!

Damn, you can go to the holy prison to save people, who can do it all the time? 30,000 times the hole is expanded, it is indeed deserved!

Lin Chen smiled and said: "When you come back on this trip, what is the so-called thing, you kneel, the problem is not small."

"Sorry, sorry, emotionally, when the senior swimmer directed me..."

The old man in sackcloth was like a sentimental speech tuberculosis, and his mouth was like the flooding of the Yellow River, and he talked endlessly, thinking about it.

"It's done, you should rest first."

The Tsing Yi giant hurriedly stopped him.

Then, his hands waved, and a large amount of space jade jade appeared in the box in no time!

The jade seal is sealed with layers of spiritual imprints, as if bound by thousands of chains. If the spiritual realm is strong, you can clearly feel the massive spiritual information sealed in the jade seal!

"This is..." Lin Chen asked, still bright.

"This is the medicine refining handbook with the most refining elements in the three pavilions of the Presbyterian Church, which is specially designed to give to Lin Chen Eng.

The Tsing Yi giant smiled, "This is what the adult specifically told me that you will definitely need him, as for the elders, he will add new ones."

Lin Chen's expression is a little solemn!

These jade jade spaces are all medicine recipes of the Presbyterian Church!

That is from the early days of the establishment of the Danyu Presbyterian Church to the present, every life-stunning heart left by the stunning pharmacist! Like the historical roster of the Presbyterian Church, all unfolded in front of Lin Chen!

These are indescribably described by priceless treasures!

He didn't expect You Xiangsheng to have such a great energy, he evacuated the alchemy collection of the Danyu Presbyterian Church and sent it to Lin Chen!

"Then I would like to thank you all. These refining medicine collections are handed over to me by Lin Chen, and they will not be buried!"

Lin Chen was also unambiguous, all accepted.

From a normal point of view, if so many refining medicine outlines are replaced by any refining medicine giant, they will not be finished in a short time. This is not the amount that can be read overnight!

Anyway, to win a natural selection champion like Lin Chen is a move against the sky. Obviously, Yu Xiangsheng did not regard his protagonist as a "normal person"...

In itself, Lin Chen now needs to focus on refining medicine, which is closely related to his own strength.

At this level of Lin Chen's present, only the alchemy handprint, spiritual realm, and top-level refining medicine collection can improve his refining skills!

"Engong is refreshing! Hahahaha!"

The crowd rejoiced in the wine speech for a while and ended the short meeting.

Jie Tower, Jianyu, Zixia Wanggu, Class 66 and others, knowing that Lin Chen has something important, has not bothered him.

Lin Chen officially started to retreat in the Yunding Building. This time, instead, he was going to focus on refining medicine!

[It consumes 1.45 million points of top-level exercises and spirits, and starts to integrate all the refining outlines of the host's collection.

Endless practice memories, such as the vast world, flooded into Lin Chen and the body and doppelganger's mind!


Lin Chen had a headache, and there was a feeling of shakyness in his mental awareness of the sea.

This is the first time he has integrated such a huge memory of practice! It is not an easy task to share the six avatars!

This massive cultivation of jade jade is equivalent to integrating the history of the medicine refining of the Danyu Presbyterian Church into the memory of Lin Chen.

If it is an ordinary medicine refining giant, if you want to learn all the medicine refining outlines, you must spend at least a few epochs!

"System, I have to awaken three stages of mental strength."

[Consume 60,000 high-level heaven values, start three stages of awakening mental power: 1%, 2%...]

Along with the speed of spiritual awakening, Lin Chens memory of fusion and cultivation grew faster and faster, until there was no burden at the end!

But there is a problem that Lin Chen has to continue to take Youshenguo to make up for the consumed mental power. The faster the spiritual operation speed, the expended mental power will also increase exponentially!

[The three stages of spiritual awakening are completed: 100% (satisfaction), and the speed of the hosts spiritual operation is increased by 200 times.

The speed of Lin Chen's fusion of memory is not only free of burden, it is more than ten times faster than before!

"Well, avatars merge memory of practice, and I personally verified these outlines of refining medicine, combined them all, and summed up the most suitable way for me."

Lin Chen opened his eyes, a large number of heaven and earth treasures appeared, and began to refine medicine!


Wolong City, a building.

"Ah! Why, why can't it be cured!"

The screams had permeated and traumatized people, tearing their hearts apart, and heard another group of Shenyan Palace monsters shaking their heads and sighing.

It was the Shangguan gift that injured him. He still hasn't recovered from the injury so far, and even the drunk man and others have personally shot it to no avail.

"Brother Shangguan, you can rest assured that your enemies will enter the battlefield of the Nine Races and report to you! If you can wake up the spiritual consciousness of the ancestors in the battlefield at that time, let him ten Linchens not be our opponents!"

The two young apprentices comforted Shangguanci, and gritted their teeth involuntarily, and then Shangguanci snarled, his eyes wide open.

"Must break him up!"

Outside the Heavenly Sanctuary.

In a very distant space plane, a dim hall.


Laughter shakes the entire plane, the universe is turbulent, and the wild laughter reverberates every week!

"Successful, this seat finally succeeded! Ancient god, ancient god, I finally walked in front of you. This method of making high-quality crystals, after all, let me try it out. This Holy Realm can't be restrained. I!"

Bang ~!

The thunder rolled, the planes wobbled, and the mad laughter of Yin Tianzi shouted like a night owl, and kept on.