My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1434

Vol 5 Chapter 1434: This Beautiful Boy Turned Into Light.

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The top-level Saint Demon King plus four high-level Saint Demon Kings, against the thirty-two monsters, among the strongest 500 people other than 2000 on the monster list!

From the outside point of view, the dark sacred demon bound inside the prison, shaking and shaking continuously!

"If we fight like this, we may not be able to leave alive!"

"You have to fight if you don't fight. The King and Eight Egg Demon Clan blocked the space. If we want to break through, we must have more than ten people to set fire to break through. This group of animals will not give us this opportunity!"

Dozens of evil spirits manifested their tactics. The offensive has retreat. After retreating, defending and punctual, fast voice conversation, and they have not always been consistent!

The five-headed Saint Demon King has no fear, the firepower is fully open, and once suppressed the monsters of the evil spirits to the full disadvantage!

Just when the evil spirits are going to fight back from death-

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The entire Sacred Devil was bound to the prison, and suddenly tremored violently!

Tear ~!

The nine-fold burning palms covering the sky and the sky were photographed head-on, and a piece of Qingtian blue claws broke through the air and bombarded the Sacred Demon's Bound Heaven!

There are also five red lights like Chi Lianmang, which runs through the heavens and the earth, and shoots from the outside, penetrates the heavens and the earth, and directly draws the holy demon to bind the heavens!

Everyone was surprised! Swarm of magic!

who is it? How can it be so able to break the magical power of this top-level Saint Demon King in such a short time!

Bang ~! A holy dragon flying in the sky, soaring the sky, horrified all the evil spirits!

"It turned out to be the Dragon Race?"

"No, there is a person on the Dragon Race!"

"This holy dragon, I think of it, it is Lin Chen!"

The shadow is possessed, Lin Chen flashes, and all phantom avatars are released!

The holy dragon shot the Jigong Tengoku with instant light split, and instantly enveloped all demons!

"Trick and worm, break!"

The blood-eye demon opened the blood-eye and swept the blood, and pierced the prison prison!

Buzz~! The grey and white runes descended from the sky and burst from the top of the five demon kings!

The phantom phantom seal is completed, and the eight-headed spirit roars into the sky!

Roar ~!

The terrible spiritual sound wave crushed mountains and rivers, and the movement was slow and the Holy Demon King shook his mind.

Numerous evil spirits changed, and immediately gave way!

The other avatars are like electric flint, flicking out with one hand, faint pink all over Zhoutian, escaping, scorching flames, blooming the remnant of the sky full of lotus!

In the revolving lotus image of the lotus speed, there is a terrible edge and killer, swept away! Penetrating through the body of the four high-level holy demon kings, the blood of the devil soared, and the sharp white light finally cut the blood-eye demon king!

Bang ~! Doppelganger pulled Jiuxiaoxing's angry bow, pulled the bowstring and shot fiercely, and a purple star arrow that lingered around Yunxia blasted and smashed the world!

Poof! Poof! Arrow light shuttle, the five saints were penetrated! Seriously injured on the spot!

Lin Chens holy tools and exercises have received a new [enhanced] power surge! Not to mention the premise of being delayed by the slow runes!


Lin Chen's avatar raised his sword, and a star dividing the sky flashed through, like a star that died hundreds of millions of years ago, the last afterglow released!

Jianmang shuddered through the bone-chilling cold and cut through the body of all Saint Demon Kings, so that the four-headed high-order Saint Demon King eventually turned into a large number of attribute light **** and died!


All the monsters present were air-conditioning!

died? Except for the top-order holy demon king, the four high-level holy demon kings that are comparable to the completeness of the Na Xing realm have been destroyed?

Bang ~! At the moment when Phantom Doppelganger got all the Saint Demon Kings, Lin Chen slammed on the soles of his feet and rushed to the top-order Saint Demon King alone!

The last blood-eye demon burst out with hysterical roar, it was angry and horrified, and his injury could not heal itself, even bigger and bigger!

"God of War suit, right leg armor!"

Brush ~! The golden light flashed, the God of War right leg armor, Lin Chen's pure power instantly rushed! Straight through 150 trillion, 200 trillion dragon power, 280 trillion dragon power!

"Human race! You are looking for death! Even if this king is pulling you to be buried, you will be killed here!"

When the Blood-eye Demon roared, the demon raged, and his arms grabbed Lin Chen like a dragon, pushing the infinite plane!

"Give me, climb!"

Lin Chen twirled in shape, kicked across the sky, and the golden divine light flashed!

This blow is like a battle between the Sun and the Moon!

This blow seems to sink into thousands of planes!

This blow, like destroying the world and destroying the heavens, a divine light, wipe out all!

Bang ~! The mushroom cloud exploded, the devil qi shattered, the Lin Chen bathed in golden radiance, turned into an aurora, penetrated the blood-eye demon king, torn its demon body, and crushed it completely!

[Gain 190,000 rune energy, 29 million top essence, 100 strengthening points, 4000 rune energy...]

A roll of holy dragon, a light ball of attributes was received, a seed of spirit planting was grabbed, a luck planting capsule was opened, and Lin Shuai was forced to take off in the air. !

All the evil spirits, regardless of men and women, are surprisingly consistent in appearance, completely like a ghost!


His mother, this kid didn't take it seriously in the ladder competition at first!

How strong is he?

A top-level Saint Demon King, kicked and smashed!

Four high-level saints, instant kill!

One shot is instant kill! Finished work!

Throughout the process, there was no flow and no water, no pause or hesitation!

It seems that the killer is not a demons at all, but an insignificant chicken!

The monsters are almost crazy, dumbfounded!

"This damn... is too ridiculously strong!"

"This and the battle given by Shangguan are not at the same level!"

"It's terrible! He has such a fighting strength. When he and Shangguanci confronted, as long as he wanted, he could kill Shangguanci instantly!"

"This beautiful boy turned into a light."


From this day on, the Nine Race battlefield, the Terran Battlefield, turned the sky completely!


Go crazy!

Lin Chen traversed all the way from east to north! Wherever we go, slaughter is like killing a chicken!

Lin Chen absorbed gold holy yuan coins almost all the way to make up for the holy power consumed.

It seems that it only takes one trick. In fact, Lin Chen used all the cards of instant light splitting, extinction and cracking in the blink of an eye!

All high-level Saint Demon Kings can hardly get out of his tricks!

As for the top-level Saint Demon...

Don't ask, ask is the slow rune photographed on the face, open a single piece of God of War suit directly, and kill it!

This is Lin Chen, who is now full of firepower! Pursue the fastest and most killing enemy!

Even if you lose the talent of the Natural Rebel, as long as you catch the flaw, the first entry top-level Saint Demon King is also a trick!

Lin Chens four-piece set of God of War, each of which exceeds 25% of the charge, coupled with Lin Chens expansion of the sky, his single-piece control power is higher than the previous three!

As strong as the beginning of the existence of the top-order Saint Demon King, Lin Chen can't be stopped at all!

The entire Terran battlefield was overturned by Lin Chen!