My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1432

Vol 5 Chapter 1432: Play Above.

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Chapter 1432, Play Above.

The third day.

Nine race battlefield, human race battlefield.

Sorry~! A grey and white rung descended from the sky and exploded, and the space became particularly slow to freeze, freezing the two lights and shadows in the void!

Bang ~! Jiuzhong Burning Heaven's Palm rises into the sky and shakes a light and shadow solidified by space!

Light and shadow screamed, from the fuzzy human form into two whole bodies like snow jade, carved dragon-like snow white ginseng!

Lin Chen held it with one hand, his expression was agitated, and he made a seal, sealing two pieces of white snow ginseng into the air transport capsule with the Holy Power!

This is the eighth-grade sacred treasure, the snowy jade dragon king ginseng, a truly unsurpassed treasure!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

At this time, six streams of light flashed from all directions, and they would all come to Lin Chen's side, all his phantom avatars!

Each Phantom Doppelganger brings more or less a lot of top-notch celestial treasures, and the lowest is also the sixth-grade Saint Grade!

The three following Lin Chen couldn't help but be amazed!

This speed of sweeping the heavenly and earthly treasures is terrible!

These days they followed Lin Chen, and Mao didn't catch one!

Because Lin Chen is only a little closer to the area with treasures, he is like a cat smelling fishy, the response is ridiculously fast!

What is even more terrifying is that when he shot, he was often accompanied by a means of "condensing the void"!

Even in the face of those rare and precious treasures that have become spiritualized, it is also a victory in one move, absolutely unambiguous!

Yue Xin'er and Shang Guanchen agreed that Lin Chen didn't even take it seriously in the duel given by Zhao Mingyu and Shang Guan.

This is so ridiculously strong!

Bang ~! Thousands of miles away, a Shengxia burst into awe-inspiring!

"Another treasure?"

Lin's eyes shine!

These three days, he is so cool!

That's right, it's a cool word!

The battlefield of the Nine Nation looks inconspicuous. At a glance, it looks like silver and white, and the stars are vast. In fact, it is treasure everywhere!

It is possible to dig a stone in the ground, it is a rare treasure!

But the premise is that you have to take it away!

Everything has spirituality, and so are the natural materials and treasures. The rare and precious treasures in the battlefield of the nine races are all'hidden' by themselves!

In the battlefield of the Nine Races, there is boundlessness, and the aura is filled with countless times of the outer realm.

More importantly, when too many powerful men fell, their sacred remains became the energy that gave birth to this plane, and the luck returned to the heavens, and too many wonderful treasures were born here!

There are many saint-level celestial treasures, even humanoids, with the strength not to lose to high-level saint beasts, so strong that the scalp is numb!

Imagine a rock you dug out of the ground. Suddenly, the rock turned into a humanoid shape, and you could even slap you into a serious injury. What a dramatic scene?

Therefore, this is both a crisis and an area of opportunity!

But one thing, Lin Chen has an absolute advantage!

That's the little shadow!

The small shadow is one of the strongest races hidden. All the hidden methods of the heaven and earth treasures, in front of the small shadow, can't even count the axe!

Therefore, Lin Chen can know the hidden location of every treasure of heaven and earth extremely accurately, sweeping all the way!

"It's so refreshing. At this rate, I can collect a lot of high-end sacred treasures every day!"

Lin Shuai forcefully licked his tongue, and that look, even if he looked handsome, could not help but let a simple girl like Feng Xueer have a feeling of trembling!

Now Lin Chen, the drunkard who looks like a drunken man enters the winery, like a single bachelor who has been single for thousands of years, enters the beauty den!

Don't do it at this time, more when!

He is missing these babies now!

As long as there are enough sacred products of heaven, earth and earth, he will be able to heal his servants for refining medicine, and all will rise up!

To treat a group of monsters above the sky, how many of these babies come is not enough for his mother!

He wants to dig the Nine Race battlefield! Ground! three! ruler!

Until Quante digs it through, no hair is left for it!

With a bang, Lin Chen was wearing a shadow, his body was fully open, and with his holy dragon and avatar, he passed by in an instant, and he did not intend to control the three people around him!

Thousands of miles away, there were two women who were attracted by the vision!

"Sister, look, it's Jiu Bao Liuli!"

The second daughter stared at the nine-colored glazed crystals suspended in the void and couldn't help but urge the body to pluck away!

Bang ~!

At this moment, the devilish atmosphere is everywhere!

"Cquack, somebody got hooked."

"Dry first and eat later, this king likes to genius women who ravaged the human race, ha ha ha!"

The two high-level Saint Demon Kings suspend in the air, sneer sneer, and endless anger in the whole body!

The second daughter waited for an instant, and these nine treasures were controlled by these demons, and they were used for fishing!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

One of the holy devil kings raised his hand and grabbed a palm, condensed into a huge acre of black sky covered with claws, it seems to be broken to death!

The power of this palm is directly catching up with the late stage of the stars! Actually two holy demon kings close to the top!


The two beauties haven't shot yet, the fluttering blade of the air cut the black claws of the sky, and then exploded in an instant, slamming the endless fragments of the blade of gas!

The two women's hands cover their lips with red lips, they have seen it!

It's that son Lin Chen!


"It's so sharp!"

The two demon kings were startled. When the devil qi defense was running immediately, the two gray and white runes descended from the sky. All the power of the two devil kings became solid and slow!

Sigh~! Tear ~! A full moon-like blade of light spins at extremely high speed, roaring with a sonic boom, entraining the power of extreme thunder, and instantly flashes!

Bang! Then his heavenly spirit shot five arrows flashing faint purple clouds!

Sword gas fragments came like a violent storm, and the moonlight flashed across!

The arrow that smashed the sun and moon exploded from above, and the slow runes in the two demon kings were hit by all the front, back, left, and right. With a bang, they were directly exploded by the infinite offensive! The attribute light sphere drops and suspends the sky.

Bang ~! The hurricane swept, and the silver robe boy stepped on the holy dragon. It was really majestic, and the domineering side leaked!

The second daughter was happy and surprised, and hurried towards Lin Chen.

The elegant sister in a goose-yellow dress smiled and said: "Sir Lin Chen is really brave, and these two demon kings are comparable to the star kingdom..."

Suddenly, Lin Chen reached out and grabbed her snowy white jade hand. The lady exclaimed, and her heart shivered.

Yeah! Mr. Lin Chen held my hand!

Did he take a fancy to me, hum, stinky man, see one loves one!

Yeah, his eyes are so fierce! It's so shy, he saved me so handsome just now, although it's the first time, but... eh?

Lin Chen flicked his backhand and brushed it.

Bang ~! That beautiful demon turned into a meteor in the sky!


Her sister looked at her sister in disbelief and was thrown away by Lin Chen!

Is this serious?

Lin Chen jumped up and grabbed the nine treasures not far away in an instant.

Before leaving, Lin Shuai threw a sentence impatiently.

"Play above, don't disturb the coach to win the treasure."

The remaining sister was messy in the wind and could not be calm for a long time.