My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1431

Vol 5 Chapter 1431: 1. The Situation Of Shenyan Palace.

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After Shangguanchen smiled, he said solemnly.

"Lord Lin Chen, you have to be careful of the other people in the Shenyan Palace. They are planning to retaliate against you. I guess it may be the use of the tomb of the ancestors that once fell in the battlefield of the nine races."

"Oh?" Lin Chen was surprised.

This Shangguan Chen seems to be a friend, not an enemy. He is the next highest player in the Ladder of the Chen Chen in the ladder competition.

Lin Chen opened the door to see the truth; "Looking at your attitude, it seems that there is also a lot of fighting in the Shenyan Palace. Is there anything to disclose, since you want to cooperate, you must first show your sincerity."

"Fast words, fast approach, straightforward," Shangguanchen exclaimed, and immediately said: "In the history of Shenyan Palace, an unprecedented event happened, which caused the sages of Shenyan Palace to be expelled from the list of sages directly for the reason. It has not been announced so far, but what is certain is that Divine Flame Palace has started to diverge."

"Shenyan Palace's strongest heart method and exercises, from the beginning of the creation of the Holy Realm, have always passed on women but not men, but after the last thing, the Shenyang Palace began to have a branch hall, and there is a peerless sage. , Joined the branch hall of the Shenyan Palace."

Speaking of this, Shang Guanchen's expression was once very complicated.

"I can visit the Divine Flame Palace, and it is also because of this peerless genius, he is one of the hundreds of thousands of sacred blood vessels of the Holy Realm!"

Lin Chen's expression became more dignified!

Wushen Bloodline!

How strong is this bloodline, he has personally experienced it on Shen Lingshuang!

To put it bluntly, the Wushen bloodline has the passive effect of his [Function Fusion Function] and [Extreme Possession] talents!

They are born martial arts wizards, and any martial arts skills can be integrated in a very short time, and play a stronger strength!

And, it's not limited to this!

"It was the sage who joined the blood of the God of War that made it possible to restore the Palace of the Divine Flame. He learned all the skills of the Palace of the Divine Flame and learned all of them. He used his own power to gradually modify a large number of cores. The practice method makes the practice method no longer restricted. In addition to female disciples, male disciples can also practice, making the Shenyan Palace completely expandable!"

Shang Guanchen's eyes stared at Lin Chen, "He rejuvenated the Shenyan Palace with his own strength!"

"Modify the exercises?" Lin Chen was stunned.

The more top-level exercises, the higher the precision, and if a detail goes wrong, the practitioner may be at risk of death in no time!

Like the previous Optimus Swordsman, after only obtaining a volume of "Taiyi Futian Jue" practice, he died at the risk of the anti-bite of mind, even Lin Chen also collected three volumes of Taiyi Futian Jue remnants, determined by the system Cultivate before you can practice.

It can be seen that it is unimaginable to modify an exercise method, especially above the orange level!

To put it bluntly, even Lin Chen, who currently has a [system] at this stage, can't completely revise some of the top skills and techniques!

Shangguan Chen encouraged: "Lord Lin Chen does not have to be surprised, the evil spirit list is called the young blood and hope of the human race, and the sage list is the culmination of the era of the Holy World. Everyone on the list can not use common sense. To measure the potential of His Excellency Lin Chen, I believe that one day he will approach them."

Lin Chen laughed suddenly; "Just close?"

Shangguan Chen was stunned. In Lin Chen's eyes, he saw a deep and passionate fighting intention!

This young man has a war intent on the Saints List!

Lin Chen waved his hand and said: "Listening to your situation, the Shenyan Palace should now be divided into two parties."

How could the Shenyan Palace allow an outsider to influence its own foundation? Listen to this situation, and now the Shenyan Palace is also in dire straits!

"Yes, yes, those people hate to die!"

Feng Xueer shook her long hair and muttered: "After the man modified the exercises, if the man wants to cultivate his mind to perfection, he must combine with the true disciples of Shenyang Palace. Now the stinky man wants to be white. If Sister Tobacco competes for the position of the future palace master!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his expression became particularly serious in an instant, which surprised Yue Xin'er.

"Sister Fengxueer, what is it?"

"Sister Bai Ruoyan came to our Shenyan Palace soon, but everyone liked her very much. Many elders also stood on the side of Sister Bai Ruoyan, but the guy with the blood of Wushen secretly attracted an elder and an elder The Venerable Dharma Protector, even the palace master is standing on his side. If Sister Bai Ruoyan loses in the future competition, he will be elected as the palace master of Shenyang Palace!"

Feng Xueer was angry and biting her silver teeth unwillingly; "At that time, all the female disciples in Shenyan Palace can only marry the people in the branch hall in the name of developing Shenyan Palace. In the future, I want to win the position of the master of the palace and I want to take Sister Bai Ruoyan as my own.

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "What's this guy's name."

Yue Xin'er's body shivered, and Lin Chen's eyes flashed with a clear killing intention!

Shangguan Chen stared at Lin Chen, saying word by word.

"Wu Pian absolutely."

Feng Xueer saw that Lin Chen's reaction was different. In the past, her eyes widened. "Brother Lin Chen, your relationship with Sister Bai Ruoyan will not really be the same as they said."

After Lin Chen meditation on the name from his heart, he remembered the words of Shangguan Jue. In a short time, she could still protect Bai Ruoyan.

Lin Chen put away his whole body in a murderous manner, without panic.

"My relationship with Sister Ruoyan is very simple, I am her man, she is my woman, no matter who it is, I will only go all out in front of her, the sage list, I dont know how much Strong, but there are some things that I dont know until I fight."

Lin Chen's courage made Shangguanchen move!

It seems to be an understatement, but I really don't know how much determination and courage!

The sage list, but not the demon list! The concept of challenging the sage list is completely different from the demon list! That is equivalent to challenging one of the human race's civilization creators!

"Go, many people have already acted, and we should act."

Lin Chen flew into the air, and the three followed him. They each had their own goals, but they took care of each other.

at the same time.

Nine race battlefield, on the other side.

Buzz~! !

Hundreds of figures emerged from the void, a desolate place, silver and frost-like, covering the earth all day.

This newly emerged figure, with its **** head, is as bright as the sun and the moon!

The men have the resources of an overlord, the women have their own strengths, or they are as cold and beautiful, or as tender as water, but the majesty between the eyebrows is difficult to hide, such as those in high positions, the weather is strong, and all are peerless. !

"Well, the battlefield of the Nine Races is here, everyone be careful of the human race and the demon race, these mean and cunning guys, maybe they are waiting for opportunities to spy on us."

A Xuan Ang youth with a blue corner above his head said in a deep voice.

"How old are you, and dare to order us."

"Wait until you can win us, and we will talk nonsense, and our actions will require you to dictate."

"Every human race, come and kill one!"

The people behind him screamed in cold voice, refuting the former.

These arrogances are actually the geniuses of the dragon race!

Nine race battlefield, dragon race is here!