My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1433

Vol 5 Chapter 1433: Top Level Saint Demon King

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"Master Lin Chen..."

"Ah! My God, is this true..."

The three people who had just caught up with Lin Chen's pace looked at the debris of the devil's bones around them, and they threw a storm in their hearts!

Instantly kill two high-level holy demon kings?

"Lord Lin Chen, how much strength does he still hide..."

Shangguanchen shuddered, and then didn't think too much, followed Feng Xue'er and Yue Xin'er and continued to chase Lin Chen!

The Nine Clan Battlefield cannot tear the space forward, Lin Chen can only push the body to the extreme, and advance at full speed!

"The speed just now was too slow, and I still need to use the arrow method to get rid of those two guys. It's not fast enough. It's time!"

If other evildoers hear Lin Chen's idea, I'm afraid I'll be angry with my mother!

It is not impossible to kill the two evil spirits of the Holy Demon King in the late stage of Na Xing Realm, but it is almost impossible to achieve instant killing with two ends!

He Lin Chen is actually too slow!

"System, strengthen me to Yanyan, Frozen Sky, Tumo, Jiuxiao Star Fury, Spirit Rhinoceros, Burning God, Thunder!"

Lin Chen, begin to strengthen the holy weapon!

One of the reasons why he cast holy objects before was to strengthen the holy objects! Let his holy artifact configuration occupy an absolute advantage!

[The host holds an intermediate strengthening point, 10650 points.

[Strengthen the Seventh Grade Holy Artifact, Jue Yan + 1 succeeds, consumes 1 intermediate strengthening point...]

1 intermediate strengthening point is equivalent to the previous 100 million strengthening points. The consumption of the seventh-grade holy weapon is really terrifying!

[Strengthen the Seventh Grade Holy Artifact, Spirit Rhino +14 succeeds, consumes 21 intermediate strengthening points...]

Lin Chen has exhausted all the enhancement points, and the flying sword stern learning "Lotus Dance" is enhanced by +15, and all the holy weapons are all +15! Power increased by 410%!

Plus "Zi Xing Yun Xia" from Zixia Wanggu strengthened to +14!

Within the scope of the Seventh Grade Sacristy, all of Lin Chens existing holy objects are equal to the strongest!

Moreover, what Lin Chen has not discovered is that the seven holy artifacts cast by the dragon scales of the "Taizhou Ancient Dragon" are cited. With the enhancement of the enhancement, the characteristics that can affect the time slightly and expand more and more...

At this time, 300,000 miles away; a Yinshan Gorge suddenly rose into the sky, blooming a dazzling brilliance!


The space trembles, and a cloud of silvery white light condenses like a vortex, and the sky rises with layers of silvery white clouds, dreamlike.

"The symbiosis of luck is a sign of the birth of the seed of Qiyun Ling!"

"This energy fluctuates, at least it is Zhongpinqi Yunling planting seeds!"

When the evil spirits within a million miles are sensed, they swipe here as fast as possible!

"Hahahaha, this treasure belongs to the king!"

A celestial demon hand grabbed from the far side, and when the silver-white light mass was grasped, the light converged, and when it was incorporated into the palm of the hand, it was three spiritually planted seeds!

One is silver-white, the other is gray-white, and the other is engraved with layers of patterns, like glazed jade.

In the void, there are five figures suspended in the sky, all of them are high-level Saint Demon Kings!

The demon king, who was the first to catch the seeds of Ling Zhi, was covered with feathers and scales. His face turned with a basin-sized **** eyeball. The black scale armor spread all over his body. His limbs were like eagle claws, and there was a dark aperture above his head!

boom! boom! boom!

More than thirty streamers arrived by coincidence, all of them are arrogant princes!

Both the man and the demon encountered both sides. When the two sides looked at each other, many evil spirits sink in their hearts!

The demon king holding the spirit planting seed is a top-level holy demon king!

The worst and worst top demon king is also comparable to the holy state of the human race!

At the sight of many evil spirits arriving nearby, the blood-eye demon turned away, and the devil qi was like a dragon flying through the sky!

"Sacred Demon binds the prison!"


The arrogance of all the evil spirits present was secretly called bad! Unable to withdraw, the magic energy is like a halo, suddenly covering a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, forming a huge cage of 100,000 feet high!

Although all the evil spirits present are in the late stage of life and death, full of more than 57 sacred caves, they belong to the most powerful group of modern evil people of the human race. The war is satisfied.

However, it is extremely difficult to fight a top-ranking Saint Demon King that is equal to the Sacred State of Mind!

Not to mention, there are four high-level Saint Demon Kings next to it, and the complete combat power of Na Xing Realm!

If this battle is fought hard, someone will most likely fall!

The Blood-eye Demon glanced across the audience, grinning evilly.

"It's wonderful, it has both treasures and encounters with prey. In the words of your human race, this is called trampling iron shoes and there is nowhere to look.

It went deep into the battlefield of the human race this time, just to hunt these human race arrogance. Now both the treasure and the human race need it!

"The spirit seeds planted in its hands have wandering fruits!"

At this time, the two demon evils that they saw arrogantly shouted!

Mention the spirit!

Wandering fruit! The preciousness of this thing is rare in the Holy Realm. The inferior quality You Shen Guo is already priceless and there is no market. The middle grade You Shen Guo is still the priceless treasure!

In other words, the Nine Clan Battlefield can occasionally find one or two.

Fortune-telling birds for food and death, I heard the seeds of the wandering fruit of the middle class, more than 30 evildoers present, but more than half of them did not rush out of the rush, but there was a trend of envelopment, surrounding this group of saints. Devil!

Since ancient times, humans and demons have not been mutually exclusive.

"Oh? A group of little ants, also want to defy the king?"

As soon as the top-level Saint Demon King stood out, the momentum formed by the evil spirits was broken by the front and gradually disintegrated!

"Hey, he will tear off their flesh a little bit later!"

The four heads of the Holy Demon King are on their own side, and all the evil spirits are waiting in line!

"You guys, the more likely you are to keep an accident right now, don't keep it, go all out!"

The evil spirits arrogantly communicated with each other, and they instantly shot up, killing, and many orange-level peerless schools have bloomed!

The arrogant arrogance that can enter the battlefield of the Nine Nation is all a genius with a long history. With their shots, they have superb background and fighting experience and full display!

The same is true of the high-level Saint Demon King, this kind of creature can't say the Holy World, and the whole world is the top strong man in the row!

"Do not limit yourself."

The blood-eye demon king's giant claws wave continuously, tearing dozens of claw marks in the void, tearing off the attack of many evil spirits!

Then, the corner of his mouth split open, suddenly opened the big mouth of the blood basin, and a black ball as dark as a jet burst out!

Bang ~! ! Where the black ball passed, the light was distorted, and everything was absorbed and evacuated, forcing more than 20 evildoers to explode the bottom of the box. The trick was bombarded in the black ball before it slowly disappeared!


The blood-eye demon grinned, and its only **** eyeball opened and closed, and dozens of blood awns swept away!

Brush ~!

Some evildoers dodge, some are irritated by the blood, and the arms or shoulders irradiated by the blood are instantly evaporating a large flesh of flesh, and the white bones flashing the holy light are revealed, it is terrifying!

"His!" Many of the evil spirits were sore with air, still clenching their teeth!

Many evil eyes are particularly dignified!

The top-level Saint Demon King is worthy of the existence of the standing soul peak!

If the blood thorns hit the point, they would have to fall on the spot!

Throughout the history of the human race, the encroachment of a top-level Saint Demon King has to pay a huge price!

Encircling and suppressing a top-order Saint Demon King is tantamount to launching a large-scale war. At the cost of the lives of a large number of human saints, you can exchange for the fall of a top-order Saint Demon King!

This is a real world war!