My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1430

Vol 5 Chapter 1430: The Reaction Of The Dragon Blood Jade

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"Well, this is for you."

After the little demon threw a thing to Lin Chen, he spread out a look: "Purple Star Cloud Xia".

Lin Chen was dumbfounded and stupefied: "Orange Rank Intermediate Arrow Skill?"

The orange-level intermediate skills are also extremely precious in the upper reaches of the demon list! There is generally only one kind of orange rank middle-level Gongzhen sect among the seven ranks.

The little demon smiled and said: "Well, this thing is the coincidence of my Wang Gu ancestors. I have the original in this Wang Gu. This volume was burned by the elders for thousands of years. The father told me to pay Here you are, you can shoot well, this is just right for you."

"It's a good shot, can you change it, but forget it, it's a big truth anyway."

Lin Chen smiled and accepted it.

The demon queen Yan Yan smiled and said: "Everyone in Wang Gu is very grateful to you, saying that you don't need to be stressed. Zhao's revenge, we Wang Gu is not afraid at all."

Lin Chen patted his chest: "It's okay, if you have any questions, go to Bingxin Palace, fight this kind of thing, I never counsel, you know."

Lin Chen and the demon later talked for a long time.

Although the little demon does not know Ye Lixue's intentions, she does not hate her mother.

She knows that her mother's life experience is even more miserable than herself, which may be due to her efforts to develop Yejia.

The next day, the top 500 of the Lai Wai competition in the list of monsters were called!

Lin Chen handed Bai Qian Qian and several Qiyun capsules to Crimson Fairy, left her outside, and brought Lin Ping and the demon back into Qingxue capsules.

Inside the Sanqing Hall; the giant space door opens.

The drunk old man stood in front of the giant door of the space, and sternly urged the people to be humane.

"This trip is extremely dangerous. The battlefields of the Nine Races are extremely large. If the scope of discussion is as wide as one-fifth of the Holy Realm, and there are territories of various races, remember that there are no special circumstances. Don't cross the border. Once you cross the border, especially It is the Dragon race, and it will create a situation of war in no time!"

Most of the demon princes present were dignified, no one dared to underestimate this trip, one was careless, and it was impossible to be buried in the hands of powerful people of all races!

Although they are a list of evildoers, it does not mean they will not die!

In the holy world of human races, they can act as prestige and blessings, and have the status of enchanted list, without fear that someone will easily dare to move their lives.

But on the battlefield of the Nine Races, those ancient creatures, powerful people of various races, and long-time Demon Kings will not give them a half face, or even kill them!

Moreover, these 500 evil spirits are not a united state. Everyone will make conspiracies and tricks every minute. Look down on this action is to take your life as a joke.

The drunk man flicked his sleeves, and everyone turned into a streamer, shooting into the giant door of space.


The giant door of the space shook and seemed to reach the limit of tolerance. 498 people were just close to the limit of tolerance.

As for the missing 2 people, they have been carried away.


The drunk man and the other two powerful men reached out and injected the Holy Power to maintain the smooth passage of the space.

A day later, the crumbling giant door stopped shaking.

"Hoo, finished."

The drunk old man squeezed a sweat and looked at the giant door of space; "I hope this group of little guys will be better than blue out of blue. There are too many secrets in the battlefield of the Nine Races, and there are countless fallen human race sages..."


Nine people battlefield, everyone landed!

It was dark all around and the stars flickered, no day and night.

Mysteriously, this place is silver and white, and even the vegetation is a variety that the Holy Realm has never seen before.

As if everything was formed naturally.

As soon as the monsters set foot on Tianjiao, they instantly became alert.

"Very well, Ping An and the Little Shadow did not cause a space storm, they came in successfully."

Lin Chen always cared about his luck sac and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Immediately, he ran the Holy Power and yanked hard!


The space was rippled, only slightly twisted, and not torn.

"What a solid space boundary, it seems that here can't shuttle the void, only fly by its own divine power."

Lin Chen was not surprised. If a large number of peerless strongmen fell here, this is a natural result.

The souls fall, the luck returns to the sky, and the cultivation base will merge into the same plane.

"There is no end to perception in a wide space..."

When the evil spirits were alert to each other, Lin Chenyun explored the surrounding lightly.

Suddenly, the vision reappeared.


At this time, a throbbing and call from the blood in the body flooded Lin Chen's heart!

Lin Chen found that the blood of Shenglong was somewhat restless!

"what happened"

When Lin Chen urged the blood veins to find the cause, two crystal clear blood jades piled up next to the numerous gold holy Yuan coins in the Qingxue planting capsules were suspended, exuding a dragon-like light.

The Dragon Shadow inside the Blood Jade is sealed in Blood Jade.

Lin Chen froze in an instant!

This result, he did not expect!

This dragon blood jade even reacted on the battlefield of the Nine Races!

"This dragon blood jade seals the whereabouts of the blood line of the ancient dragon of Taixi! Could it be said that the battlefield of the nine races is related to the ancient dragon of Taixi?"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

The ancient dragon of Taixi, the former dragon of the dragon family, is suspected of appearing the ancient dragon ancestor!

Until now, Lin Chen's Taixi ancient dragon bloodline still can not reach the level that can be used!

He once obtained the blood lines of the two great dragons of Taizhou Ancient Dragon and Taixi Ancient Dragon, but the bloodline properties were too thin, so that he could not use any magical powers at all.

If you can get the blood of the Shenlong, even if the cultivation is unchanged, the Holy Dragon who refines the "Nine Tribulation Dragon Qi" may become one of his strongest killers!

"Mr. Lin Chen, the Nine Races are extremely dangerous. Can I team up with you?"

Yue Xin'er came to Lin Chen and smiled like a flower.

Lin Chen shrugged: "It doesn't matter, it's okay to team up together. Anyway, I will definitely run the fastest, and if there is a good baby, I will also run the fastest."

Although Yue Xin'er is fascinating on earth, someone in Lin Lin has never thought about picking a girl or a girl. Although he can hold up, he never thinks about his lower body in major matters.

Yue Xin'er looked at him with a charming look, "You think of me as a person, am I the kind of person who seduces and uses others with beautiful colors!"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "The heart is separated from the belly, who knows, if you take it off and let me check it, maybe I can believe your success."

"Humph!" Yue Xin'er wrinkled her nose.

"If we want to form a team, can we count the two of us."

Dancing in white, Sheng Xuefu, a handsome young man came with a quirky girl, holding a white paper fan, and gracefully arched his hand.

"My Excellency Lin Chen, I am Shangguanchen of the Divine Hall of Shenyan Palace. This is my sister, Feng Xueer."

The girl waved her jade vigorously, and the sun smiled; "Hello, handsome brother Chen Chen."

Someone Lin clapped his hands, absolutely!

"Oh! Look at this kid, you can't speak at first glance, so honest!"

The girl blinked playfully. "Really, Dad said that my biggest shortcoming is that it is too honest and easy to lose. Brother Lin Chen, can you say that I can change it."

Lin Chen waved, "Can't change it, born!"

Yue Xin'er's support...