My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1435

Vol 5 Chapter 1435: Demon Action

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One month after the opening of the Nine Clan battlefield.

The dark red planet is floating in the void, surrounded by floating continental plates, surrounded by magical energy, and corpses are full, whether it is the corpses of the dragon, human, and zerg, or even the bones of the Asura, and they are buried here.

Here is the Demon Battleground in the Nine Race Battleground!

After the unprecedented battle in that year, the plane of the Nine Races has been facing the collapse. It is the last remaining Demon Race that continues this entire plane. If not, the battlefield of the Nine Races must even continue to split.

In the war that year, no one could tell who would win, but only the Demon Clan survived!

It is for this reason that the Demon Race can not be banned by the Nine Clan Battlefield, can move freely here, and can even lead some clan people to the Nine Clan Battlefield.

The demon are not good, and the purpose of continuing the battlefield of the nine races is still highly coveted by the secrets of the year!

Demon battlefield, above a quaint altar.

Here, ten figures stood proudly.

"Recently, the Nine Clan battlefield has opened again. Do we want to act. The growth of this human race is increasing day by day. Do we want to destroy them."

The enchanting beautiful woman stretched lazily and covered her mouth with a chuckle, her figure was exquisite, her dress was light, the green dress was carved with a floral skirt, and she was covered with a large white snow, and her slender jade legs were like two flipped ones. White snake.

Brush ~! Behind the beautiful woman, suddenly a scorpion tail spike, crystal clear!

The cold-eyed man with an eye pupil like an eagle sneered with a sneer: "What's the point of killing some demon lists, if it is possible to get rid of a saint list, it is the top priority, these are the hearts and minds of the human race, threatening the main people of our family character."

Another gray-robed old man shook his head and smiled, "Who would easily leave the Holy World and be well protected by those old human dogs?"

Two dark dragon eyes turned in his palm, as if the light released by the dragon eyes could make the world fade!

Each of the ten silhouettes sitting here is a genuine Taiko troll!

They existed in the early days of the creation of the holy world of human races, and they were one of the great people who stood among the peaks of the demons in the ancient times! Singing the storms of all ethnic groups, they devoured the archaic trolls who do not know how many saints in the Star Realm and Sacred Heart Realm!

Even the shape of the metamorphosis is very different from the ordinary Devil.

Amazingly, at this time these ten ancient trolls, with a cyclone on top of their heads, went straight to the sky.

A dark circle swirled in the sky, deep and endless. Even the light cannot escape the black circle, and time seems to be eternally forbidden in the black circle.

The reason why these ten archaic trolls stood here seems to be to stabilize the stability of the black circle.

A young man with a beautiful face, like a snowy jade tree, smiled slightly.

"Speaking of that, Haotian from that race didn't tell us last time, should we pay attention to the two races."

The old man in gray said with a curse: "This guy used to be a holy king. Isn't his vision low? Can the people who make us pay attention to it? Is it someone other than the sage list?

"No, I heard one called Lin Xingchen. One called Lin Xingchen."

"How come the names are the same, can it be two brothers?"

"No, anyway, if Haotian makes us encounter, we must remove the two people from the grass, otherwise it will threaten my devil's plan!"

As the ten-headed ancient trolls talked, a voice came from outside, and the top-level holy demon king of four heads entered the altar, bending down and humming.

"Adults, the situation seems to be a bit unexpected, and it's a bit serious..."

Ten archaic troll eyes narrowed!

The whole space was crumbling, and the enchanting beautiful woman in the green dress giggled.

"Tell me what the situation is."

A top-level Saint Demon King gave a courteous report.

"The people who are active in the Nine Clan Battlegrounds began to die fast on the third day after the opening of the Nine Clan Battlefields. The high-level Saint Demon King will fall almost four every day. The top-order Saint Demon King has been up to now. Eight fell."


Almost all Taikoo trolls spoke in unison!

"The death of the high-level Saint Demon King is barely justified. Which of the top-level Saint Demon King can not compete with the holy state of the human race, and the stubborn vitality does not lose their human race at all, how can they die!"

"Could it be that this time both the human and the dragon have joined forces together?

"Impossible! They are all messed up inside, and this greedy human race will not unite together, let alone join the two races."

"Or is it the Ashura tribe?"

The faces of the ten Taikoo trolls are particularly dignified!

The birth of a high-level holy demon king of the demon, it takes time to count in epochs. Each high-level holy demon king is the high-end power of the devil, and it controls one side.

Needless to say, the top-order Saint Demon King, one death will hurt the Demon Race once, and the eight-headed Top Demon Saint King will fall in January. This speed is strange!

It stands to reason that even if the top-level Saint Demon King is under siege, even if he can't fight it, if he wants to go, no one can stop it!

"No, my lords, the dead Saint Demon King, most of them are in the human race battlefield, the top-level Saint Demon King, all fell to the position of the human race battlefield."

The admonished Clan instantly aroused the attention of the ten archaic trolls!

"Things may be beyond our expectations. You are now giving orders to the demons who are still in the demons or dragon clan. The top-level holy demon kings are all teamed up. It is best to investigate what the situation is and what is necessary. Next, you must also be dispatched! Never allow the human race, there is a possibility of reversal!"


On the altar, the former silence was restored, but the faces of each ancient troll were extremely gloomy!


A barren silver earth, holy dragon suspended.

"Brother Lin Chen, be yourself! I'm almost exhausted!"

Feng Xueer mumbled, Lin Chen sat on the top of Shenglong's head, and hey laughed; "If you want to form a team, even if I can't keep up, then don't group, go to soy sauce."

"It's really a monster... no wonder he has the guts to challenge the sage list, and over time, maybe he really has the right to touch that level..."

Shangguan Chen wiped his sweat and looked at Lin Chen with awe in his eyes! Some are even glad that they chose to team up with Lin Chen!

In the past, you must be careful when you enter the battlefield of the Nine Races.

But this time, there was a Lin Chen!

This month, Lin Chen can be said to sweep the battlefield of the human race! God blocks killing gods, and blocks demons!

But at the same time, the followers of Shangguanchen, Fengxueer and Yuexin'er also completed the goal of entering the battlefield of the human race, and achieved great results!

Their ancestors had participated in the Nine Wars and fell to this point.

They originally thought that it would be extremely difficult to find the tomb of the ancestors. After all, there are a large number of demons in the nine-family battlefield, but they did not expect that this originally extremely difficult thing only needs to be followed behind Lin Chen...

Even more frightening is that they finally saw Lin Chen's "real" strength against the sky!

Instantly kill the top-level Saint Demon King!

This can be called perverted strength, let alone a Zhao Mingyue and Shangguan gift...

Even Shangguanchen felt that even if all the evil spirits who entered the battlefield of the Nine Races went together, I am afraid they might not be able to beat him Lin Chen!