My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1429

Vol 5 Chapter 1429: Dance Under The Moon Dance At Night.

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In half a month, the twinkling of an eye passed away.


With a loud bang, the Yunding Building was teetering!

"I'm relying on it! I scared the individual and scared my second brother!"

"What happened? Can you reassure yourself!"

"Handsome people have already started to exercise, and ugly people are still exploding!"

The people in Yunding Building were terrified. Fortunately, every plane of Yunding Building's private room had a space boundary, and this exploded.

"It was Lin Chen's closed room."

"What kind of moth is he doing?"

When everyone looked at his room, the door was pushed open at once, and someone Lin came out refreshed.

"Lin Chen Eng looks like a big gain."

The old man in Mai who waited outside at the Danyu Presbyterian Church smiled.

Lin Chen smiled and said: "This is also thanks to the outline of refining medicine you sent."

This time, Lin Chen found a new alchemy method! A medicine refining operation that belongs exclusively to someone in his forest!

Lin Chen said sharply, "Yes, what is the dividing line between the seventh-grade Saint-level pharmacist and the eighth-grade Saint-level pharmacist."

Lin Chen questioned the Presbyterian Church, and everyone's face became particularly exciting!

Has Eun Gong already reached the seventh-grade peak saint-level pharmacist?

This evil is too much!

A year ago, he had only six grades to participate in the general election conference!

All the elders present in them did not reach the peak of Qipin!

There are not many elixirs made in this retreat, but Lin Chen always feels that he is inferior. He is far from the Eighth Grade Saint-level pharmacist and has never met the requirements in the pharmacy outline.

If there is a formula, Lin Chen refines Qipin Shengdan, the success rate should be around 50%. If all the avatars are on one piece, the success rate of almost any Qipin Shengdan can be infinitely close to 99%.

However, Bapin Shengdan is still one line behind.

Lin Chen couldn't find out what he was missing. Each copy of the eight-grade Ju Qing's refining medicine outline is expressed in only one sentence.

Become a prince and transform the eight qualities of the holy.

"I used to... have seen an elder elder refining medicine."

The old man in linen suddenly said.

His eyes reveal the vicissitudes of the past, "The refining of the Eighth Grade Saint Pill is different from the usual elixir. The elixir can only be made into a pill heart first, then into a young pill, and finally the pill is the pill."

"If you can't refine the pill heart when refining medicine, even if the Tiancai Dibao is the same as the Eighth Grade Pill and successfully condensed into a young pill, the final finished pill is not an eighth grade, but a seventh grade peak or Qipin Shengdan."

"If you don't make a heart, you can't refine it forever."

The old man in Mai said seriously, Lin Chen blurted out subconsciously.

"Then the method of refining pill heart..."

"No. There is no way to refine the heart of the heart. This thing can only be understood, not spoken."

The old man of Mai Mai shook his head: "I also listened to what my predecessors said. Every eighth-grade saint-level pharmacist uses completely different methods to refine the Danxin. , Others cant learn, only self-enlightenment."


Each eight-grade pharmacist's method of refining the Danxin is different. It is not a skill inherited from the Danfang, but only by self-enlightenment.

Unable to refine the Danxin, even if you get the eight-grade Danfang, only the seven-grade Shengdan will be refined!

For Lin Chen, this can be regarded as the most difficult medicine refining challenge, which cannot be used to learn the path of the road of predecessors.

"It seems that this barrier has passed itself."

Lin Chen pondered for a moment, but shook his head helplessly.

Lin Pingan pulled his clothes and mumbled; "Lin Chen, I am hungry."

"Every day and night, I know to eat."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, why is he surrounded by foodies?

Leng Yueqi standing behind Lin Chen suddenly smiled.

"Your goblin is at Yejia. A few days ago she was calling you to go, don't you go to see her."

"Er...little goblin looking for me?" Lin Chen was stunned and immediately puzzled.

Why did you go to Yejia again?

Confused, Lin Chen left Yunding Tower.

At night, Lin Chen arrived at Yejia.

Lin Chen teleported to a space plane according to the instructions of the goblin.

The moonlight is sultry and enchanting.

The peach blossoms are in flakes, and Qingxi is full of bright moonlight. The place is like a paradise, which makes Lin Chen feel relaxed and happy.


When Lin Chen gazed at the distant mountain peak, he was instantly attracted by the dancing person.

On the top of the mountain, the moonlight dotted, Qiluo fluttered, the children's clothing was embroidered like powder embroidered, the beautiful girl like a demon smiled and looked at the youngsters in the distance.

Her cheeks were as bright as peach blossoms, her beautiful eyes were flowing, Gu Panshenghui was full of charms.

The beautiful snow-white collarbone floated with a plume of hibiscus, and a light cloud like a crimson cloud, elegant and charming. The snow-white halo wrist rolled the neon jade belt, waving layers of smoke-like peach blossoms, and dancing.

The boneless waist was twisted, and the pink skirt rolled up like a cloud and fluttering, peach blossoming.

When her jade hand waved, the neon yarn flew like two rising rainbows, and the moonlight shone brightly under the moonlight, which was beautiful and beautiful, and her skin resembled the crystal snow jade in the moonlight. , Her eyes are like the blue waves under the moon, watching Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was dumbfounded!

It seems that the world's most beautiful goblin dances under the moon, and can't keep your eyes straight!

When the child's eyebrows are raised slightly, the red lips lighten up when the eyes are slightly closed.

Twilight world

Expect it to come slower

You in the picture, come quickly

Please let me remember your smile...

Lin Chen couldnt help but indulge in this beautiful voice. He had heard the voices of different beauties, each with different strengths, the tenderness of Shangguan Bihan, the tenderness of Yue Linlin, the sweetness of Yun Manqing, the sweetness of Yan Qianyun, the sweetness of Ning Qingxuan Teana, Bai Ruoyan's elegance, Leng Yueqi's tranquility, the emperor's grace.

But her voice is elegant and charming, like the pure laugh of a pure girl, with a trace of charm and charm, sometimes like a girl of first love, let you feel fresh, and sometimes whisper like a fairy. The heart floating heart is soft.

In your eyes like that star

I want to hug you tightly

The most precious thing

Maybe it's the twinkling stars in your eyes.

The gauze fluttered and the pink skirt swayed slightly. After the dance was over, Lin Chen still remained silent in the dance.

"Like it."

The fairy in the moonlight smiled like a flower.

Lin Chen nodded and wondered: "Little Goblin, where did you... dance learn?"

The little demon floated towards Lin Chen, fell in front of him, and said with a smile: "I've been there since I was a kid, but you didn't find it yourself. The name of this dance is my name, Ye Qingwu."

The little demon flashed her eyes and smiled.

"Thank you for my mother-in-law."

Lin Chen waved his hand and grinned: "It's okay, why are we dating, little problem."

Ye Qingwu pursed her lips and smiled, "Compared to what you have to do afterwards, it is indeed a small problem. You have to go to the Palace of Gods Flames to take your goddess back, right."

"Hey, you still understand me. As for the goddess, if Sister Yan is a fairy, it will never be a goddess of Shenyang Palace."

Lin Chen laughed and said, the two of them have a strong heart, as if they can think of anything together.

Ye Qingwu didn't tell Lin Chen.

The woman of Ye Family, the first dance of Xihui at birth, can only be watched by one person in this life, that is her husband.

"Why tell him, that's fine."